Ernst Lubitsch could do more with a closed door than most of today's directors can do with an open fly. Billy Wilder in a 1975 interview
If you want to learn everything there is to know about acting for film, just watch Steve McQueen's eyes. Sam Peckinpah
It's always a little mind-boggling to realize that famous actors know who I am. Emily Blunt
"The Color Purple" [1985] is the kind of character piece that a director like Sidney Lumet could do brilliantly with one hand tied behind his back. Steven Spielberg
Socially she tried not to rock the boat. She was outgiving and charming... and defensively shy. If you wanted to talk about her, she blushed. If you wanted to sing, she joined the chorus. Joseph Cotton about his "Niagara" co-star Marilyn Monroe in his autobiography "Vanity Will Get You Somewhere" (1987)
Once upon a time there was a bitter and wonderful life that a little girl, who has become a woman and an actress, continues to repeat to herself. There will always be a once upon a time for every little girl who looks at the world with big eyes and a lust for life. Sophia Loren in her autobiography "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: My Life" (2014)
The glamorous Marlene Dietrich one night came straight from the set from "Kismet" covered in gold paint [late 1943]. I had never seen two thousand men screaming in a state of near mass hysteria. Marlene was one of the most generous in the amount of time she spent at the Hollywood Canteen [during World War II]. Bette Davis in her autobiography "This 'N That" (1987)