Adrien Brody: “The beauty about being an actor is to explore things that are unusual”

Adrien Brody (b. 1973) rose to fame when portraying celebrated Polish-born and Jewish pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman in Nazi-occupied Warshaw in Roman Polanski’s “The Pianist” (2002). Beginning in 1939 (based on Wladyslaw Szpilman’s own memoirs, published in 1946), he tried to survive the destruction of the city’s ghetto and the Holocaust during World War II.

It earned Mr. Brody an Academy Award at the young age of twenty-nine, leaving his co-nominees and all previous Oscar winners and heavyweights Nicolas Cage (“Adaptation”), Michael Caine (“The Quiet American”), Daniel Day-Lewis (“Gangs of New York”) and Jack Nicholson (“About Schmidt”) out in the cold.

Brody immerses himself into his characters with an unknown intensity which is pretty rare, unless you’re Robert De Niro preparing for an Academy Award-winning performance, portraying Jake La Motta, in Martin Scorsese’s “Raging Bull” (1980). While preparing for his own role of Szpilman (1911-2000), Brody gave up his apartment and his Porsche, lost about thirty pounds from his already slender frame and learned to play pieces of Polish-born composer and pianist Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849) on the piano. This was a man who was prepared to suffer for his art: he wanted to live the hurt and despair of the Polish Jews who suffered greatly during the Holocaust.

Debuting at age fifteen in a TV movie “Home at Last” (1988), he was picked up by Woody Allen a year later to appear in “New York Stories.” From there, he gradually moved to the top, joined the Hollywood A list, played all sorts of different characters. Now, his films vary from critically acclaimed dramas (including “Detachment” [2011], “Third Person” [2013]) to well made and highly commercial successes (“King Kong” [2005], ‘Predators” [2010]) which are rewarding and done in good taste. Switching from leading to occasionally supporting roles, he handles it all beautifully and knowledgeable, often inspiring his audience.

During the Film Festival Oostende (Belgium), Mr. Brody, often praised for many of his powerful performances, came over to present his latest film “Third Person” (2013), a Belgian-American co-production directed by Paul Haggis, and in Ostend’s prestigious Thermae Palace Hotel, he showed up for a press conference.

When he entered the conference room, it became pretty quiet until, finally, the first reporter broke the ice.

Mr. Brody, how  did you get involved in “Third Person”?

I was interested in this film mostly because of Paul [Haggis]. I’m a fan of his work. We had mutual friends that had mentioned the project to me. I was very attracted to the complexity of the relationship between the characters, and it’s an elegant film. I like delving into characters that have a frailty, and that must overcome their damages. It’s a very human condition.

Did you audition for the part?

No, unfortunately, I am old enough that I audition very rarely [laughs]. There is something to auditioning that’s good, to prove yourself perhaps, but I don’t feel I have so much to prove unless I have to portray a woman, and if you wouldn’t take my word for it, I’d have to prove that. I can understand that. But playing a businessman dealing with relationship aspects and some personal flaws, I think I can do that.

Did you do anything specific to prepare for the role of Scott?

You know, this character required less than some other roles I have played. I’m very open to going pretty far, not for the sake of playing the character, but because it is a necessity for me. I think the key is to convey a type of person that I know that is very different from myself, someone who is emotionally bankrupt in a way, lead by different motivations in his life. I’ve been fortunate to have been surrounded by creative people in my formative years and to have encouragement towards creativity. I’ve lived enough to understand the complexity of relationships and loss, and I have an imagination. Where the immersion comes from is not being able to purely rely on your imagination to honestly convey something. I can imagine that I am twenty-five pounds heavier and have the technical skills to operate certain weaponry efficiently. Those are skill sets that you must know.

The film is much more than only the characters. How important was it to you that the characters were a part of a bigger picture?

