Johan Leysen: “After I did ‘The American’ with George Clooney, I got many offers from Hollywood to play villains”

Flemish stage and screen actor Johan Leysen (b. 1950) is an actor’s actor all the way, praised for his in-depth performances time and time again. On the other hand, he’s by no means a box-office draw; his string of film credits includes various Dutch and Flemish art house features from the 1980s and 1990s, which anyone will hardly remember today. But that’s not relevant, as he never had the ambition to become a household name anyway—or a well-known actor in the Low Countries and beyond for that matter. He was thrilled to be an actor and play the parts he chose to play, which has been his main priority since day one.

And that’s also one of the reasons why his name doesn’t ring a bell, including even in his home country, and it probably never will. It’s really no big deal to him.

In recent years though—way before he was awarded the Golden Calf for Best Actor in 1992 for his role in “Felice… Felice” at the Netherlands Film Festival—European audiences became more aware of his work, as he played George Clooney’s boss in “The American” (2010), had a deadly fling in François Ozon’s “Jeune & jolie” (2013), and appeared opposite Catherine Deneuve in “Le tout nouveau testament” (2015) and Isabelle Huppert in Bavo Defurne’s “Souvenir” (2016). With an incredibly expressive face and a tremendous resonant voice which reminds me of Paul Scofield’s, he’s no longer the character actor he has been for years, restricted to solid roles in independent low-budget features which were often shown at film festivals, followed by a limited, often local release. During the past decade or so, film buffs have been recognizing and appreciating his astonishing acting skills all the more, which has made him a favorite of virtually every French casting agency for quite some time now.

Mr. Leysen was in Ghent, Belgium, recently to attend the Film Festival where two of his latest features (“Façades” and “Resurrection”) were shown. Not surprisingly, the world premiere of “Façades” became one of the Festival’s highlights; in this powerhouse drama directed by Kaat Beels and Nathalie Basteyns, he plays an elderly man suffering from dementia whose wife leaves him, and he’s then taken care of by his daughter, played by Natali Broods. But this is only the tip of the iceberg: the plot has much more to offer once the storyline focuses at his family from various angles. With undoubtedly the two most versatile and talented Belgian actors reunited in this mature drama—twelve years after they appeared together in “Een ander zijn geluk” (a.k.a. “Someone Else’s Happiness”)—you can admire the very best that Belgium has to offer on the screen.

Acting-wise and film-wise, “Façades” should be compared with films such as “45 Years” (2015) with Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay, or Barry Jenkins’ Academy Award winner “Moonlight” (2016)—just a random pick of two highly acclaimed features because of their superb and unforgettable acting performances. And that’s what you get when you’ll be experiencing the compelling and irresistible work of Mr. Leysen and Ms. Broods in “Façades” which will be out in Belgium by mid-December.

This interview was conducted on a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon in Ghent, after a screening of “Façades” which was followed by a Q&A. Considering Mr. Leysen’s entire body of work before the camera and in order to respect the limited time frame I had—he was scheduled to attend another screening later that day—this conversation also focused on his craft as an actor.

Mr. Leysen, when did you first realize you wanted to become an actor?

I think I was about fifteen. We did a school play, and I felt terribly happy about what I was doing. I knew then that I wanted to become an actor. In my mid-twenties, I became a film actor, and that happened pretty much by accident after I got to play [painter] Peter Paul Rubens in 1977. Since it took several months to make that series, it turned out to be a perfect training ground for me in terms of filmmaking. Very exciting.

Natali Broods and Johan Leysen in “Façades”

What is acting all about, in your opinion?

Acting is a profession, and because it’s not an easy one, you need to prepare very thoroughly, and it all depends on the character you’re playing. When looking back to my role in the court drama “Het Vonnis” [2013, a.k.a. “The Verdict”] for example, I played a lawyer who had to convince everybody both on an intellectual and emotional level that my client was innocent. The character almost literally played itself, meaning you needed to know your lines perfectly, and you needed to master them. In “Façades,” I had to play an elderly man who’s about to suffer from dementia, how he deals with coming back to reality, how he reacts to the people around him, the pain, the sorrow… it’s like a rollercoaster in your mind, in your thoughts, in your feelings. You need to find a perfect balance between all of those components to portray a character like this as well as you can.

With each and every role you play, you’re always very convincing. Do you sometimes lack self-confidence as an actor?

