The glamorous Marlene Dietrich one night came straight from the set from "Kismet" covered in gold paint [late 1943]. I had never seen two thousand men screaming in a state of near mass hysteria. Marlene was one of the most generous in the amount of time she spent at the Hollywood Canteen [during World War II]. Bette Davis in her autobiography "This 'N That" (1987)

Film director Jacques Feyder: Hollywood’s starmaker from—once again—Elsene, Brussels

European film directors at work in Hollywood silents, early 20th century. It was pretty common and there were […]

When I have talked with Orson Welles, I feel like a plant that has been watered Marlene Dietrich (1901-1992) talking about Orson Welles (1915-1985), one of 20th century's true film geniuses, who directed her in "Touch of Evil" (1958), now regarded an international classic, but at the time made on a tight budget. Said Ms. Dietrich: "The budget was like a handout to a beggar." Always close friends, "Touch of Evil" was made many years after Welles and Dietrich successfully toured together with his magic act