intro-afbeeldingEvery picture tells a story, they say. Now, if that’s true, what is the priceless value of a good book about the history of motion pictures? What unexpected stories and interesting and valuable insights can we unravel by reading a film book emphasizing on film history? So consequently, even though you didn’t ask for it, here is a list of – in my opinion – highly interesting film books with a huge amount of historical background information worth reading or checking. Compiling this list of books on these sub pages is an intense work in progress which will not be completed at the speed of sound, but we’re working on it with frequent updates. These are the (give or take a few) 2,000 mostly English-language film books that I got in my own film archive – books I bought over the years and they will all gradually find their way to these various sub pages.

The description accompanying the book cover is not a review. It is the complete reproduction of the information as presented by the publisher on the dust jacket of the hardcover books; in case of paperback versions, it says whatever can be found on the back cover. When any information whatsoever is unavailable, a few paragraphs from the foreword, introduction, preface or from a chapter are reprinted to give an impression of the book’s historical value. In all, they are often accurate summaries like the trailer of a movie, and they often read like well-written and sometimes in-depth essays, beating out Google or Wikipedia easily: you know what the book will be about, what you can expect, what to focus on, and, in my opinion, as a reader it will make you all the more interested to start reading any of these books.

All film books are listed alphabetically according to their title and they are divided into various sub categories. Maybe that’s less convenient, but if they’d all be listed together on one single page, it would simply take too long to download it on any computer.

Total number of film books covered so far: 1,789