Pretty much. I usually think I will have a hard time playing my character the way I want to, and so I work an awful lot to get the job done. I’m not kidding you right now. I’ve been acting in front of a camera for about forty years now, so I hope I can say that I’m an experienced screen actor, but the experience itself won’t help me when I got a new role, or when a new adventure is coming my way. You always start from scratch, and you have to build your character from the inside. What does this character need, how does it relate to the other characters and to the story because, in a way, your character is entirely on its own, but at the same time, you’re interacting with all the other characters, and you need to focus on how they relate to yours. I always think that the other actors define my own character; it’s not something I do on my own. The lines of the other actors, the way they look at me, and how they behave are very important for me when I’m creating my character. Acting is like playing a ping-pong game, and if you got a great opponent in front of you, you’ll both win the match. Natali Broods was an absolute joy to work with: she’s extremely intelligent, very sensitive, and very expressive by using her eyes only. It really can’t get any better than that, and so she was very helpful to me when I was in the process of working on my character in this film.

Johan Leysen and Natali Broods as father and daughter in “Façades,” directed by Kaat Beels and Nathalie Basteyns

Do you sometimes have camera fright?

It’s always there to a certain extent. When you’re acting, people are looking at you, at what you do, how you do it, and as a result, you tend to build an imaginary wall around you to protect you. A good actor doesn’t need this wall and suppose if it’s there, he will tear it down. You only need the nerve to do it; it’s an inner process to open up. So consequently, what I do in “Façades,” that’s a part of me, of my fears, of who I am as an actor.

Has there ever been a turning point in your career, a defining moment that influenced your career in a positive way?

Not really. Throughout my career on stage and screen, I did meet and work with people who were very important, like Jean-Luc Godard for example—you only have to say your lines and simply be there [in “Je Vous salue, Marie,” a.k.a. “Hail Mary” in 1985]. Many people I worked with taught me and shaped me, and what I got from them is a kind of authenticity. Gradually—and as you get older—the pleasure of acting is more important than your own vanity or the need for approval. Acting becomes much more fun.

When do you ‘find’ your character?

That depends. Sometimes it even happens when I put on a jacket, and then I think, out of the blue, ‘This is it!’ The set can inspire me, or things I’ve seen or heard before—and the actors I’m working with, of course. They are very important.

Do you need a lot of takes? And if you do, are you afraid you might lose your spontaneity?

The director or the scene plays a crucial role in the number of takes you need to do. Sometimes you think, ‘We can do another ten takes now, but we probably won’t get what we had in take one.’ But when you do several takes, you get where you want to be—mostly.

How do you look at the booming Flemish film industry? When you began acting, there were hardly any interesting film projects, and they weren’t noticed at all in foreign territories.

It’s an entirely different ballgame now. The first feature I did, was “In alle stilte” [1978, a.k.a. “In All Intimacy”], directed by Ralf Boumans. In those days, we had a crew with two or three people at the most who really knew what they were doing, while now, they’re all highly skilled professionals. Exciting, huh?

For many years, you have been one of the most versatile character actors in continental Europe. Did you ever get interesting script offers from Hollywood?

After I did ‘The American” (2010) with George Clooney, I got many offers from Hollywood to play villains. But I don’t think I would fit in the competitive Hollywood casting system where you get five minutes to convince them that you are the best choice to play a particular role. I just can’t do that. So I gladly let them cast someone else instead of me. Maybe it is because I’m not competitive enough; that might also be a reason why it doesn’t appeal to me.

Did anyone ever tell you early on in your career that you wouldn’t make it as an actor?

Nobody ever said it straight to my face, but I’m sure there are people who have thought it, maybe also today. But so far, nobody ever told me.

If you need to shoot difficult scenes on the set, what do you do the evening before? You go through the screenplay once more, just to make sure you won’t overlook anything?

That depends on the project. For “Façades” for example, we had prepared everything very thoroughly. Natali Broods and [directors] Kaat Beels and Nathalie Basteyns knew very well what they were looking for and how they wanted the dementia of my character to be portrayed—not too much, not too less. But in some films, you need to prepare your scene on your own, like the scene of my character’s final plea in “Het Vonnis.” You almost have to dream that scene to make sure you can play with your lines, so that’s an entirely different approach than “Façades,” where I really had to be the character I played.

Johan Leysen in “Façades”

When you’re shooting a scene, do you also look at the monitor to see what it looks like?

No, I don’t. Sometimes people ask me to take a look, but if I really don’t have to, I don’t. It’s terrible to see your work while you’re still on the set. For some people, it might be useful, but I don’t think it would work for me. Suppose if I did, I think I would try to change what the scene looks like, and that would be wrong because you have to focus on what happens inside of you. And besides, I don’t want to look back; I also try to avoid seeing the rushes. Normally I don’t even watch my own films until they’re finished. I think of myself as an actor who does his work as well as he possibly can; I try to give the director what he or she needs and expects of me. The film is not about me. In the end, the film becomes a finished product entirely on its own.

Is acting a matter of instinct and talent, or is it something you can learn?

