The New York Times: Here it is, the newspaper’s chief film critics have made their own choice of…

While we all like listings with facts, figures, or statistics to see where we are at this point, how we’ve been doing, or simply to compare anything that matters to us, the staff of film critics from The New York Times recently compiled their ‘25 Best Films of the 21st Century. So far‘ with comments and links to their online film reviews.

Published last June, before the blockbusters of the summer season were released, their choice still is pretty accurate, solid, and sparkling, taking into consideration a wide variety of films, various film genres (from art house films to mainstream comedies, documentaries and animation), ranging from big-budget films to small independent features, starring some of the world’s best-known Academy Award-winning actors to inventive unknowns or local non-professionals, and the countries of origin are virtually spread out all over the world.

As one of the world’s leading and most influential newspapers, gathering over 120 Pulitzer Prizes since it was first published in 1851, The New York Times and its staff of film critics focus vigorously on the world of filmmaking and keep in mind that there’s also a whole cinematic landscape beyond their own geographical borders to look out to.

Their choice includes two U.S. blockbusters with a budget of over $ 100,000,000 (“Inside Out,” No. 8, and “Mad Max: Fury Road,” No. 19), while “Wendy and Lucy” (at No. 21) was made for $200,000. You can’t even buy a decent house for that kind of money in the area where I live.

There are two documentaries (“Jackson Heights,” No. 13; “Les glaneurs et la glaneuse,” a.k.a. “The Gleaners and I,” No. 18), and two animated features that both won Academy Awards as Best Animated Feature Film (“Sen to Chichiro no Kamikakushi,” a.k.a. “Spirited Away,” No. 2; “Inside Out,” No. 8).

Three films won Academy Awards as Best Picture: “Million Dollar Baby,” No. 3; “The Hurt Locker,” No. 10; “Moonlight,” No. 20), and the only Cannes Golden Palm went to “L’enfant,” No. 14, directed by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, which was not the only movie in ‘The 25 Best Films’ to be directed by Belgian-born filmmakers. The other one is Agnès Varda’s documentary “Les glaneurs et la glaneuse,” a.k.a. “The Gleaners and I,” ranking at No. 18.

At age 89, Ms. Varda is also the oldest director in this small circle of privileged filmmakers. Another Belgian-born, Jérémie Renier, is the only actor to play leading roles in two films: “L’heure d’été,” No. 9, and, once again, “L’enfant.” Along with Agnès Varda, there are three other female directors represented: Kathryn Bigelow (“The Hurt Locker,” No. 10), Claire Denis (“White Material,” No. 15), and Kelly Reichardt (“Wendy and Lucy,” No. 21). Two films were directed by a team of brothers, who also scripted their work: the Dardennes (“L’enfant,” No. 14), and Joel and Ethan Coen (“Inside Llewyn Davis,” No. 11).

Two of the best filmmakers ever, Clint Eastwood and Steven Spielberg, are both included, each with one film (“Million Dollar Baby,” No. 3; “Munich,” No. 16), which doesn’t come as a surprise at all. On the other hand, and very surprisingly, “The 40 Year-Old Virgin” (No. 25) with Steve Carrell made the list as well. A nice and highly entertaining comedy, which I enjoyed tremendously, but why on God’s green earth should we call this a masterpiece? I have no clue, so I leave that up to you.

In all, only twelve films are U.S. productions. All the others are (co-)productions from all continents, with France—one of the most cinephile countries in the world—involved in nine of them. It makes The New York Times choice all the more interesting. Going through this list didn’t land me in uncharted territory, but I do feel The New York Times critics’ poll is very worthwhile, slightly daring even, so I’ll be looking out in five or ten years when they compile an update of their next ’25 Best Films of the 21st Century.’

Finally, what are their masterpieces up until now? Here they are—with a few facts and figures.

