Joseph Gordon-Levitt: “If you have to say something substantially, do it with a sense of humor”

Former child actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt (b. 1981) began acting at the age of six with small roles in commercials and television, before turning into a leading actor and film director. He become known at age fifteen when he starred as Tommy Solomon in the TV series “3rd Rock from the Sun” (1996); it earned him two Hollywood Reporter Young Star Awards, although he had won his first award, The Young Artist Award, two years earlier, as Best Actor Under Ten in a Motion Picture for his role in Robert Redford’s “A River Runs Through It.”

Praised and honored all through his career, he followed in the footsteps of his maternal grandfather when he directed his first feature “Don Jon.” Grandfather Michael Gordon (1909-1993), a successful studio film director whose career was severely interrupted by the Hollywood blacklist, managed to return after a long hiatus with box office hits such as two Doris Day comedies “Pillow Talk” (1959) and “Move Over, Darling” (1963), and the Western “Texas Across the River” (1966) with Dean Martin and French actor Alain Delon.

Grandson Joseph Gordon-Levitt worked his way up from supporting actor to a leading man; his recent screen credits include playing Abraham Lincoln’s son Robert in Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-nominated “Lincoln” (2012) and he stars as Edward Snowden in Oliver Stone’s “Snowden” (2015).

Mr. Gordon-Levitt was a guest of honor at the 2013 Ghent Festival to promote the comedy-drama “Don Jon” starring himself as Don Jon, a modern-day Don Juan, with Scarlett Johansson and Julianne Moore in the leading female roles. Reportedly, the film was originally certified NC-17 in the U.S. due to some explicit porn that Jon watches. He decided to remove some of the most graphic scenes to qualify for an R rating to prevent the audience from thinking that the movie was about porn.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt came over to Ghent to introduce the film at a press conference prior to a screening of “Don Jon.”

Don Jon affiche 2
A poster of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s “Don Jon”

“Don Jon” is a film about serious topics. What made you decide to almost turn it into a comedy?

I think that if you have to say something substantially, do it with a sense of humor. I really wanted “Don Jon” to be a movie that would say something, and people who watched it, would come out of the theater and be having conversations, so that it would ignite debates. A lot of the movies I like are comedies, like “Doctor Strangelove” [1964], or Hal Ashby films like “Harold and Maude” [1971], “Shampoo” [1975], and “Being There” [1979]. These are movies that have a lot to say, but do so with a sense of humor.

Why did you shoot the movie in the suburbs and not in the city?

Well, I am from the suburbs of LA—the San Fernando Valley—which is the West Coast equivalent of New Jersey [laughs]. A lot of romantic comedies are often set in places like Manhattan or London, and I wanted this movie to be set in a normal American middle-income place.

Do you think the ending of the film is realistic? Because I thought it was rather optimistic that Don Jon would find a woman who could change him just like that.

Well, I don’t think his mind is completely changed at the end. But I think he is beginning to open up. And is it optimistic? Yes, it is optimistic. I like to think that people can change for the better. Traditionally, the Don Juan story is a tragedy where he—in the Molière version of the play—is destroyed by his sins and his shortcomings. I really do like to think that people can change, even someone as close-minded as Jon, and it’s trough our relationships, through our interactions with other people, that we do begin to change. At the end of the movie, I really didn’t want to see someone who is completely different, and he’s not—he still talks like he talks, and he still kind of is who he is—but you’re beginning to see him taking the first baby steps. So that’s how people change: in baby steps.

To what extent do you think internet media have an impact on our relationships?

I think all sorts of different media have quite an impact on the way that we relate to each other when it comes to love, sex, and all sorts of things. I think pornography can have an impact; movies can have an impact, just like television shows, commercials, and everything else. There are a lot of conversations, it seems, going on these days about pornography in particular, and I would really encourage us to expand that conversation to our entire media. Because I think often the sentiment is the same, whether it’s a commercial using a hot chick in a bikini to sell a hamburger or a clip of pornography: you’re taking a person and just reducing her to a thing, an object.

Lincoln film poster
Daniel Day-Lewis is Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln”

How important was casting for you?

