Émilie Dequenne: “People such as I, who are fortunate to do the job they always dreamed of, are just so lucky”

Belgian-born and award-winning screen actress Émilie Dequenne made her screen debut in “Rosetta” (1999), directed by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne. Her stunning performance as the film’s leading character earned her a Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival right away.

Earlier this month, Paris Match published an article, ‘Les six reines de Cannes: la palme a changé leur vie.’ Referring to the Cannes Film Festival, they brought together and celebrated the work of six actresses who all won the Best Actress award at the French beach resort. On the YouTube video below, they are from left to right, Émilie Dequenne (in 1999), Irène Jacob (“La double vie de Véronique,” 1991), Diane Kruger (“In the Fade,” 2017), Marie-Josée Croze (“Les invasions barbares,” 2003), Emmanuelle Bercot (“Mon roi,” 2015), and Natacha Régnier (“La vie rêvée des anges,” 1998).

‘Les six reines de Cannes’ according to Paris Match

A few weeks later, Ms. Dequenne was reunited with her “Rosetta” directors, the Dardenne brothers, and actor Fabrizio Rongione at a screening of the film in Brussels during the BRIFF (Brussels International Film Festival), celebrating the film’s twentieth birthday.

During her visit to Brussels, I met Ms. Dequenne for an interview. The last time we met was a little over two years ago when she was promoting “Chez Nous” (a.k.a. “This Is Our Land”). Always praised for being very down-to-earth, she said then, “I am very careful when I choose a role I wish to play. I don’t take it for granted, I don’t take it too lightly.” A very interesting thought, especially when those words are being spoken by one of the most accomplished actresses in French cinema.

Since she was not here to talk about a new film that’s scheduled to be released soon, it allowed me to talk more in general, trying to figure out who the woman is behind all those magnificent performances over the years—that is, after we first revisited “Rosetta” very briefly.

Ms. Dequenne, what did “Rosetta” learn you back then when you were a seventeen-year-old actress?

I had been a member of theater workshops and had appeared on the stage before, but “Rosetta” was my first film, my introduction to film and to the camera, and through the Dardenne brothers, I discovered what cinema is all about. If you look at their working method, you can’t compare them with anyone, because nobody else works as they do. They are very unique, and that became obvious right after “Rosetta,” which was a small film with a small crew where everybody worked together, while my next film, “Le pacte des loups” [2001, a.k.a. “Brotherhood of the Wolf”], was completely the opposite. I didn’t even get to see the director [Christophe Gans], because he was watching everything on his monitor, so I communicated with his assistant. Everything was set and meticulously planned. Those first two films couldn’t have been more different, and since then, I did everything in between [laughs].

There’s this wide range in the films you do, but also in the roles you play. If you compare your characters in films such as “À perdre la raison“ [2012] and your portrayal of the hairdresser in “Pas son genre”[2014], the difference couldn’t more obvious. This variety in the roles you play, is that your niche?

For me, it’s a combination of several things because I’m interested in playing different characters, all types of characters really, and that’s what is so appealing when you’re an actor. If I had to play Rosetta, Murielle, or Jennifer all the time, it wouldn’t be fun anymore. It’s much more interesting if you get to play a countess in one film and a poor woman in the next—different characters in different settings and different stories. And you’re also working with another director who is a world on his own. His point of view always makes him unique, and when you accept a role, you enter his world, and first you begin to create your character with your body, like a different haircut and the right costumes when you start disguising yourself. I loved doing that when I was a child, and that’s exactly what we also do when we’re making a film.

Have you ever considered directing?

I don’t know; I certainly wouldn’t do it now. Maybe one day, but I’m still very young, I’m only thirty-seven, and I still love what I’m doing. It did cross my mind to produce a project, but so far, I’m still too busy acting, that’s my priority now.

And even at thirty-seven, you have been a leading lady in French cinema for twenty years now. Does that come with some sort of responsibility?

I never thought of that. There is only one person I have to be accountable to, and that’s me. I have to know what I want and what I do. I always listen to this little voice in my head to make sure I’m doing the right thing, and I always follow my intuition. And suppose there’s one thing that bothers me even just a little bit, I won’t accept the part.

What about working abroad, like in England or the U.S.? Is that an option?

You know, I’m not very much at ease when I speak English. When I was young, I spoke it a lot, but now it has been a very long time, although I could practice it at home with my daughter who’s perfectly bilingual—thank you, Netflix [laughs]—and she’s also very well-read in English. They have sent me screenplays, and I always turned them down because it wouldn’t feel right. English is not my native language, and I don’t think I would get it right in terms of the sense, the precision, and the truthfulness of the [English] language. I did appear in the BBC series “The Missing” [2014], and it was wonderful, but I played a French woman who was translating most of the time, so emotionally that wasn’t a difficult part to play. I also think that in British or American films, French-speaking roles are often like caricatures, so for the moment it doesn’t really interest me too much. In fact, I recently passed up one casting, and my agent wasn’t too happy about it, but I said, ‘In truth, this is not for me.’ But suppose they’d send me a script that I like, and if I were able to prepare it thoroughly with a dialogue coach to get the accent right, that would be something entirely different.

You are a very accomplished, well-known, and highly respected actress, but you don’t live the life of a movie star, do you? I mean, journalists always speak highly of you because of your passion for your craft, your love for your family, Paris, and for cooking.