1. There Will Be Blood

U.S., 2007
DIR Paul Thomas Anderson PROD Paul Thomas Anderson, Daniel Lupi, JoAnne Sellar SCR Paul Thomas Anderson (novel by Upton Sinclair CAM Robert Elswit ED Dylan Tichenor MUS Johnny Greenwood CAST Daniel Day-Lewis (Daniel Plainview), Paul Dano (Paul Sunday / Eli Sunday), Kevin J. O’Connor (Henry), Dillon Freasier (H.W. Plainview as a Child), Russell Harvard (H.W. Plainview as an Adult), Hans Howes (William Bandy), Paul F. Tompkins (Prescott)
Academy Award winner Daniel Day-Lewis (Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role); Robert Elswit (Best Achievement in Cinematography)
Academy Award nomination Paul Thomas Anderson, Daniel Lupi, JoAnne Sellar (Best Motion Picture of the Year); Paul Thomas Anderson (Best Achievement in Directing); Paul Thomas Anderson (Best Writing [Adapted Screenplay]); Dylan Tichenor (Best Achievement in Film Editing); Jack Fisk [art director], Jim Erickson [set decorator] (Best Achievement in Art Direction); Matthew Wood, Christopher Scarabosio (Best Achievement in Sound Editing)
Budget $25,000,000
U.S. box-office $40,218,903
Non-U.S. boxoffice $36,986,197

2. Sen to Chichiro no kamikakushi, U.S. title Spirited Away

Japan, 2001 (animated)
DIR – SCR Hayao Miyazaki PROD Toshio Suzuki CAM Atsushi Okui ED Takeshi Seyama MUS Joe Hisaishi CAST (voices only, Japanese version) Rumi Hiiragi (Chihiro Ogino / Sen), Miyu Irino (Haku), Mari Natsuki (Yubaba / Zeniba), Takashi Naitô (Akio Ogino), Yasuko Sawaguchi (Yûko Ogino), Tastuya Gashûin (Aogaeru), Ryûnosuke Kamiki (Bô), Yumi Tamai (Rin); (voices U.S. version) Daveigh Chase (Chihiro), Suzanne Pleshette (Yubaba / Zeniba), Jason Marsden (Haku), Susan Egan (Lin), David Ogden Stiers (Kamaji), Lauren Holly (Chihiro’s Mother), Michael Chiklis (Chihiro’s Father), John Ratzenberger (Assistant Manager), Tara Strong (Boh), Jack Angel (Radish Spirit), Bob Bergen (No-Face / Frog), Rodger Bumpass (Foreman), Paul Eiding (Chichiyaku)
Academy Award winner Hayao Miyazaki (Best Animated Feature Film of the Year)
Budget $19,000,000
U.S. box-offixe $10,049,886
Non-U.S. box-office $264,869,236

3. Million Dollar Baby

U.S., 2004
DIR – MUS Clint Eastwood PROD Clint Eastwood, Albert S. Ruddy, Tom Rosenberg SCR Paul Haggis (stories by F.X. Toole) CAM Tom Stern ED Joel Cox CAST Clint Eastwood (Frankie Dunn), Hilary Swank (Maggie Fitzgerald), Morgan Freeman (Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris), Jay Baruchel (Danger Barch, Mike Colter (Big Willie Little), Lucia Rijker (Billie), Brian F. O’Byrne (Father Horvak), Morgan Eastwood (Little Girl in Truck)
Academy Award winner Clint Eastwood, Albert S. Ruddy, Tom Rosenberg (Best Motion Picture of the Year); Clint Eastwood (Best Achievement in Directing), Hilary Swank (Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role), Morgan Freeman (Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role)
Academy Award nomination Clint Eastwood (Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role), Paul Haggis (Best Writing [Adapted Screenplay]), Joel Cox (Best Achievement in Film Editing)
Budget $30,000,000
U.S. box-office $100,422,786
Non-U.S. box-office $116,271,443

4. Tian Zhu Ding, U.S. title A Touch of Sin

China-Japan-France, 2013
DIR-SCR Jia Zhangke PROD Shozo Ichiyama CAM Yu Likwai ED Matthieu Laclau, Xudong Lin MUS Gion Lim CAST Wu Jiang (Dahai), Baoqiang Wang (Zhou San), Tao Zhao (Xiao Yu), Lanshan Luo (Xiao Hui), Jia-yi Zhang (Zhang Youliang), Sanming Han (Sanming), Meng Li, Lu Liu, Dong Han, Hongwei Wang, Qiang Wang, Jiangcai Bai, Ke Chen, Weifen Chen, Yang Chen, Yulin Deng, Chi-Kui Fong, Rui Gong, Qing Gu, Peng Guan, Yuan Han, Pu Huang, Qian Huang, Jun Jia, Hua Jiang, Xiaona Li, Zhubin Li, Guilin Liu, Min Liu, Shide Liu, Tengfei Ma, Jianfeng Peng, Liang Qioa, Yunhu Qiu, Nanyu Shi, Hongju Tan, Hao Tu, Jianhong Wang, Jiuhong Wang, Qianqian Wang, Tan Wang, Sirui Yan, Yan Yan, Eric Yang, Peijian Yang, Piao Yang, Zhizhou Yang, Zhi Yu, Bo Yuan, Jia Zhangke
Cannes Film Festival winner Jia Zhangke (Best Screenplay)
Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or nominee Jia Zhangke

