Dee Wallace: “‘E.T.’ reminds our hearts of what’s true, it goes inside us, and it opens up places”

Actors have always fascinated me tremendously. Maybe it’s because I never quite understood the process they go through to create all the magic, and to this day, I still don’t. Right before the director says, ‘Action,’ I wonder what their state of mind is and how they decide what their face, body language, or mind will do to become their character.

Screen actress Dee Wallace (b. 1948) is one of those wondrous actors and a perfect example of an actress who can do anything. She often makes you think, ‘How on earth does she manage to understand the soul of her character so well?’ Because when you watch her on the screen, playing characters from a TV reporter, a mom to a werewolf, or someone haunted by werewolves, her performance is always spot on.

Throughout most of her career, which began in the mid-1970s, Ms. Wallace has been a Hollywood star synonymous with horror films: she enjoyed a long and often gruesome and bloody career. She appeared in some of the most iconic horror and sci-fi films made, including Wes Craven’s “The Hills Have Eyes” (1977), about an all-American family at the mercy of cannibal mutants; “The Howling” (1981) directed by Joe Dante, brimming with film-buff jokes, and co-starring her husband Christopher Stone who played her on-screen husband; and Lewis Teague’s “Cujo” (1983), based on a novel from 1981 by Stephen King, about a woman and her son terrorized by a rabid Saint Bernard dog. A total of thirteen different dogs brought Cujo to life, all of them impeccably trained. “But did I ever feel that the dogs would harm us? No, never, not one instant,” Ms. Wallace once said.

Steven Spielberg handpicked her to play the mother in “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” (1982), based on a screenplay by Melissa Mathison (1950-2015), with a soaring score by John Williams. The film is about a little alien (superlatively created by Carlo Rambaldi, and Debra Winger contributed to his voice) who wants nothing more than to go home and therefore recruits a bunch of kids to help him get there. He’s very fortunate to be found by Elliott, character played by Henry Thomas, who teaches E.T. how to talk and includes his older brother (Robert MacNaughton) and younger sister (Drew Barrymore) in on the secret, while at first, he manages to hide his discovery from his mother (played by Ms. Wallace).

“E.T.” not only became one of the most beloved screen classics ever, but also the highest-grossing film of all time, until it was surpassed by another Spielberg film, “Jurassic Park,” in 1993. “Mister Spielberg’s office called and offered it to me after I had auditioned for “Used Cars” [1980] at an earlier time. He said to me, ‘Dee, I want everybody in the movie to be childlike, and when you came in, you had this vulnerability of a child.’” On Drew Barrymore, who played her daughter when she was only six, Ms. Wallace says, “We all knew Drew was going to be a director and a producer from day one. I was sitting in my chair, waiting to get started, and she came over, looked up at me, and said, ‘Hi Dee, I’m going to sit on your lap now!’”

Drew Barrymore with Dee Wallace in “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” (1982) | Universal

Ms. Wallace has many stories to share, and oh yes, in case you haven’t noticed, she refers to Steven Spielberg as Mister Spielberg. Respect is something truly valuable to her, just like her devotion to her work as an actress, as a former acting coach—for several years, she was the driving force behind the Dee Wallace Stone Acting Studios in Woodland Hills, CA—and she’s a much sought after public speaker, author, and healer of the heart, conducting workshops and webinars to introduce people to the healing techniques that she outlines in her books, and to help her clients successfully balance their lives, as she describes on her own website I Am Dee Wallace.

Two years ago, I met a wonderful man called Lewis Teague, her “Cujo” director, at his Hollywood home, and he said, “When I did ‘Cujo’ a lot of ingredients came together, we had [cinematographer] Jan de Bont, Dee Wallace, and producer Daniel H. Blatt.” Just to point out how instrumental she was in making the film; “Cujo” was also her most demanding film so far. Another incredibly tough experience was Peter Jackson’s “The Frighteners” (1996), she once said in an interview. “Part of the reason that it was so hard was that my husband died during it. I had to leave shooting it, come back and do his service, pick my little girl up, and get back to finish shooting. It was really tough.” Actress and author Gabrielle Stone (b. 1988) is their daughter.