I honestly don’t know, I have thought about that, but I still don’t know. When I work with actors who hardly acted before, I can see certain things are difficult for them that seem pretty logical to me. Maybe it has to do with making the right decision, how to play it, how to say your lines, how to express yourself. You can learn certain techniques, but I don’t know if you can learn how to act.

Do you see a lot of movies?

Yes, I try to see a lot of movies; I like being in a movie house, I like watching movies, so I’m always very curious to see what the film will look like, what it will feel like, and I like to be enchanted by the magic of movies.

Mr. Leysen’s second film screened at the Film Fest Gent, “Resurrection,’ directed by Kristof Hoornaert

Have you ever considered directing a movie?

No, never. I don’t think I would be able to do it. Besides, I am very happy to be an actor; I love my profession. Making decisions on the set that might affect everybody, with all the pressure… no, that wouldn’t interest me.

Maybe also because you always kept a low profile? Even here in Flanders, you’re not a household name. When you’re not working, you always stay out of the limelight, don’t you?

Absolutely. There are two films of mine shown here at the Festival, and I love to promote them, but other than that, I also have a life of my own. I don’t see the necessity to tell a reporter what I like to eat for breakfast.

Finally, where do you really feel at home? In your native Flanders, or in Paris where you have been living now for a long time, or maybe elsewhere?

I feel at home wherever and whenever I can work with interesting, inspiring, and talented people, no matter what country I’m in. It’s not a matter of where I am geographically.

Film Fest Gent, Ghent (Belgium)
October 15, 2017


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THE CROSSING (1999) DIR – SCR Nora Hoppe PROD Els Vandervorst, Wilfried Depeweg CAM Walther van den Ende ED Valessa Martschewski CAST Abdendi Azzaoui, Nand Buyl, Amid Chakir, Aline Cornelissen, Abdullah Etemadi, Zaher Houaida, Johan Leysen

NAG LA BOMBE (1999) DIR – SCR Jean-Louis Milesi PROD Nicolas Blanc CAM Jean-Marc Fabre ED Stéphanie Mahet MUS La Crus, Noir Désir, Jansug Kakhidze, Jean-Michel Huré CAST Ariane Ascaride, Vincent Elbaz, Rossy de Palma, Johan Leysen (Simon), Julie Gayet, Adriana Asti, Giulio Bosetti

LE PIQUE-NIQUE DE LULU KREUTZ, a.k.a. LULU KREUTZ’S PICNIC (2000) DIR Didier Martiny PROD Jean-Philippe Reza SCR Yasmina Reza CAM François Catonné ED Joële Van Effenterre CAST Philippe Noiret, Carole Bouquet, Niels Arestrup, Stéphane Audran, Michel Aumont, Judith Magre, Johan Leysen (Primo Ghirardi), Carlotta Alessandri

FAITES COMME SI JE N’ÉTAIS PAS LÀ, a.k.a. PRETEND I’M NOT HERE (2000) DIR Olivier Jahan PROD Jérôme Vidal SCR Olivier Jahan, Michel C. Pouzol CAM Gilles Porte ED Nathalie Langlade, Marie-France Cuénot MUS Cyril Moisson CAST Jérémie Renier, Aurore Clément, Johan Leysen (René), Sami Bouajila, Alexia Stresi, Nathalie Richard, Pierre Berriau

PRINCESSES (2000) DIR Sylvie Verheyde PROD Cédric Klapisch, Bruno Levy SCR Sylvie Verheyde, Alexis Galmot CAM Rémy Chevrin ED Laurent Rouan MUS Philippe Sarde CAST Emma de Caunes, Jean-Hugues Anglade, Karole Rocher, Jeannick Gravelines, Johan Leysen (The Father), Alexandre Zecevic, Olivier Gourmet

LE ROI DANSE, a.k.a. THE KING IS DANCING (2000) DIR Gérard Corbiau PROD Dominique Janne SCR Gérard Corbiau, Andrée Corbiau, Ève de Castro (book by Philippe Beaussant) CAM Gérard Simon ED Ludo Troch, Philippe Ravoet CAST Benoît Magimel, Boris Terral, Tchéky Karyo, Colette Emmanuelle, Cécile Bois, Claire Kein, Johan Leysen (Cambert), Idwig Stephane

LISA (2001) DIR Pierre Grimblat PROD Paul Giovanni SCR Pierre Grimblat, Didier Cohen, Gérard Mordillat CAM Walther van den Ende ED Marie-Sophie Dubus MUS Gabriel Yared CAST Benoît Magimel, Marion Cotillard, Sagamore Stévenin, Jeanne Moreau, Julia Vaidis-Bogard, Michel Jonasz, Johan Leysen (Professor Seyden), Marisa Berenson, Filip Peeters