5. Moartea domnului Lãzãrescu, U.S. title The Death of Mister Lazarescu

Romania, 2005
DIR Christi Puiu PROD Bobby Paunescu SCR Cristi Puiu, Razvan Radulescu CAM Oleg Mutu, Andrei Butica ED Dana Bunescu MUS Andreea Paduraru CAST Ioan Fiscuteanu (Mr. Lazarescu), Luminita Gheorghiu (Mioara Avram), Doru Ana (Sandu Sterian), Dorian Boguta (Ambulantier), Dana Dogaru (Mihaela Sterian), Robert Bumbes (Robert), Bogdan Dumitrache (Medic), Dragos Bucur (Misu), Dan Chiriac (Medic), Laura Cret (Medic), Mihai Bratila (Doctor Breslasu), Monica Barladeanu (Mariana), Alexandru Fifea (Brancardier), Mimi Branescu (Doctor Mirica)
Cannes Film Festival winner Cristi Puiu (Un Certain Regard)
European Film Award nomination Cristi Puiu (European Director); Cristi Puiu, Razvan Radulescu (European Screenwriter)
Budget $500,000
U.S. box-office $79,943

6. Yi Yi

Taiwan-Japan, 2000
DIR-SCR Edward Yang CAM Wei-Han Yang ED Po-Wen Chen MUS Kai-Li Peng CAST Nien-Jen Wu (N.J..), Elaine Jin (Min-Min), Issei Ogata (Ota), Kelly Lee (Ting-Ting), Jonathan Chang (Yang-Yang), Hsi-Sheng Chen (A-Di), Su-Yun Ko (Sherry Chang-Breitner), Chuan-cheng Tao (Dada), Shu-shen Hsiao (Xiao-Yan), Meng-chin Lin (Lili), Pang Chang Yu (Pangzi), Ru-Yun Tang (Grandma)
U.S. box-office $235,951
Cannes Film Festival winner Edward Yang (Best Director)
Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or nominee Edward Yang
César nomination Edward Yang (Best Foreign Film)
European Film Award nomination Edward Yang (Screen International Award)

7. Inside Out

U.S., 2015 (animated)
DIR Pete Docter, Ronnie Del Carmen PROD Jonas Rivera SCR Pete Docter, Meg LeFauve, Josh Cooley (original story by Pete Docter, Ronnie Del Carmen) ED Kevin Nolting MUS Michael Giacchino CAST (voices only) Amy Poehler (Joy), Phyllis Smith (Sadness), Richard Kind (Bing Bong), Lewis Black (Anger), Mindy Kaling (Disgust), Kaitlyn Dias (Riley), Diane Lane (Mom), Kyle MacLachlan (Dad), Paula Poundstone (Forgetter Paula), Frank Oz (Subconscious Guard Dave), John Ratzenberger (Fritz), Pete Docter (Additional voice)
Budget $175,000,000
U.S. box-office $356,454,367
Non-U.S. box-office $501,149,463
Academy Award winner Pete Docter, Jonas Rivera (Best Animated Feature Film of the Year)
Academy Award nomination Pete Docter, Ronnie Del Carmen, Josh Cooley, Meg LeFauve (Best Writing [Original Screenplay])

8. Boyhood

U.S., 2014
DIR – SCR Richard Linklater PROD Richard Linklater, Cathleen Sutherland CAM Lee Daniel, Shane F. Kelly ED Sandra Adair CAST Patricia Arquette (Olivia Evans), Ellar Contrane (Mason Evans, Jr.), Lorelei Linklater (Samantha Evans), Ethan Hawke (Mason Evans, Sr.), Libby Villari (Catherine), Marco Parella (Bill Welbrock), Brad Hawkins (Jim), Jamie Howard (Mindy Welbrock), Alina Linklater (Twin Cousin), Charlotte Linklater (Twin Cousin)
Budget $4,000,000
U.S. box-office $25,359,200
Non-U.S. box-office $25,312,691
Academy Award winner Richard Linklater, Cathleen Sutherland (Best Motion Picture of the Year); Patricia Arquette (Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role)
Academy Award nomination Richard Linklater (Best Achievement in Directing), Ethan Hawke (Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role), Richard Linklater (Best Writing [Original Screenplay]), Sandra Adair (Best Achievement in Film Editing)