Dee Wallace at the 2010 Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival | Film Talk

After meeting Ms. Wallace for the first time in April 2010 at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival where she was the guest of honor, we had scheduled this interview last year in March as a one-on-one in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak and travel restrictions, I could not cross the Atlantic and travel to California. And as there still are so many restrictions over a year later, I got back in touch with Ms. Wallace’s assistant and asked her if I would be granted a coronaproof phone interview. And as I could expect, it was a wonderful and unique experience once again to talk with this dynamic and energetic leading and supporting lady, who graced the screen with over two hundred screen roles.

Ms. Wallace, have you been able to get through this past year easily?

Actually yes. I do a lot of healing work, and every day my channel just says, ‘Get up, and what can I create today?’ A lot of opportunities came to me—both acting and in my healing work—and I produced a short horror film called “Stay Home.” So I can’t complain, I actually had a very good year.

How did you make “Stay Home”? Because of all the restrictions, did you get the result you hoped for?

It was easy to produce because we did it in our own homes. My daughter directed it and we shot it with little GoPro cameras. It looks really amazing [click here to watch “Stay Home”]. I also did “9-1-1” and just finished another movie. It’s challenging to adhere to all the protocols with the masks, the social distancing, the safety and everything, but when you get right down to the acting and the process, it’s always the same. So if you don’t allow yourself to be taken over and lose your focus to everything you have to abide by to do your work, then it’s easier.

If someone comes up to you and asks you what you do for a living, what would you say? Because you’re an actress, an author, coach, lecturer, talk show host, healer…

Usually, I say I’m an actress because that’s where most of the public still knows me from and identifies me with, but more and more people are following my healing work. I just finished my sixth book, which I hope will be out this year. It’s called “The Art of Self-Creating.” I have done thousands and thousands of private sessions, and the more I do, the more I find that people think they understand the creative process and how to create their lives, but they don’t really. Or if they understand it intellectually, they don’t put it into practice in their lives. So I wrote a step-by-step understanding of how to create your life and get what you want. I’m really excited about it.

The book covers of “Conscious Creation” (2010), “Bright Light” (2011), “Getting Stuff: Everything Is Possible” (2014), and “Wake Up NOW!” (2014), all written by Dee Wallace

Can we go back to your childhood? Did you grow up watching films, and did you get the opportunity to go to the movies?

Yes, even as poor as we were, my older brother would take me to the movies at least once a month, I think. The Granada Theatre in Kansas City, Kansas! [Laughs.] And we watched a lot of Westerns and films on TV. We spent a lot of time at home because we really didn’t have enough money to go out a lot, but my mother was a beautiful local actress in Kansas City, and that’s where I pretty much learned everything. That’s where I learned that I wanted to be an actress in the first place, I would watch her perform at church and the music clubs around town. I just saw how much she moved people, and I really wanted to do that with my life. Then I taught a year at high school and went off to New York to seek my fame and fortune. I studied with Uta Hagen, and when I came to Hollywood, I studied with Jeff Corey. But the person that really changed my life and my acting was Charles Conrad. When I found his method, I was kind of home-free.

Were there any actors or actresses that you admired and inspired you the way you mother did?

There were so many. Katharine Hepburn is the first one that comes to mind, and my dream is to work with Anthony Hopkins at some time in my career. All of the major and wonderful actors, like James Stewart or Doris Day, really affected me a lot because when we went to the movies, we were only allowed to see PG movies and happy movies [laughs] as they were called back then. Today of course, it would be Meryl Streep, I also adore Jessica Lange because everything she does is unexpected. I love watching that, watching where she will go with all her moments. So I have been—and continue to be—moved and inspired by many different actors.

Do you remember when you first came from New York to Los Angeles? Were you maybe living on a tight budget, and was it easy to pay the rent, for example? Were you a struggling actress in the beginning?