I once heard that casting is ninety percent of directing, so casting is very important. Once that Scarlett [Johansson] and Julie [Julianna Moore], Tony [Danza], Brie [Larson], once all the actors were in place, there’s only so much that the director has to do. A lot of my favorite directors I have worked for, once they cast the person that they want, they have a pretty light touch, although they still have their specific things that they’re looking for. Steven Spielberg is an example of that [they made “Lincoln,” 2012], Christopher Nolan [two films together: ”Inception,” 2010; “The Dark Knight Rises,” 2012] and Rian Johnson [three films: “Brick,” 2005; “The Brothers Bloom,” 2008; “Looper,” 2012]. In “Don Jon,” all I can say is that the actors were all pretty collaborative. More than being like a boss, I was just sort of the ambassador to the rest of the crew. We actors were kind of doing our thing and helping each other find these real moments of sincerity and humor, and then it was my job just to make sure that the cameras were in the right place and that we were going to be able to tell the story from a technical standpoint as well.

Inception film poster
Announcing “Inception” (2010) directed by Christopher Nolan, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Tom Berenger, Michael Caine, Lukas Haas and Pete Postlethwaite

I always have the impression that it is very difficult to play the leading role and direct yourself. What was it like for you?

Well, I made a lot of short films and videos in the past. I’m thirty-two now, and from my twenty-first birthday, I started shooting things, often shooting myself, put it on the computer, cutting it up, and putting music to it, just to see what I got. I became accustomed to the sight of my own face and the sound of my own voice, and that’s very important. It’s very normal for an actor, and I remember feeling this way earlier to being a little worried about the sight of my own face and the sound of my own voice, but just by repetition and doing it so many times, I think I got used to it, so I was able to be productive and objective.

What is the most important lesson you learned from directing this film?

Well, all three directors I worked for, and that I just mentioned, they all have a very great ability to balance, having a thorough plan, and they’re also spontaneous—that’s the question you get all day long as a director, ‘Okay, this is the plan, but now here’s this new idea, what should we do?’ Neither one of those answers is always right; it’s always based on a case-by-case basis. If you always stay married to your plan, you might end up with something that is sort of stale, but if you are too easily seduced by new ideas and never stick to your plan, then you might end with something that lacks a strong singular vision. So watching Steven, Chris, and Rian making those decisions all day long taught me a lot. They are my mentors. I remember I showed my first draft to Rian, and he was enormously helpful. Christopher Nolan, I talked to him about it before; while we were shooting “The Dark Knight Rises” [2012], I was finishing up the script and getting the production going in. What was cool is that he started asking me questions, which was very characteristic. He’s a very understated guy. What he could have done was, ‘Oh, how good for you! You’re going to make a movie, that’s great!’ But instead, what he asked, was, ‘Okay, you’re making a movie? What kind of budget do you need? You want to make it independently, or are you gonna have the studios do it? What city do you want to shoot in?’ He was just asking me all of these questions. That gave me an enormous lot of confidence: he was taking me seriously. Jonathan Levine, who made “50/50” [2011] came in, and watched a rough cut. Seth Rogen also did, so that was very interesting.

Do you plan to combine acting and directing in the future?

Oh yes, I hope so. I want to do a wide variety of things, so I hope I can do it again.

Don Jon affiche 1
Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlet Johansson in “Don Jon”

Why did you choose this picture to be your first feature as a filmmaker?

“Don Jon” is a movie about how the media influences our heads and our perspective on things. I have been working as an actor since I was a kid, so I’ve always paid a lot of attention to the impact that what we see on the screen has on our perspective of things. It’s something that I thought about a lot. So I think that when it came down to sit down and write a story, this is what I was focused on.

Do you want to show with this film that the classic romantic comedy isn’t more than just a fantasy?

I think the movie sort of seduces the audience down the road that they’ve been down before. In a way, it promises something, and then takes a turn and pulls the rug out from under your feet and hopefully holds up a mirror and says, ‘Look what you’re expecting, look at what you wanted. Did you really want that? Is that any better?’ I remember that one of the movies Scarlett and I spoke about early on was “Le mépris” [1963] by Jean-Luc Godard. In that movie, the audience is similarly sort of seduced by these gorgeous, classic, beautiful images of Brigitte Bardot, and then he kind of slaps you in the face, holds up a mirror and says, ‘Look at how you regarded this woman!’ It makes you kind of aware of what you’re doing, and that’s what I was trying to do with these classical, beautiful images of Scarlett, and the traditional Hollywood sort of sounds and scenes of a Hollywood romance, lure the audience in, and then hopefully hold up a mirror and say, ‘Why? Why are you interested?’

Film Fest Ghent, Ghent (Belgium)
October 17, 2013

“Don Jon” (2015, trailer)


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