9. L’heure d’été, U.S. title Summer Hours

France, 2008
DIR-SCR Olivier Assayas PROD Charles Gillibert, Nathanaël Karmitz, Marin Karmitz CAM Eric Gautier ED Luc Barnier CAST Juliette Binoche (Adrienne), Charles Berling (Frédéric), Jérémie Renier (Jérémie), Edith Scob (Hélène), Dominique Reymond (Lisa), Valérie Bonneton(Angela), Isabelle Sadoyan Eloïse), Kyle Eastwood (James), Alice de Lencquesaing (Sylvie), Emile Berling (Pierre), Jean-Baptiste Malartre (Michel Waldemar), Gilles Arbona (Maître Lambert), Eric Elmosnino (Chief of Police), Marc Vionchet (Radio Presentator), Sara Martins (Press Attaché), Christian Lucas (Eloïse’s Nephew), Philippe Paimblanc (Mayor of Valmondois)
Budget $4,400,000
U.S. box-office $1,622,944
César nomination Edith Scob (Best Supporting Actress)

10. The Hurt Locker

U.S., 2009
DIR Kathryn Bigelow PROD Kathryn Bigelow, Mark Boal, Greg Shapiro, Nicolas Chartier SCR Mark Boal CAM Barry Ackroyd ED Chris Innis, Bob Murawski MUS Buck Sanders, Marco Beltrami CAST Jeremy Renner (Staff Sgt. William James), Anthony Mackie (Sgt. JT Sanborn), Guy Pearce (Sgt. Matt Thompson), Ralph Fiennes (Contractor Team Leader), David Morse (Col. Reed), Evangeline Lilly (Connie James), Christian Camargo (Col. John Cambridge)
Budget $15,000,000
U.S. box-office $17,017,811
Non-U.S. box-office $32,212,961
Academy Award winner Kathryn Bigelow, Mark Boal, Greg Shapiro, Nicolas Chartier (Best Motion Picture of the Year); Kathryn Bigelow (Best Achievement in Directing); Mark Boal (Best Writing [Original Screenplay]); Chris Innis, Bob Murawski (Best Achievement in Film Editing); Paul N.J. Ottosson, Ray Beckett (Best Achievement in Sound Mixing); Paul N.J. Ottosson (Best Achievement in Sound Editing)
Academy Award nomination Jeremy Renner (Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role); Barry Ackroyd (Best Achievement in Cinematography); Buck Sanders, Marco Beltrami (Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures [Original Score])

11. Inside Llewyn Davis

U.S., 2013
DIR-SCR Ethan Coen, Joel Coen PROD Ethan Coen, Joel Coen, Scott Rubin CAM Bruno Delbonnel ED Roderick Jaynes [Ethan Coen, Joel Coen] CAST Oscar Isaac (Llewyn Davis), Carey Mulligan (Jean), John Goodman (Roland Turner), Garrett Hedlund (Johnny Five), Justin Timberlake (Jim), Ethan Phillips (Mitch Gorfein), Robin Bartlett (Lillian Gorfein), Max Casella (Pappi Corsicato), Jerry Grayson (Mel Novikoff), F. Murray Abraham (Bud Grossman)
Budget $11,000,000
U.S. box-office $13,214,255
Non-U.S. box-office $19,700,000
Academy Award nomination Bruno Delbonnel (Best Achievement in Cinematography); Peter F. Kurland, Skip Lievsay, Greg Orloff (Best Achievement in Sound Mixing)
Cannes Film Festival winner Ethan Coen, Joel Coen (Grand Prize of the Jury)
Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or nominee Ethan Coen, Joel Coen