Well, that would have been me in New York. By the time I came to Los Angeles, I had a lot of national commercials under my belt, so I was making a decent living when I first arrived here. The way that I got out to California was in an industrial show for Oldsmobile, and then I thought, ‘Well, I’m just going to check it out while I’m here.’ I stayed with a friend from New York, and it just seemed like this was where I was supposed to be. If you were an innocent blonde girl from the Midwest, if you could act and you really had a deep emotional life, this was your time, because all of the Movies of the Week were about battered wives or alcoholism, so I just came at the right time, and I seemed to be the right person. Then I found Charles who really taught me how to access my instrument easily. I had lunch with a friend of mine that had been in Uta Hagen’s class, he had just signed with the Bret Adams Agency, and he said, ‘Look, I’ll get them to meet with you if you get your commercial agent out here to meet with me.’ So we did, we each got signed, and I was on my way. But for my first job in LA, it was very hard to get onto the lot, and the thing you wanted to do was to meet all the casting directors. So I did what any good Midwestern girl does: I baked cookies. I baked a whole bunch of chocolate chip cookies, wrapped them in these fancy packages, put them in my back seat, I pulled up to the guard, and I said, ‘Hi, I have deliveries.’ And he said, ‘Okay, go on through.’ [Laughs.] And so I was delivering cookies to all the casting directors, and the last office was Reuben Cannon who was the head of casting for Universal, and he went, ‘Oh! Chocolate chip cookies, come on in!’ So I was sitting there, talking to him, telling to him how I just got there from Kansas—and Kansas sounded ever so much better than New York—and he got a call from the set of “Lucas Tanner” [1974, TV series] that the girl playing the part of the waitress was sick. And they were literally almost ready to shoot that scene. What did he want them to do? And he looked at me and said, ‘What size do you wear?’ And I said, ‘What size do you need? I’ll get into it!’ [Laughs.] And I did, and that was my first on-camera TV gig in Los Angeles.

Dee Wallace with Dana Plato in a 1978 McDonald’s Ice Cream Sundaes commercial

The beginning of a wonderful career.

Well, thank you, I think so.

Would it be correct to say that Wes Craven [“The Hills Have Eyes,” 1977] introduced you to the audience and that “10” [1979] was the film that put you on the map?

I don’t know if “10” put me on the map, but it certainly gave me some really good film to expand my career. My very first film was a religious film called “All the King’s Horses” [1977]. Everybody laughed at me when I said that I’d call ten agents to see the film. They said, ‘Well, you’re never gonna get an agent showing them a religious film.’ So I said, ‘If they can’t see my acting ability within the scope of the story, I don’t want them to represent me anyway.’ Out of those ten agents, nine of them offered to represent me. So you just have to know who you are, you have to believe in yourself, have to be open to all the possibilities, and then take risks.

When you did “The Hills Have Eyes” [1977] for Wes Craven, on location and on a small budget, would you consider that the ideal training ground for any actor?

Well, I had done a little bit of TV, and then there was this religious film. But when I had my Acting Studio, I used to tell my students, ‘Acting is acting is acting, whether you’re doing it in my class, or you’re doing it on stage for Steven Spielberg, you are acting, and your technique never changes, unless you don’t allow yourself to be focused and do the work that you need to do.’ So “The Hills Have Eyes” was my first experience in navigating, taking care of myself on the set. We shot most of it in the Mojave desert, it was a very long drive from Los Angeles, but it was just within the mileage according to SAG [Screen Actors Guild], so they didn’t have to put us up or pay for our gas. The third day in, my husband looked at me and said, ‘You can’t do this for another six weeks.’ It was dangerous literally to drive back and forth that early in the morning and late at night after you had done all of these gut-wrenching scenes. So I learned very quickly that sometimes the money isn’t worth the exchange of energy, and you have to do what’s best for yourself. I took a lot of the money from my salary, which wasn’t a lot back then, and I got a little Motel 6, so I could at least conserve my energy and get enough sleep. And as soon as I did that, some of the other actors followed soon, because it was too dangerous. We were all too tired. All the actors stayed in one motorhome, and one night the toilet broke, so we had no toilet. I just spent a lot of time in my car to get quiet and get ready for my scenes. In the end, you start learning what you need to do your work and to be happy. A lot of people don’t understand, like when an actor asks for a motorhome—if you’re shooting for three months, that motorhome is literally where you live. It’s not an ego thing you’re asking for because you need this to do your best work for the film and the director. “The Hills Have Eyes” taught me a lot about getting that in alignment.

