Film history: Focus on Samuel Goldwyn

The most accurate way to describe the visionary talent of film pioneer Samuel Goldwyn can be found in the autobiography film director King Vidor (1894-1982) wrote, ‘A Tree Is a Tree’ (1953), when he said: “He [Samuel Goldwyn] was the first producer to inveigle the best literary minds to write his scripts. This was quite an innovation in the early days of the silents, when the emphasis was on action rather than words. He was the first to lure to Hollywood writers such as H.G. Wells, Sinclair Lewis, Somerset Maugham, and George Bernard Shaw (who said, ‘The trouble, Mr. Goldwyn, is that you are interested in art and I am interested in money’).”

Samuel Goldwyn, 94
(Schmuel Goldfish)
b. August 7, 1879, Warsaw, Poland
d. January 31, 1974, Los Angeles, California (heart failure)