12. Timbuktu

France-Mauritania, 2014
DIR Abderrahmane Sissako PROD Étienne Comar, Sylvie Pialat SCR Abderrahmane Sissako, Kessen Tall CAM Sofiane El Fani ED Nadia Ben Rachid MUS Amin Bouhafa CAST Ibrahim Ahmed (Kidane), Abel Jafri (Abdelkerim), Toulou Kiki (Satima), Layla Walet Mohamed (Toya), Mehdi A.G. Mohamed (Issan), Hichem Yacoubi (Djihadiste), Kettly Noël (Zabou)
Budget €2,237,835
U.S. box-office $1,076,075
Non-U.S. box-office $6,103,316
Academy Award nominee Best Foreign-Language Picture of the Year
Cannes Film Festival winner Abderrahmane Sissako (François Chalais Award); Abderrahmane Sissako (Prize of the Ecumenical Jury)
Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or nominee Abderrahmane Sissako
César winner Abderrahmane Sissako, Étienne Comar, Sylvie Pialat (Best Film); Abderrahmane Sissako (Best Director); Abderrahmane Sissako, Kessen Tall (Best Original Screenplay); Sofian El Fani (Best Cinematography); Nadia Ben Rachid (Best Editing); Amin Bouhafa (Best Original Music); Philippe Welsh, Roman Dymny, Thierry Delor (Best Sound)
César nominee Sebastian Birchler (Best Production Design)

13. In Jackson Heights

France-U.S., 2015 (documentary)
DIR Frederick Wiseman
U.S. box-office $121,094

14. L’enfant

Belgium-France, 2005
DIR-SCR Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne PROD Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne, Denis Freyd CAM Alain Marcoen ED Marie-Hélène Dozo CAST Jérémie Renier (Bruno), Déborah François (Sonia), Jérémie Segard (Steve), Fabrizio Rongione (Young Bandit), Olivier Gourmet (Police), Anne Gerard, Bernard Marbaix, Jean-Claude Boniverd, Frédéric Bodson, Marie-Rose Roland
Budget €3,600,000
U.S. box-office $651,234
Non-U.S. box-office $5,506,689
Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or winner Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne
César nominee Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne (Best Film); Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne (Best Director); Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne (Best Original Screenplay); Déborah François (Most Promising Actress)
European Film Award nominee Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne, Denis Freyd (Best European Film); Jérémie Renier (Best European Actor)

15. White Material

France-Cameroon, 2009
DIR Claire Denis PROD Pascal Caucheteux SCR Claire Denis, Marie N’Diayne CAM Yves Cape ED Guy Lecorne MUS Stuart Staples CAST Isabelle Huppert (Maria Vial), Christopher Lambert (André Vial), Nicolas Duvauchelle (Manuel Vial), William Nadylam (Chérif), Michel Subor (Henri Vial), Isaach De Bankolé (Boxer), Adèle Ado (Lucie), Ali Barkai (Jeep), Daniel Tchangang (José), Jean-Marie Ahanda, Martin Poulibe, Patrice Eya, Serge Mong, Mama Njouam, Thomas Dumerchez, Christine-Ange Tatah, Suzanne Ayuck, Lionnel Messi Inoussa, Antoine Ndichut, Wakeut Fogaing
Budget €6,300,000
U.S. box-office $302,819
Non-U.S. box-office $470,000

16. Munich

U.S., 2005
DIR Steven Spielberg PROD Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy, Barry Mendel SCR Eric Roth, Tony Kushner (book by George Jonas) CAM Janusz Kaminski ED Michael Kahn MUS John Williams CAST Eric Bana (Avner), Daniel Craig (Steve), Ciarán Hinds (Carl), Mathieu Kassovitz (Robert), Hanns Zischler (Hans), Ayelet Zurer (Daphna), Geoffrey Rush (Ephraim), Gila Almagor (Avner’s Mother), Michael Lonsdale (Papa), Mathieu Amalric (Louis), Moritz Bleibtreu (Andreas), Yvan Attal (Tony), Valeria Bruni Tedeschi (Sylvie), Sasha Spielberg (Young Israeli Woman Watching TV)
Budget $70,000,000
U.S. box-office $47,379,090
Non-U.S. box-office $82,955,226
Academy Award nominee Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy, Barry Mendel (Best Motion Picture of the Year); Steven Spielberg (Best Achievement in Directing); Eric Roth, Tony Kushner (Best Writing [Adapted Screenplay]); Michael Kahn (Best Achievement in Film Editing); John Williams (Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures [Original Score])