Publicity still with Dee Wallace for “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” (1982) | Universal

You just mentioned your Acting Studio and told a bit of your work with your students. How did you work with the children on the set of “E.T.”?

I feel I’m really good with kids. In Kansas, I also had my dance studio and taught four and five-year-olds. So when we did “E.T.” I was always very aware of taking care of them and making them feel safe. I was there to support them to be themselves when they interacted with me while I was also taking care of myself.

Do you remember when and where you read the script of “E.T.” for the first time?

Oh yes. I had to go over to the studio behind locked doors and read it. There was a lot of secrecy around it, and I remember using an old dial phone to call my agent. I said, ‘Look, I really don’t know how much this will do for my career, but I think it will do a lot for the world, and I want to be a part of this film.’

What is your favorite memory or your most profound impression when you think about the film?

“E.T.” is a heart film. It surpasses so many blocks in us. I have so many amazing stories about how that film has changed people’s lives. I had a mother come up to me at a convention where I was signing, and she told me about a miracle in her life. She had a ten-year-old autistic son, and she had never heard him speak a word. She had taken him to the rerelease of “E.T.” On the way home, he started saying every line that E.T. said. She said, ‘Dee, I had to pull over, I just broke into tears. I had never heard my son’s voice.’ That’s miraculous to me, and I hear those stories all the time. There’s something about “E.T.” that reminds our hearts of what’s true, it goes inside us, and it opens up places. “E.T.” reminds us of the truth, it reminds us that we have to open our hearts, we have to be there for our friends, we have to work together, and there is magic in the world. It reminds us of all those good things that we want in our lives. I think that’s why it has become our generation’s “Wizard of Oz” [1939].

The dinner table scene in “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” (1982) with Dee Wallace as the mother, and Henry Thomas as Elliott, Robert MacNaughton as his older brother and Drew Barrymore as his younger sister

A question that you have been asked over a million times by now, what was the magic of being directed by Steven Spielberg?

Well, of course, Mister Spielberg is one of the most—if not the most—quintessential director we have. So it’s like asking, ‘What is it like to be directed by brilliance?’ One of his strong suits as a director, I think, is that he really feels into the way each actor works the best. He works within those confines to get the best performance. You see, I loved working with the kids because I love never knowing what’s coming, I love stuff being thrown at me, I love being in the moment as the character has to adapt to all of that. So I felt really comfortable. Not that he would throw me line readings like he did Drew [Barrymore], but he would go over to the boys and say, ‘Okay, say this line,’ and the close-up was on me, like when he [Henry Thomas] said in the dinner table scene, “He’s in Mexico with Sally.’ I didn’t expect that. It hit me in a very strong, moving way. I love working like that. Many actors don’t like that; they want to know exactly what they have to say, when, and why they are going to say it. The thrill for me is to become the character and let her experience things as she does in the moment that she’s experiencing them.

Filmmaker Steven Spielberg on the set of “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” (1982) | Universal

Does that also mean that you like to improvise?