I’m not a star at all [laughs]. A star saves lives, like a surgeon, or someone who has huge responsibilities and makes important decisions that are crucial to a lot of people. Those are the real stars. I’m not like that at all. People such as I, who are fortunate to do the job they always dreamed of, are just so lucky. So we’re no stars! And even though we’re in the news, it would be terrible if I would not be able to live the way everybody else does. I really need a life of my own.

And you can do that in Paris?

Absolutely. You know, television shows are always very popular, and when I appear in films, and they are reviewed on television, or they’re a news item, they always talk about the movie, they’re not talking about me. So I’m not a public figure at all. Also, you should appear on television all the time if you really want to be bankable, but if that’s what it takes, then I’ll settle with less. And if that means that I will be working less, or make less money, then so be it. I’ll adjust. I never considered myself a celebrity: I can walk anywhere I want in Paris or Brussels, I can take the subway without any problem.

Do you still come to Belgium a lot?

Oh yes, my family lives here. Whenever I can, I come over. Yesterday I was at my niece’s school. I drove my car from Paris, and on my way to Brussels, I first stayed with my parents for a few days before coming over to the Festival.

Émilie Dequenne, BRIFF’s guest of honor, after the screening of “Rosetta” | Leo/Film Talk

Do you still see the Dardenne brothers a lot?

No, not too much, but our relationship is still very much intact after twenty years. We all moved on with our lives and our careers, but we have a strong bond.

Do you remember your first cinematographic experience that maybe influenced you or convinced you to become an actress?

It was not film but the theater that gave me the love and the passion for acting. This happened at the Théâtre de la Relève in a small place called Ladeuze, close to where I grew up. I went there with my parents a couple of times a year. The actors were non-professionals, but it was wonderful; they had those incredible sets and costumes. I was so impressed; I was really in awe of those people and their stage work. Music also inspired me. As a child, I was always dancing, telling stories and creating situations. But in the beginning, I didn’t have the ambition to become an actress; I just wanted to play someone else—and I wanted people to pay if they wanted to see me playing [laughs]. In a way, actors are like children who never stopped playing, something I’ve also been doing my whole life. And by the way, the first film I saw in the cinema, was a Claude Berri film, “Manon des Sources” [1986, a.k.a. “Manon of the Spring”], and later I got to work with him [“Une femme de ménage,” 2002, a.k.a. “The Housekeeper”].

Can you tell something about that?

C’était magique! When my agent told me, ‘Claude Berri would like you to read this book, he’s writing an adaptation, and he would like to meet you,’ the first thing I thought was, ‘Ah, Claude Berri…!’ That was so exciting, and then I had the opportunity to work with him! And how old was I when I saw “Manon de Sources”… I didn’t grow up with cinema, because there wasn’t a cinema close to where we lived. We had the Plaza in [the Belgian city of] Mons. As a child I usually went to see a Disney film, but “Manon des Sources,” with all those wonderful actors like Yves Montand, Daniel Auteuil, and Emmanuelle Béart, I never forgot that experience. Very beautiful memories. But from the age of eight, I saw several films on television, and I had an uncle who rented a lot of films on video, so that’s how I got to see a lot of films.

Is it an advantage for you to live in Paris?

I don’t know if it’s an advantage. I’m used to living there now, but I would also be happy if I lived elsewhere. And Paris has its disadvantages too—the pollution, the noise, everybody’s in a hurry. But I love the city because it’s so beautiful, and I love to walk. I got a car, but in Paris, I walk most of the time—up to fifteen kilometers a day if necessary—so my feet are my most important means of transport. If I have an appointment, I sometimes leave my home an hour and a half earlier, depending on the distance and where I have to be, and so, off I go, even if it rains. The city has so much to offer, I like the beauty of it, and everything is within reach; it’s so convenient. That’s what I didn’t have when I was young and grew up in the country—in Paris everything is simple and fast. Not in a sense that I’m stressed, because I’m not, but it gives me a boost, a kind of energy. That is definitely an advantage of living there. So I don’t live there because of the work that I do, but because it’s one of the most important and vibrant cities in the world. I love the idea of living in Paris, but I could also live in San Fransisco, another city I love, and London too. My daughter would like to live in London, and I think she will, one day. So if I will have to pay her tuition while she’s in London, I still need to work a lot—maybe I will have to accept those offers from Hollywood after all, and earn a few million dollars there so that in the end, I’ll be able to pay her tuition [laughs].

Brussels International Film Festival, Brussels
June 22, 2019

This news item from the TV channel France 3 shows how it all began in Cannes on May 23, 1999, when film director David Cronenberg announced “Rosetta” won the Palme d’Or, with (starting at 00:50) Émilie Dequenne as the Festival’s Best Actress at age 17


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MA MÈRE, LA CRABE ET MOI (2018) DIR Yann Samuell PROD Martine Lheureux SCR Elise Benroubi, Victoria Musiedlak (novel by Anne Percin) CAM Lubomir Bakchev ED Mike Frometin MUS Cyrille Aufort CAST Émilie Dequenne (Cathy), Lorette Nyssen, Jérôme Robart, Miveck Packa, Melchior Lebeaut, Jean-Michel Fête