LE PACTE DES LOUPS, a.k.a. BROTHERHOOD OF WOLF (2001) DIR Christophe Gans PROD Richard Grandpierre, Samuel Hadida SCR Stéphane Cabel (adaptation by Christophe Gans, Stéphane Cabel) CAM Dan Laustsen ED David Wu, Xavier Loutreuil, Sébastien Prangàre MUS Joseph LoDuca CAST Samuel Le Bihan, Vincent Cassel, Émilie Dequenne, Monica Bellucci, Jérémie Renier, Mark Dacascos, Jean Yanne, Johan Leysen (Beauterne)

LES ÂMES FORTES, a.k.a. SAVAGE SOULS (2001) DIR Raoul Ruiz PROD Alain Majani d’Inguimbert, Marc de Lassus Saint-Geniès, Dimitri de Clercq SCR Alexandre Astruc, Eric Neuhoff, Mitchell Hooper, Alain Majani d’Inguimbert (adaptation by Alexandre Astruc, Eric Neuhoff, Mitchell Hooper, Alain Majani d’Inguimbert; novel by Jean Giono) CAM Eric Gautier ED Béatrice Clérico, Valeria Sarmiento MUS Jorge Arriagada CAST Laetitia Casta, Frédéric Diefenthal, Arielle Dombasle, John Malkovich, Charles Berling, Johan Leysen (Rampal), Edith Scob

TATTOO (2002) DIR – SCR Robert Schwentke PROD Jan Hinter CAM Jan Fehse ED Peter Przygodda MUS Martin Todsharow CAST August Diehl, Christian Redl, Nadeshda Brennicke, Johan Leysen (Frank Schoubya), Fatih Cevikkollu, Monica Bleibtreu, Ilknur Bahadir

LA SIRÈNE ROUGE, a.k.a. RED SIREN (2002) DIR Olivier Metagon PROD Carole Scotta, Simon Arnal SCR Olivier Megaton, Alain Berliner, Robert Conrath, Norman Spinrad (novel by Maurice G. Dantec) CAM Denis Rouden ED Stéphanie Gaurier, Yann Hervé MUS Nicolas Bikialo CAST Asia Argento, Jean-Marc Barr, Frances Barber, Andrew Tiernan, Alexandra Negrão, Edouard Montoute, Johan Leysen (Travis)

MOONLIGHT (2002) DIR Paula van der Oest PROD Michael Cowan, Jason Piette, Emjay Rechsteiner SCR Carel Donck CAM Guido van Gennep ED Sander Vos MUS Fons Merkies CAST Hunter Bussemaker, Franck Sasonoff, Andrew Howard, David Bustard, Elvir Sabanovic, Laurien Van den Broeck, Johan Leysen (Father), Stephen Tate

SCHUSSANGST, a.k.a. GUN-SHY (2003) DIR Dito Tsintsadze PROD Selma Brenner SCR Dito Tsintsadze, Dirk Kurbjuweit (novel by Dirk Kurbjuweit) CAM Manuel Mack ED Vessela Martschewski MUS Dito Tsintsadze, Giorgi Tsintsadze CAST Fabian Hinrichs, Lavinia Wilson, Johan Leysen (Romberg), Ingeborg Westphal, Rudolpf W. Marnitz, Thorsten Merten, Axel Prahl, Christoph Waltz

GRIMM (2003) DIR – MUS Alex van Warmerdam PROD Alex van Warmerdam, Marc van Warmerdam, Ton Schippers SCR Alex van Warmerdam, Otakar Votocek CAM Tom Erisman ED Stefan Kamp CAST Teresa Berganza, Johan Leysen (Father), Halina Reijn, Jacob Derwig, Frank Lammers, Annet Malherbe, Jaap Spijkers, Laura Cepeda, Lola Peno

GLI OCCHI DELL’ALTRO, a.k.a. THE EYES OF THE OTHER and THE EYES OF ANOTHER (2005) DIR Gianpaolo Tescari PROD Manlio Capoano SCR Gianpaolo Tescari, Dodi Conti, Lara Fremder (story by Gianpaolo Tescari) CAM Fernando Ciangola ED Osvaldo Bargero MUS Nicola Tescari CAST Lucrezia Lante della Rovere, Johan Leysen (David Grünblatt), Hossein Taheri, Carlotta Ritossa, Anton Alexander, Elda Alvigini

MISS MONTIGNY (2005) DIR Miel Van Hoogenbemt PROD Sébastien Delloye SCR Gabrielle Borile CAM Nigel Willoughby ED Ludo Troch MUS Axelle Red, Harry Escott, Molly Nyman CAST Sophie Quinton, Ariane Ascaride, Johan Leysen (Antonio), Fanny Hanciaux, Agathe Cornez, Magalie Dahan