I like to improvise, but I don’t call an improv improvisation. I like to work with a script; I like to make the words my own and still honor the script. And if something hits me in the moment as a character, some people would call that improvisation. I call that channeling. For example, in “E.T.” at the end of the dinner table scene when he’s in Mexico with Sally, Mary—the character—took such a hard hit about that she started to cry. And Mary, not Dee, sat there and thought, ‘Oh, I don’t want my kids to see me cry. I’m gonna get up.’ So Steven came over and said, ‘Dee, why did you get up? Why did you get up and leave? Why were you crying?’ And I explained to him what had happened to me in that moment. Now that could be called improvisation, and I guess in the strictest definition of the word, it is, but for me, it was a moment that was real and that the character had to honor. And so Steven saw the magic in that moment. He called his crew in, and they built a whole wall with a sink with running water so he could take me over there and bring me back into that extreme close-up where I say, ‘He hates Mexico.’ So yes, it was improvized in the moment, but it happened because of a real moment with characters that were expanded upon. And that’s really the brilliance of all the great directors I’ve ever worked with—having seen a moment and gone, ‘Oh my God, that’s a moment, we have to expand on that.’ Like Blake Edwards in “10” [1979], when we had finished the scene with Dudley Moore at the bar, they were already breaking down cameras and moving everything, and Dudley started playing the piano, while I—Dee—got so moved by his playing. He was such a wonderful pianist, and Blake took one look at me and said, ‘Everybody come back, set everything back up, we’re going to get a close-up of Mary Lewis [Ms. Wallace’s character] listening to him play.’ That’s what I mean: you get the best product in a film or TV show when everybody has the ability and the freedom to have those moments, and then everybody does what they do to expand on these moments. Or the director will have a moment and sees something, and the actor then gets to bring this moment alive. And when everybody works together and is open to everybody else’s moments, that’s when the magic happens. Unfortunately, too many sets now, it’s like ‘Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, we gotta get it,’ and there’s no time for those moments.

You are very passionate about your craft and your work as an actress, aren’t you?

I am. I love to act as long as I can be the professional I am. I am just going to keep acting. There was this actress who played in “Pippin” and I was very fortunate to be one of the last people to see her do the role. She finished the matinee, went back to her room, took a nap, and never woke up. I think that’s what most actors want to do; they just want to do what they love, go to sleep, and do their next gig on the other side. You know, so many people quit living years before they die. The way I look at it is: why not stay vital and happy, and do stuff that you love as long as you can? I love Betty White [b. 1922] for that. She’s a great example to all of us: joyfully doing it until she doesn’t do it anymore.

And how do you work exactly? Do you follow the work, or do you choose the projects that interest you?

These days, if I find a horror script that I love, I probably can get it produced. But seriously, there are many bigger names than mine that will get films made right now. But does my name help to get films made in the horror and sci-fi genre? Absolutely. So I am holding the intention of doing and creating bigger feature films for myself again.

As a member of the audience, I know I will always get a bonus whenever I see your name on a film poster.

Thank you, that is very nice compliment. Everybody knows they are at least going to get a truthful performance when they see my name.

“Cujo” (1983, trailer)

Two years ago, I had an interview with Lewis Teague [director of “Cujo,” 1983]. He spoke very highly of you.

We were very fortunate that Lewis ended up doing “Cujo” because he was so patient, so kind, and so balanced through that whole shoot, and God knows I needed it. It was very tough; that film was the hardest thing I have ever done.

Physically, or emotionally, or both?

Both. Pretty much every scene was me—how do I break down, how much do I break down, where do I break down, screaming and crying. You have to understand I was working with a dog and a six-year-old kid [played by Danny Pintauro]. So if the dog or the kid didn’t work, we had to do it again. And the take where they came together and it worked simultaneously was the take that they were going to print, so I had to be on all the time which is a huge emotional output in a role like that. They treated me for exhaustion for three weeks after that film. It was a tough shoot, but it’s my favorite film. I blew all my adrenals out.

What did you do to recover?

You know, my husband played my lover in “Cujo.” When we came home, he just took very good care of me. I had an amazing doctor that worked on restoring my adrenals, and I just rested for about a month. And then, you know, like any actor, ‘Okay! What’s next? Where are we going from here?’

I once read that Stephen King said that your performance in “Cujo” was his favorite in any of his films or adaptations.

Yes, he’s very generous and kind with that comment.

A number of films you did, like “The Howling” [1981], “E.T.” and “Cujo,” all became classics. Did they also get you on the A list?

