I love the camera a lot more than you think--all the time. But if you don't see it, that's a great compliment, because audiences are not supposed to see the camera move. You want them only to be involved with the characters on the screen. Frank Capra in a 1973 interview with Richard Glatzer
"The French Connection" [1971] was turned down twice by literally every studio in town. Then Richard D. Zanuck, who was running 20th Century Fox, said to me, 'Look, I've got a million and a half bucks tucked away in a drawer here. If you can do this picture for that, go ahead.' Film director William Friedkin
If you want to learn everything there is to know about acting for film, just watch Steve McQueen's eyes. Sam Peckinpah
Marilyn Monroe had no confidence in herself. She found it very difficult to concentrate, and she really didn't think she was as good as she was. She'd worry about all kinds of things, and she would do the very difficult things very well. Sometimes she was very distracted and couldn't sustain it, and you had to do it in bits and pieces; sometimes she was in such state of nerves that you'd have to shoot individual lines. But such was her magic that you'd put them all together and they seemed as though she spoke them all at one time. She was a real movie personality, a real movie queen. George Cukor in a 1969 interview with Peter Bogdanovich (published in "Who the Devil Made It," 1997)