EEN ANDER ZIJN GELUK, a.k.a. SOMEONE ELSE’S HAPPINESS (2005) DIR – SCR Fien Troch PROD Antonio Lombardo CAM Frank van den Eeden ED Nico Leunen MUS Peter Van Laerhoven CAST Ina Geerts, Johanna ter Steege, Johan Leysen (Francis), Natali Broods, Elmo Mistiaen, Peter Van den Begin, Josse De Pauw, Viviane de Muynck, Geert Van Rampelberg, Bruno Vanden Broecke, Sara De Bosschere, Jan Decleir

LE LIÈVRE DE VATANEN, a.k.a. VATANEN’S HARE (2006) DIR – PROD Marc Rivière SCR Marc Rivière (novel by Arto Paasilinna) CAM Stefan Ivanov ED Frédéric Fichefet MUS Goran Bregovic CAST Christopher Lambert, Julie Gayet, Rémy Girard, François Morel, Johan Leysen (Peter), Eric Godon, Jean-Marie Winling

L’ÉTÉ INDIEN (2007) DIR – SCR Alain Raoust PROD Bertrand Gore ED Sophie Deseuzes CAST Frédérique Bonnal, Thierry de Peretti, Philippe Duclos, Déborah François, Johan Leysen (René Kreuymerkers), Birgit Ludwig, Johanna ter Steege

WEST POINT (2007) DIR – PROD – SCR Laurence Rebouillon CAM Laurence Rebouillon, Michel Dunand ED Laurence Rebouillon, Agathe Dreyfus MUS Patrice de Benedetti CAST Isabelle Ronayette, Bernard Cerf, Agnès Pontier, Johan Leysen

ZOMERHITTE, a.k.a. SUMMER HEAT (2008) DIR Monique van de Ven PROD Ate de Jong SCR Edwin de Vries (novel by Jan Wolkers) CAM Lex Brand ED Job ter Burg MUS Christian Henson CAST Sophie Hilbrand, Waldemar Torenstra, Jeroen Willems, Johan Leysen (Mummie), Cees Geel, Jelka van Houten, Jochum ten Haaf

ÉLÈVE LIBRE, a.k.a. PRIVATE LESSONS (2008) DIR Joachim Lafosse PROD Jacques-Henri Bronckart SCR Joachim Lafosse, François Pirot CAM Hichame Alaouie ED Sophie Vercruysse CAST Jonas Bloquet, Jonathan Zaccaï, Claire Bodson, Yannick Renier, Pauline Etienne, Anne Coesens, Johan Leysen (Serge), Thomas Coumans

SOEUR SOURIRE, a.k.a. SISTER SMILE (2009) DIR Stijn Coninx PROD Marc Sillam, Eric Heumann SCR Stijn Coninx, Ariane Fert, Chris Vander Stappen CAM Yves Vandermeeren ED Philippe Ravoet MUS Bruno Fontaine CAST Cécile de France, Sandrine Blancke, Chris Lomme, Marie Kremer, Jo Deseure, Jan Decleir, Filip Peeters, Johan Leysen (Father Jean)

THE AMERICAN (2010) DIR Anton Corbijn PROD George Clooney, Ann Wingate, Grant Heslov, Jill Green, Anne Carey SCR Rowan Joffe (novel by Martin Booth) CAM Martin Ruhe ED Andrew Hulme MUS Herbert Grönemeyer CAST George Clooney, Paolo Bonacelli, Violante Placido, Thekla Reuten, Johan Leysen (Pavel),

REQUIEM POUR UNE TUEUSE, a.k.a. REQUIEM FOR A KILLER (2011) DIR – SCR Jérôme Le Gris PROD Alain Terzian CAM Antoine Monod ED Claire Fieschi MUS Jiri Heger, Régis Vogëlène, Anne-Sophie Versnaeyen CAST Mélanie Laurent, Clovis Cornillac, Tchéky Karyo, Xavier Gallais, Christopher Stills, Johan Leysen (Van Kummant)

JEUNE CAPTIVE, a.k.a. THE SILENCE OF JOAN (2011) DIR – SCR – CAM – ED Philippe Ramos PROD Michel Zana, Sophie Dulac CAST Clémence Poésy, Thierry Frémont, Liam Cunningham, Mathieu Amalric, Louis Do-de Lencquesaing, Johan Leysen (Chief of Police)

PHOTO (2012) DIR – SCR Carlos Saboga PROD Paulo Branco CAM Mário Barrosso ED Paolo MilHomens CAST Anna Mouglalis, Simão Cayatte, Johan Leysen (Tom), Didier Sandre, Marisa Paredes

JEUNE & JOLIE, a.k.a. YOUNG & BEAUTIFUL and YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL (2013) DIR – SCR François Ozon PROD Eric Altmayer, Nicolas Altmayer CAM Pascal Marti ED Laure Gardette MUS Philippe Rombi CAST Marine Vacth, Géraldine Pailhas, Frédéric Pierrot, Fantin Ravat, Johan Leysen (Georges Ferrière), Charlotte Rampling, Nathalie Richard