That’s very interesting; it’s the storytelling approach. All the characters intertwine, and they all tell a bigger story. They share similar trades, obviously. It’s a director’s medium, and it gives me the opportunity to collaborate with people that I admire. It’s interesting to consider how your character’s action or another character’s action affects you and how the characters play with each other, but you also have to live within your own character’s reality and disregard a lot of that. As an actor, you make that its own storyline, its own film, but you have to live obviously within the confines of the overall picture.

What standards do you use to accept or refuse a part?

There are criteria—it varies—and even though I take my work and my responsibility as an actor very seriously, I also try to be adventurous and have a sense of humor with my work. I have to live freely and follow my own journey. So, at different times, I am attracted to different things and different sensibilities in the people that I am collaborating with. But ultimately, it has to be a character and a journey that I am curious about or eager to learn from and go down that path. But so many other variables are really not a constant. The one thing that it has to be, is it something new and has it a degree of risk to it, or will it allow some growth for me, either in my work or in my understanding about life.

Did you ever play a character that was close to your own personality?

Meaning a parallel between myself and that character?


That’s a good question. I don’t think about it very often, and I often select roles that are very different from me, personality-wise. That’s the beauty about being an actor: to explore things that are unusual. But there is a part of me in most of the characters. Obviously, there has to be something that I connect to, and I’m relatively complex, so I have a connection to a lot of them in a way, but none of them are me. It’s hard for me to give an example, there would be times in my life that I was very connected to certain things, but the actions of those characters, the specific journey, were fictional or were not my life. But, as I said, they were things that I was attracted to at that time in my life.

You are one of the few chameleon actors. With every new role, you look different. Is that your idea?

It’s hopefully not just a physical shift; it’s the whole beauty of being an actor, to experience all these lives and inhabit such varied circumstances. My curiosity has always been present. The dilemma is that when you’re good at something in a role, you’re often only given an opportunity to repeat that, and if you don’t repeat that, you will be appreciated by some people, but I think you confuse the people that hire you. The decision-making process is unfortunately far less about ability than viability, and that’s why you see the same handful of actors playing the same kind of roles. They’ve performed those roles before, those have generated profits, so they’re a safe bet to hire again. In one sense, I have achieved my dream of diversity, but I also confuse people in the process, I think. It shouldn’t be a factor, it should be an encouragement, but people go for the safe, reliable choices. I like the challenge; I like “Predators” [2010]. When I did that film, there was a real misconception—there’s often a misconception, but that I accept because everybody has to assume something. But the idea was that all I wanted to do was a commercial film—I sold out to do this movie; it must have been a huge lucrative deal. It was a true battle for me to convince the studio that the same actor who could portray Szpilman in “The Pianist” can also step in the shoes of Schwarzenegger and play a mercenary in a genre alien violent movie and do it with some integrity. It was a huge challenge, and I succeeded. It meant a lot to me because it is also a genre that I enjoy. I like overcoming the obstacles. That’s part of the battle in the first place.

After you had won an Academy Award for “The Pianist,” did more doors open for you?

Of course, it opened doors—most doors. I have not seen a movie of the caliber of “The Pianist” since then. I am sure there are some amazing films that come out, but there have not been that enormous films out that have that level of immersion available to an actor, that kind of guidance from a master filmmaker [Roman Polanski], and that I am right for. So it is very difficult to find a comparable follow-up, so to speak. I haven’t created it, and so I am reliant upon material that has been created. Some actors you see have waited in hopes of finding that perfect role again. In the interim, they have been surpassed and have lost their relevance within that market, and that’s unfortunate. It’s an incredibly competitive and simultaneously creatively limited space to exist as an artist and exist within the full capacity of what you can offer. So then you have to experiment, and that’s what I have done. I have tried to take risks; I have tried to make choices that are not motivated by career trajectory or box office results, but because of what inspires me. “Detachment” [2011] is a prime example of a film that clearly has no commercial endeavor, but has the impact that affects me to the core and will hopefully offer something inspirational to an audience that I feel is often overlooked—and the intelligence of the audience is often undermined.

Film Festival Oostende, Ostende (Belgium)
September 19, 2014

“The Pianist” (2002, trailer)


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