17. Zui hao de shi guang, U.S. title Three Times

France-Taiwan, 2005
DIR Hsiao-Hsien Hou PROD Hua-Fu Chang, Ching-Song Liao, Wen-Ying Huang SCR Hsiao-Hsien Hou, T’ien-wen Chu CAM Ping Bin Lee ED Ching-Song Liao MUS Giong Lim PROD DESIGN Wen-Ying Huang, Whih-cheng Wang SOUND Duu-Chih Tu, Yu Teng Hsu GAFFER Chi-liang Tan CAST Qi Shu (May / Courtesan / Jing), Chen Chang (Chen / Mr. Chang / Zhen), Fang Mei (Old Woman), Shu-Chen Liao (Madam / Jong’s Mother), Mei Di (May’s Mother / Madam), Shi-Shan Chen (Haruko / Ah Mei), Pei-Hsuan Lee (Hostess / Micky), Lawrence Ko
U.S. box-office $151,922
Non-U.S. box-office $316,590
Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or nominee Hsiao-Hsien Hou

18. Les glaneurs et la glaneuse, U.S. title The Gleaners and I

France, 2000 (documentary)
DIR-SCR Agnès Varda CAM Agnès Varda, Didier Dousson, Pascal Sautelet, Stéphane Krausz, Didier Rouget ED Agnès Varda, Jean-Baptiste Morin, Laurent Pineau MUS Isabelle Olivier, Joanna Bruzdowicz
U.S. box-office $149,834

19. Mad Max: Fury Road

U.S.-Australia, 2015
DIR George Miller PROD George Miller, Doug Mitchell SCR George Miller, Nick Lathouris, Brendan McCarthy CAM John Seale ED Margaret Sixel MUS Junkie XL CAST Tom Hardy (Max Rockatansky), Charlize Theron (Imperator Furiosa), Nicholas Hoult (Nux), Hugh Keays-Byrne (Immortan Joe), Josh Helman (Slit), Nathan Jones (Rictus Erectus), Zoë Kravitz (Toast the Knowing), Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (The Splendid Angharad), Riley Keough (Capable), Abbey Lee (The Dag)
Budget $150,000,000
U.S. box-office $153,636,354
Non-U.S. box-office $224,800,000
Academy Award winner Margaret Sixel (Best Achievement in Film Editing); Jenny Beavan (Best Achievement in Costume Design); Damian Martin, Lesley Vanderwalt, Elka Wardega (Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling); Chris Jenkins, Ben Osmo, Gregg Rudloff (Best Achievement in Sound Mixing); David White, Mark A. Mangini (Best Achievement in Sound Editing)
Academy Award nominee George Miller, Doug Mitchell (Best Motion Picture of the Year); George Miller (Best Achievement in Directing); John Seale (Best Achievement in Cinematography); Andy Williams, Andrew Jackson, Dan Oliver, Tom Wood (Best Achievement in Visual Effects)

20. Moonlight

U.S., 2016
DIR Barry Jenkins PROD Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Adele Romanski SCR Barry Jenkins (story by Tarell Alvin McCraney) CAM James Laxton ED Nat Sanders, Joi McMillon MUS Nicholas Britell CAST Naomie Harris (Paula), André Holland (Kevin as Adult), Mahershala Ali (Juan), Janelle Monáe (Teresa), Trevante Rhodes (Chiron as Adult), Ashton Sanders (Chiron as Teen), Jharrel Jerome (Kevin as Teen)
Budget $1,500,000
U.S. box-office $27,521,163
Non-U.S. box-office $28,040,000
Academy Award winner Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Adele Romanski (Best Motion Picture of the Year); Mahershala Ali (Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role); Barry Jenkins, Tarell Alvin McCraney (Best Adapted Screenplay)
Academy Award nominee Barry Jenkins (Best Achievement in Directing); Naomie Harris (Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role); James Laxton (Best Achievement in Cinematography); Nat Sanders, Joi McMillon (Best Achievement in Film Editing); Nicholas Britell (Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures [Original Score])

21. Wendy and Lucy

U.S., 2008
DIR-ED Kelly Reichardt PROD Anish Savjani, Larry Fessenden, Neil Kopp SCR Kelly Reichardt, Jonathan Raymond (story by Jonathan Raymond) CAM Sam Levy CAST Michelle Williams (Wendy), Lucy (Lucy the Dog), David Koppell (Kid by Fire), Max Clement (Kid by Fire), Sid Shanley (Kid by Fire), Dave Hubner (Kid by Fire), Michelle Worthey (Sadie), Will Oldham (Icky), Wally Dalton (Security Guard), Roger D. Faires (Recycler in Wheelchair), Boggs Johnson (Recycling Man)
Budget $200,000
U.S. box-office $856,942
Non-U.S. box-office $326,960
Cannes Film Festival winner Lucy (Palm Dog)
Cannes Film Festival nominee Kelly Reichardt (Un Certain Regard Award)