HET VONNIS, a.k.a. THE VERDICT (2013) DIR – SCR Jan Verheyen PROD Peter Bouckaert CAM Frank van den Eeden ED Philippe Ravoet MUS Steve Willaert CAST Koen De Bouw, Johan Leysen (Jan De Cock), Veerle Baetens, Jappe Claes, Viviane de Muynck, Wouter Hendrickx, Chris Lomme, Jo de Meyere, Joke Devynck, Sven De Ridder

CADENCES OBSTINÉES, a.k.a. OBSESSIVE RHYTHMS (2013) DIR – SCR Fanny Ardant PROD Paolo Branco CAM André Szankowski ED Julia Gregory MUS Jean-Michel Bernard CAST Asia Argento, Nuno Lopez, Gérard Depardieu, Franco Nero, Ricardo Pereira, Johan Leysen (Wladimir), Tudor Istodor, Mika, Laura Soveral

2/11 HET SPEL VAN DE WOLF (2014) DIR Thomas Korthals Altes PROD Gijs van de Westelaken SCR Gijs van de Westelaken, Theodor Holman CAM Thomas Kist ED Daan van de Westelaken MUS Chrisnanne Wiegel, Melcher Meirmans CAST Susan Visser, Johan Leysen (Sybrand van Hulst), Pierre Bokma, William Hope, Tijn Doctor, Mike Reus, Gerson Oratmangoen, Merijn de Jong

GLUCKAUF (2015) DIR Remy van Heugten PROD Piet-Harm Sterk SCR Gustaaf Peek (original idea by Remy van Heugten) CAM Mark van Aller ED Moek de Groot MUS Alexander Reumers, Jorrit Kleijnen CAST Bart Slegers, Vincent van der Valk, Johan Leysen (Vester), Joy Verberk, Ali Ben Horsting, Tygo Bussemakers

LE TOUT NOUVEAU TESTAMENT, a.k.a. THE BRAND NEW TESTAMENT (2015) DIR Jaco Van Dormael PROD Jaco Van Dormael, Olivier Rausin, Daniel Marquet SCR Jaco Van Dormael, Thomas Gunzig CAM Christophe Beaucarne ED Hervé de Luze MUS An Pierlé CAST Benoît Poelvoorde, Catherine Deneuve, François Damiens, Yolande Moreau, Pili Groyne, Johan Leysen (Martine’s Husband), Laura Verlinden, Pascal Duquenne, Jaco Van Dormael

LA VOLENTE, a.k.a. THE ASSISTENT (2015) DIR Christophe Ali, Nicolas Bonilauri PROD Tom Dercourt, Donato Rotunno SCR Christophe Ali, Nicolas Bonilauri, Philippe Blasband, Jacques Sotty CAM Nicolas Massart ED Ewin Ryckaert MUS Jérôme Lemonnier CAST Nathalie Baye, Malik Zidi, Jean-Stan Du Pac, Johan Leysen (Eric Lemans), Sabrina Seyvecou, Pierre-Alain Chapuis, Hervé Sogne

MALGRÉ LA NUIT, a.k.a. DESPITE THE NIGHT (2015) DIR Philippe Grandrieux PROD Nicolas Comeau, Stéphanie Morisette, Alix Pennequin, Solveig Rawas SCR Philippe Grandrieux, John-Henry Butterworth, Bertrand Schefer, Rebecca Zlotowski CAM Jessica Lee Gagné ED Philippe Elkboubi MUS Ferdinand Grandrieux CAST Kristian Marr, Ariane Labed, Roxane Mesquida, Paul Hamy, Johan Leysen (Vitali), Sam Louwyck, Aurélien Recoing

LOUIS-FERDINAND CÉLINE (2016) DIR Emmanuel Bourdieu PROD Jacques Kirsner SCR Emmanuel Bourdieu, Marcia Romano (book by Milton Hindus) CAM Marie Spencer ED Benoît Quinon MUS Grégoire Hetzel CAST Denis Lavant, Géraldine Pailhas, Philip Desmeules, Rick Hancke, Marijke Pinoy, Vanja Maria Godee, Johan Leysen (Thorvald Mikkelsen)

THE AFGHAN (2016) DIR Paula van der Oest PROD Jason Piette, Emjay Rechsteiner SCR Carel Donck CAM Guido van Gennep ED Jeremy Price MUS Fons Merkies CAST Laurien Van den Broeck, Hunter Bussemaker, Andrew Howard, Jemma Redgrave, Johan Leysen

