Film TalkFILM TALK is an online film journal which primarily focuses on interviews with accomplished actors, actresses and filmmakers who explain in their own words why movies are always magical. With their background, experience in front or behind the camera, their point of view, as well as their work, persistence, passion, patience, creative ideas, inspiration, talent, devotion and dedication to their particular craft in both the world of movies and the process of filmmaking, along with the way they collaborate on the set of their movies with other multitalented and noted craftsmen, we hope to give you an idea how their brilliant minds function in order to bring all the magic up there on the silver screen. They all have the incredible distinction of broadening the film horizon of millions of people around the globe by showing them what film can do and what the possibilities of film are. Their contribution to the most popular art form since the early 1900s is precious and invaluable, and that’s why we’re happy to say that we have only one goal: to promote film, and all those wonderful and talented people involved, to the best of our abilities.

This is a non-profit, non-commercial and ad-free online film journal without any kind of financial support, funds or sponsors–which makes this website strictly a labor of love.

All articles are written by Leo V., located near Brussels, Belgium. He has been writing film reviews and essays, and did interviews for various Dutch-language academic periodicals and film journals for more than four decades. He also edits this film website.

Due to some highly publicized privacy issues, and also to hold on to the copyright of our own photographs—which required several visits to Los Angeles and numerous transatlantic flights—all of FILM TALK’s social media accounts have been permanently deleted, which means no more shares, likes or followers. Fortunately, on the internet there’s a whole lot of surfin’ going on, and we’re glad to say that we’re easily picked up by the search engines. Now in its sixth year, and considering the number of visitors and views we had the pleasure to welcome up until now, FILM TALK is far more determined than ever to keep on going.

So the bottom line is: a highly appreciative thank you for checking us out, and thumbs up to each and every one of you for your loyalty and your interest!

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Most of the stills used here on this website are my own–they are often publicity stills from the archive I have compiled from press kits since the early 1970s, and which also incorporates countless of black and white stills from various other film archives that go back all the way to the silent era, including the Marvin Paige Motion Picture and Television Archive. Film wise, casting director Marvin Paige (1927-2013) was my partner in crime for many years, always very supportive, and he introduced me to numerous Hollywood celebrities. On top of that, he gave me unlimited access to his archive, worldwide known as the Marvin Paige Motion Picture and Television Archive. I will always be grateful for his support on my behalf in the final ten years of his life that I was privileged to know him personally. It was an honor to be included in his inner circle of friends. Our numerous meetings in Los Angeles, late-night dinners, the events he invited me to and our endless phone calls are memories that I will cherish very dearly, always in gratitude and with deep respect.

There may also be stills of mine that could be public domain. But as we all know, in the free-wheeling world of the internet, those matters are not always very crystal clear. This website is intended to promote movies and movie people and to share all of that with anyone out there who might be interested in reading it. I am extremely careful and cautious with all the photo material that you will find here. Nevertheless, if you still might see any images you own (copyright) and / or you think they should not be here, please email us immediately at info@filmtalk.org and the offending image will be promptly removed upon your request.