François Damiens directs “Mon Ket”: Brussels premiere of actor’s first feature as film director

On a hot Saturday evening in Brussels, when everybody seems to be having a drink or enjoying dinner in the narrow and picturesque streets of the city’s historical center, the last thing a lot of people consider is going to the movies. Subsequently, it’s far more difficult for movie theaters to attract audiences when the outside temperature reaches nearly 30 degrees Celsius, as it did last Saturday unless, of course, they got their hands on a huge blockbuster.

But, guess again. Belgian-born François Damiens (b. 1973), for many years now a reliable character and leading actor in French-language cinema, was in town to promote the release of his latest screen effort, “Mon Ket,” which marks his debut as a filmmaker and screenwriter. The gala event resulted in a huge turnout of approximately 1,700 people who attended “Mon Ket” screenings in three theaters at UGC’s Brouckère multiplex.

To make his film, he could rely on his experience filming sketches for TV with a hidden camera which he did several years ago because that’s what “Mon Ket” is basically all about: most of his actors are really not aware they’re part of the movie, which makes it an interesting tour-de-force screen project. Shooting the film (chronologically) and in the meantime editing took him about a year and a half, with some three hundred people being captured on camera, but for various reasons only about twenty-five are in the movie—some people didn’t want to be in it, at times there were technical difficulties, etc.

François Damiens in Brussels to promote the release of “Mon Ket” | Leo/Film Talk

According to Mr. Damiens, a four-time César-nominee, you can’t be any more truthful than that. A few of the principal actors were cast though, like the son (‘mon ket’ played by Matteo Salamone) and the brother: they knew the narrative but were free to improvise any way they wanted. No wonder he only needed a thirty-page screenplay to figure it out—co-written by film director Benoît Mariage, a long-time collaborator of yet another Belgian screen comedian Benoît Poelvoorde. For his own screen role, Mr. Damiens was in disguise, though—wearing a wig and heavy makeup—just to make sure people in the street wouldn’t recognize him when he was interacting with whomever he met.

Mon Ket is a French-language figure of speech and refers to ‘my son.’ The film, dealing with parenthood and a father who does anything he possibly can to raise his son while it remains to be seen whether he will succeed, is out May 30 in France and French-speaking territories in Belgium.

François Damiens with his ‘ket,’ Matteo Salamone, at the Brussels’ UGC Brouckère multiplex | Leo/Film Talk

Brussels (Belgium)
May 26, 2018

“Mon Ket” (2018, trailer)


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