SOUVENIR (2016) DIR Bavo Defurne PROD Yves Verbraeken SCR Bavo Defurne, Yves Verbraeken, Jacques Boon CAM Philippe Guilbert MUS Pink Martini CAST Isabelle Huppert, Kévin Azaïs, Johan Leysen (Tony Jones), Jan Hammenecker, Anne Broinne, Sophie Mousel, Benjamin Boutboul

WALDSTILLE (2016) DIR – SCR Martijn Maria Smits PROD Stienette Bosklopper CAM Frank van den Eeden ED Martijn Maria Smits, Ruben van der Hammen MUS Rutger Reinders CAST Thomas Ryckewaert, Jelka van Houten, Johan Leysen (Ben’s Father), Marie-Louise Stheins, Oscar Van Rompaey, Clara Bovenberg

LE PASSÉ DEVANT NOUS, a.k.a. PAST IMPERFECT (2016) DIR – SCR Nathalie Teirlinck PROD Xavier Rombaut, Bart Van Langendonck CAM Frank van den Eeden ED Morten Egholm, Frederick Strunk, Molly Marlene Stensgaard MUS John Parish CAST Evelyne Brochu, Zuru François, Adonis Danieletto, Eriq Ebouaney, Johan Leysen (George), Marie Rosselet Ruiz

FAÇADES (2017) DIR Kaat Beels, Nathalie Basteyns PROD Maurits Lemmens, Raf Uten SCR Jan Pepermans CAM Anton Mertens ED Bert Jacobs MUS Peter Baert CAST Natali Broods, Johan Leysen (Jean), Theo Maassen, Frieda Pittors, Benjamin Verdonck, Gene Bervoets

RESURRECTION (2017) DIR – SCR Kristof Hoornaert PROD Geoffrey Enthoven, Mariano Vanhoof CAM Rimvydas Leipus ED David Verdurme CAST Johan Leysen, Gilles De Schryver, Kris Cuppens, Thomas Ryckewaert

RADEGUND (2017) DIR – SCR Terence Malick PROD Marcus Loges, Elisabeth Bentley, Dario Bergesio, Grant Hill, Josh Jeter CAM Jörg Widmer ED Rehman Nizar Ali CAST Michael Nykvist, Bruno Ganz, Jürgen Prochnow, Matthias Schoenaerts, August Diehl, Alexander Fehling, Johan Leysen (Ohlendorf)

AROUND LUISA (2017) DIR – SCR Olga Baillif PROD David Epiney, Eugenia Mumenthaler CAM Gabriel Sandru ED Caterina Mona, Gion-Reto Killias MUS Bertrand Belin CAST Peta Brown, Bertrand Belin, Thibault Frisoni, Fabrice Adde, Melissa Acciardi, Johan Leysen (Maurice)

SEULE À MON MARIAGE, a.k.a. ALONE AT MY WEDDING (2018) DIR Marta Bergman PROD Jean-Yves Roubin, Cassandre Warnauts SCR Katell Quillévéré, Marta Bergman, Laurent Brandenbourger, Boris Lojkine CAM Jonathan Ricquebourg ED Frédéric Fichefet MUS Vlaicu Golcea CAST Alina Ioana Serban, Tom Vermeir, Jonas Bloquet, Johan Leysen (Bruno’s Father), Karin Tanghe

LE DERNIER VIDE-GRENIER DE CLAIRE DARLING (2018) DIR Julie Bertuccelli PROD Yael Fogiel, Laetitia Gonzales SCR Julie Bertuccelli, Sophie Fillières (novel by Lynda Rutledge) CAST Catherine Deneuve, Chiara Mastroianni, Alice Tagliono, Olivier Rabourdin, Samir Guesmi, Johan Leysen


MAYA (1982) DIR Emanuel Boeck SCR Emanuel Boeck, Paul Koeck CAST Cristel Braak, Trude de Jong, Erik de Vogel, Jules Hamel, Emile Jansen, Johan Leysen, Willeke van Ammelrooy

TITAANTJES (1983) DIR Jan Keja SCR Hugo Heinen (novel by Nescio) CAST Pierre Bokma, Arthur Boni, Maya Bouma, Wim Burkunk, Anne Buurma, Johan Leysen (Bavink)

ZONDAG WEET JE ALLES (1985) DIR Eric Oosthoek PROD Paul Müller SCR Gerard Kerkvliet CAM Dirk Teenstra ED Peter Rump CAST Paul Berenos, Peter Bos, Anne Buurma, Nelly Frijda, Johan Leysen (Koos)

JACHT OP HET VERLEDEN (1985) DIR Jelle van Doornik PROD Dieke van Waveren SCR Kees Holierhoek CAM  ED  MUS  CAST Bernard Droog, Guus Hoes, Eric van Ingen, Geert de Jong, Ton Lensink, Johan Leysen (Aad Prins)