22. I’m Not There

U.S., 2007
DIR Todd Haynes PROD John Goldwyn, Christine Vachron, John Sloss, James D. Stern SCR Todd Haynes, Oren Moverman (story by Todd Haynes) CAM Edward Lachman ED Jay Rabinowitz CAST Christian Bale (Jack / Pastor John), Cate Blanchett (Jude), Marcus Carl Franklin (Woody / Chaplin Boy), Richard Gere (Billy), Heath Ledger (Robbie), Ben Whishaw (Arthur), Bruce Greenwood (Keenan Jones / Garrett), Michelle Williams (Coco Rivington), Don Francks (Hobo Joe), Roc LaFortune (Hobo Moe), Larry Day (Government Agent), Paul Gagelet (Carny / Bell-Hop), Brian R.C. Wilmes (Circus Man), Pierre-Alexandre Fortin (Gorgeous George), Richie Havens (Old Man Marvin), Kris Kristofferson (Narrator)
Budget $20,000,000
U.S. box-office $4,001,121
Non-U.S. box-office $7,515,699
Academy Award nominee Cate Blanchett (Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role)

23. Stellet Licht, U.S. title Silent Light

Mexico-France-Netherlands-Germany, 2007
DIR-SCR Carlos Reygadas FIRST ASSIST DIR Alex Ezpeleta PROD Carlos Reygadas, Jaime Romandia CO-PROD Frans van Gestel, Jeroen Beker, Rémi Burah ASSOC PROD Jean Labadie CAM Alexis Zabe ED Natalia López ART DIR Nohemi Gonzales PROD MANAGMENT Luisa Blanco, Gerardo Tagle SOUND DEPARTMENT Jaime Baksht, Sergio Diaz, Michelle Couttolenc, Raúl Locatelli, Martín Hernández CAST Cornelio Wall (Johan), Miriam Toews (Esther), Maria Pankratz (Marianne), Peter Wall (Padre), Jacobo Klassen (Zacarias), Elizabeth Fehr (Madre), Jacques Brel (Himself [archive footage])
Budget $980,000
U.S. box-office $52,293

24. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

U.S., 2004
DIR Michel Gondry PROD Steve Golin, Anthony Bregman SCR Charlie Kaufman (story by Michel Gondry, Charlie Kaufman, Pierre Bismuth) CAM Ellen Kuras ED Valdís Óskarsdóttir MUS Jon Brion CAST Jim Carrey (Joel Barish), Kate Winslet (Clementine Kruczynski), Gerry Robert Byrne (Train Conductor), Elijah Wood (Patrick), Thomas Jay Ryan (Frank), Mark Ruffalo (Stan), Jane Adams (Carrie), David Cross (Rob), Kirsten Dunst (Mary), Tom Wilkinson (Dr. Mierzwiak), Ryan Whitney (Young Joel), Debbon Ayer (Joel’s Mother),
Budget $20,000,000
U.S. box-office $34,126,138
Non-U.S. box-office $38,768,921
Academy Award winner Michel Gondry, Charlie Kaufman, Pierre Bismuth (Best Writing [Original Screenplay])
Academy Award nominee Kate Winslet (Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role)
César nominee Michel Gondry (Best Foreign Film)

25. The 40 Year-Old Virgin

U.S., 2005
DIR Judd Apatow PROD Judd Apatow, Shauna Robertson, Clayton Townsend SCR Judd Apatow, Steve Carrell CAM Jack N. Green ED Brent White MUS Lyle Workman CAST Steve Carrell (Andy), Catherine Keener (Trish), Paul Rudd (David), Romany Malco (Jay), Seth Rogen (Cal), Elizabeth Banks (Beth), Leslie Mann (Nicky), Jane Lynch (Paula), Gerry Bednob (Mooj), Shelley Malil (Haziz), Kat Dennings (Marla), Jordan Masterson (Mark), Jonah Hill (eBay Customer), Erica Vittina Phailips (Jill), Marika Dominczyk (Bernadette)
Budget $26,000,000
U.S. box-office $109,449,237
Non-U.S. box-office $67,929,408