Peter Van den Begin: “Film is the art of make-believe, so I make you believe what my character is all about”

Where do you begin with Peter Van den Begin? For those who are not familiar with his body of work, he’s been one of the most sought-after stage, TV, and screen actors in the Low Countries for the past few decades with a wide range of roles to his credit, from a self-made or family man, the mayor of Antwerp, and a song-and-dance man, to a crook, a pimp, even a woman (in a TV satire show). Now, in his latest feature, “Everybody Happy,” he portrays a stand-up comedian. A few weeks from now, another film of his, “King of the Belgians,” will be out with Mr. Van den Begin playing the title role.

With his sincere and moving performance in “Everybody Happy,” as a highly troubled stand-up comedian who’s looking for a solution to cope with his problems, everyone would advise him to get professional help, but the character he’s playing is very determined to find his own way out. A group of colleagues and friends he’s able to communicate with is one of the main ingredients for him to put his affairs in order.

Peter Van den Begin with his co-star Barbara Sarafian, both playing stand-up comedians, in “Everybody Happy” | Kinepolis Film Distribution

An experienced and versatile actor, at ease in every genre, from drama to comedy, playing both leading and supporting roles, Mr. Van den Begin (51) attended the premiere of  “Everybody Happy” at the Film Festival Oostende in Belgium.

Mr. Van den Begin, you give a very powerful performance in “Everybody Happy.” Even though you played so many different characters up until now, how do you look back to this role in particular?

You know, the past ten months I played three leading roles, all of them different, but for an actor, they were all very interesting and challenging roles to play. They were substantial roles you could do something with, and my part in “Everybody Happy” certainly was a very crucial role to play.

How did you get involved in this project?

I knew [director] Nic Balthazar was working on a new script about a stand-up comedian, and it made me very curious. So I got in touch with him to talk about it, and he said he was considering me for the part. So when I got the screenplay—as with any new screenplay for that matter— when I start reading it, there’s this impulse or intuitive appeal that you get as an actor when you decide to accept a role. When you realize that this is something you want to do, that’s a very important moment in the whole process.

Generally speaking, which criteria do you use to accept a role?

It usually depends on who wants you for his movie. Mostly you also get an idea who your co-actors will be—for me, it’s very important to know who you’ll be working with—and then it’s a matter of realizing to which extent you’ll be challenged as an actor. Also physically, along with the structure of the screenplay and what the characters have to offer. It’s a whole combination of different things; sometimes, you’d like to meet with the director again to clarify a few things, or you turn it down because you realize right away that it’s not up to your alley. As an actor, you get the opportunity to enter a world, an imaginary world, which is not yours—sometimes miles away from what you’re used to—like I recently experienced with “King of the Belgians” which was shown at the Venice Film Festival. That film was about a world completely unknown to me. So as an actor, you get to explore a lot of new territories to do your research, and it allows you to work on the characters to see how they should behave, walk, talk, etc. In other words, being an actor is one of the most wonderful professions you can think of because you get the opportunity to explore and discover so many things about the character you’re about to play.

Mr. Van den Begin during the Film Festival in Ostende, Belgium | Leo/Film Talk

When you play character roles, is there any specific method or technique you use? Maybe ‘The Method’?

I have a huge admiration for an actor like Daniel Day-Lewis, and he fascinates me a lot, but within this whole world of acting, there are many schools that all have their own theories. Despite my admiration for him and his work, I also have some doubts—’Yes, but…’—just by looking at myself and how I function as an actor. I don’t consider myself a Method actor because I don’t have the need to be in the character I am playing during the whole shooting process. That doesn’t mean it’s very obvious to let your character go when you finish your scenes for the day, and you go home. For “Everybody Happy,” I did take my character of this stand-up comedian at home with me. But then, there’s this story about Laurence Olivier, who once said, “Why don’t you play it?” And I think I am more related to that particular kind of approach, instead of saying, ‘Now, I will be in my character for the next thirty-five days, I will go to sleep at night and get up in the morning being my character, and I won’t get to see my children in the meantime.’ To me, film is the art of make-believe, so I make you believe what my character is all about. Method acting is certainly not inferior to me, not at all, but I can enjoy acting just the way children can act when they’re playing. If one child says to another, ‘I play the Indian, and you’re the cowboy,’ they are convinced they are an Indian and a cowboy. But  for any actor, it doesn’t matter which way he chooses to portray his character, as long as the result is there. I remember when I played the King of Belgium in the upcoming “King of the Belgians,” a Belgian-Dutch-Bulgarian co-production. The film was shot chronologically, with six weeks on location in countries like Turkey and Bulgaria, and from day one, every called me King, Your Highness, or Your Majesty—they all did, cast, crew, the hotel personnel. It sounded funny, but it did help; even though I am not a Method actor, I welcomed this, it allowed me to portray this King even better and more easily. So the way you tell your story depends on many circumstances and varies from one project to another.

Are there any certain scenes in particular that you find difficult to play?

Yes. Sometimes you’re losing your character for a moment, it can be as a result of the dialogue that just doesn’t sound quite right, or you have the feeling that you’re not exactly truthful. Things like that happen with each film you do, and then you have to figure out how you can solve this issue: stay alert, communicate, talk to the director and look for whatever is missing at that point. When someone is watching a movie in a theater, he needs to have the impression that everything seems very logical and natural. But very often, as an actor, you had to go through a whole process to get to that point. What is terribly important to me is the here and now. Like the conversation we’re having right now: you ask a question, and I give you an answer—that happens here and now. That’s also my focus when I’m doing a scene, even though what happened before or what will happen next is very important too, of course. I have been very fortunate to work with actors who shared my point of view to make sure they got to the bottom of what’s happening now. If you bring that moment alive, you’re honest and truthful, and it’s my ambition to find that in every film, every scene, or every moment when you’re in front of the camera.

How did you get involved in “D’Ardennen,” another major Flemish film production, with you in a small part for a change? [This film will represent Belgium at the next Academy Award ceremonies for a nomination in the foreign-language category.]

It was only two days of work, so I had to put all I possibly could into those few scenes. With such a limited amount of time available, you have to be very open to the ideas and impulses of the director and your co-actors, and at the same time, there’s the adrenaline to make it work as good as you can. So you have to find the right balance. Even though it was a small part, it was a great opportunity, and you have to say without any hesitation, ‘Okay, now it’s my turn for these few minutes, and I will go for it all the way.’

What was the response like at the Venice Film Festival when “King of the Belgians” was shown there?

I didn’t know what to expect. We arrived there the day before the film was shown; that day, there were two industry screenings, and the film got nothing but good reviews. The following day, during the public screening, the theater was packed with 1,400 people. The entire audience applauded a couple of times during some crucial scenes, and when the screening was over, we could hardly stand up because of the enormous standing ovation we got. The film was the buzz at the Festival, and it got great reviews both in Variety and The Hollywood Reporter.

Film Festival Oostende, Ostend (Belgium)
September 9, 2016

“Everybody Happy” (2016, trailer)


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