MIJN IDEE: HET SCHILDERIJ (1986) DIR Karst van der Meulen SCR Boris van der Ham ED Hans Walther CAST Annelies Balhan, Hein Boele, Lex Gousmit, Johan Leysen, David Rijks

‘T BOLLEKEN (1988) DIR Marc Didden PROD Winnie Enghien SCR Johan Kerkhof (novel by Cyriel Buysse) CAM Willy Staessen ED – MUS Ludo Troch CAST Caroline Bardyn, Gene Bervoets, François Beukelaers, Antje de Boeck, Ingrid De Vis, Johan Leysen (Vital)

BRAINDRAIN (1989) DIR Mark Timmer PROD Kees Kasander, Karin Van Der Werff, Mariette De Vries SCR Alma Popeyus CAM Edwin Verstegen ED Jacques Verheul CAST Hans Degelet, Stina Ekblad, Cox Habbema, Johan Leysen (Investigator), Ger Thijs

NIEMAND MAG DIT WETEN (1991) CAST Carine Crutzen, Hans Dagelet, Katelijne Damen, Heleen Hummelen, Geert de Jong, Johan Leysen

LA RAGE AU COEUR (1994) DIR Robin Davis PROD David Kodsi, Patrice Poiré SCR Robin Davis, Laurence Condroyer, Jean-Marie Guillaume, David Kodsi CAM Manuel Teran ED Catherine Peix Eyrolle MUS Jean-Marie Sénia CAST Clémentine Célarié, Christine Boisson, Sarah-Laure Estragnat, Johan Leysen (Franck), Roberto Alpi, Thierry Liagre

ABUS DE CONFIANCE (1994) DIR Bernard Villiot SCR Frédérique Topin MUS Cyril Morin CAST Elizabeth Bourgine, Michel Duchaussoy, Pierre-Loup Rajot, François Caron, Christophe Odent, Catherine Alric, Johan Leysen (Hans Berger)

MATEN, a.k.a. MATES (1999) DIR Pieter Verhoeff PROD Hans de Weers, Hans de Wolf SCR Pieter Verhoeff, Kees van Beijnum CAM Paul van den Bos ED Mario Steenbergen, Marc Rietdijk MUS Cees Bijlstra CAST Kees Koot, Elsie de Brauw, Hans Breetveld, Erik de Bruyn, Khaldoun Elmecky, Thijs Feenstra, Johan Leysen (Officer Blaak), Willem Nijholt

PIÈGE EN HAUTE SPHÈRE (2000) DIR Aruna Villiers CAM Jean-Claude Aumont CAST Olivia Bonamy, Johan Leysen (Jacques Kruger), Karin Goegerich

DE ENCLAVE, a.k.a. THE ENCLAVE (2002) DIR Willem van de Sande Bakhuyzen PROD Rolf Koot SCR Alma Popeyus, Hein Schütz CAM Helle van Essen ED Wouter Jansen MUS Fons Merkies CAST Ransey Nasr, Johan Leysen (George Terhoef), Frank Lammers, Nienke Römer, Lidewij Benus, Pierre Bokma, Renée Soutendijk

RETOUR À LOCMARIA (2003) DIR Williams Crépin PROD Georges Campana, Alain Bordiec SCR Catherine Ramberg, Irène Frain CAM Bernard Cassan ED Bertrand Servant MUS Rena Isaac CAST Laëtitia Lacroix, Johan Leysen (Van Brak), Delphine Sérina, Raoul Billery, Christian Barbier, Jauris Casanova

DE SOIE ET DE CENDRE (2003) DIR Jacques Otmezguine PROD Nelly Kafsky SCR Jacqueline Cauët, Dan Franck (original idea by Jacqueline Cauët, Sarah Romano) CAM Yves Lafaye ED Jean Dubreuil, Patrick Zouzout MUS Bruno Alexiu CAST Chloë Lambert, Bruno Todeschini, Dani Levy, Johan Leysen (Samuel Zamelsky), Julia Vaidis-Bogard, François Marthouret

LA DÉRIVE DES CONTINENTS (2006) DIR Vincent Martorana PROD Vincent Martorana, Olivier Bréant, Jérôme Dopffer, Bénédicte Couvreur SCR Vincent Martorana, Nathalie Vaillioud CAM Nathalie Durant ED Susana Rossberg MUS Evgueni Galperine CAST Anne Brochet, Johan Leysen (Jacques Marey), Thomas Jouannet, Alice de Lencquesaing, Florian Cadiou, Daniela Bisconti

GOLDMAN (2011) DIR Christophe Blanc PROD Cécile Roger-Machart SCR Dan Franck, Michaël Prazan CAM Jean-François Hensgens CAST Samuel Benchetrit, Arié Elmaleh, Pierre-Félix Gravière, Johan Leysen (Alter Goldman), Olivier Claverie, Adèle Haenel, Yannick Choirat