Well, I certainly was after “E.T.” and during “Cujo.”

Film directors Joe Dante (“The Howling,” 1981) and Lewis Teague (“Cujo,” 1983) | Film Talk

At that time, did your phone explode with offers from people who all wanted to work with you?

No, not at all, and I really can’t explain it. I don’t know what it was. It’s an enigma of my life that I will never understand. But on the other hand, I have worked consistently as an actress in this business for forty-five years. There are not too many women who can say that, and I’m fortunate that I can do a lot of different modalities and different experiences. I can play a sweet mother in a comedy, then turn around and be a psycho killer in a horror film. There are not many actresses—or actors—that have the opportunity to play all those different sides of their craft. Meryl Streep certainly does. She picks really really interesting characters, Glenn Close also plays very interesting parts, but many leading ladies are often put in a certain category, and they keep them there. And that wouldn’t interest me at all. I would get bored playing the same thing over and over.

That’s also your strength? You can be the girl next door or a scream queen with so many different layers.

In the film that I just finished, my character is the most out-there psycho all over the map character I have ever played, and it was really challenging emotionally.

Considering the huge variety of roles you play, are you an introvert or an extrovert, and is that important when you’re an actor?

Well, I am very much an extrovert [laughs], but not all actors are. I know actors that can’t even sit in front of a camera to do an interview like this, and I’m sure you’ve met them too. And yet, you put the camera on and let them get into a character, and they’re miraculous. So I don’t think there’s any hard-and-fast rule about that. I think it’s just, ‘Can you let out that character that you’ve become when you need to let it out?’

What has your career given you so far, besides fame and fortune?

It has given me purpose, self-definition, self-exploration for sure, and it has given me a way to use all of the trauma from my childhood and turn it into something positive.

Are you critical of your performances?

Since I always get out of the way and let the character do what she has to do, I’m usually really happy when I look at my performances [laughs]. Because, in a way, it is me, and in a way, it is not me. Like in “Cujo,” when I wasn’t supposed to be able to break the glass in the back of the car, they just wanted to see me hit it really hard. But they said, ‘You can’t break the glass, Dee.’ Well, we had rehearsed the whole thing, so we didn’t get locked into anything we couldn’t handle, going into the rest of the scene. But three hits, and I broke the glass. So the side of me that was still present as Dee was going, ‘Oh my God, you broke the glass!’ And the part of me that was Donna thought, ‘Get the kid, get the kid, the dog is coming! Pick him up, get him out of the car! Okay, you haven’t heard ‘Cut!’ So what should I do?’ I mean, that’s what was going on within me between my two worlds. So that’s the best explanation I can give for what happens to me when I play a part.

Did you ever have the opportunity to direct a feature?

No, and I don’t want one. I’ve directed theater, I’ve directed performances when actors have asked me to come in, but I don’t like the politics. All the conversations I hear about compromising the creativity, like ‘We don’t have enough time,’ or ‘We should have this scene, but the studio wants it that way’—it would drive me crazy. I don’t have any room to want to play those politics that are necessary. I understand why they’re necessary, but if I get in the moment of having to compromise the creativity, I would just tell everybody to go shove it, frankly [laughs].

Dee Wallace during her visit to Brussels, 2010 | Film Talk

Can you tell something about your Acting Studio? You’re no longer teaching, are you?

I’m no longer teaching acting because I just don’t have enough time. But during the eighteen years I taught, I had one of the largest studios in LA. I did not teach children—I had a different arm of my studio and another teacher that taught children. I focused them on teaching my technique, teaching them the business, but I also incorporated all my healing work because you can be one of the most talented actors in the world, but if you have a lot of limiting beliefs that make you doubt your self-worth, take you into fear or belief systems that say you can’t get what you want or you don’t deserve to get what you want, it doesn’t matter how talented you are. So we also worked on a lot of those blocks that people had and kept them from getting themselves out there. And actually a lot of people who studied with me ended up going into the healing art. But I also used to tell my students that an actor can heal more people in one day than a doctor in a lifetime, like the movie “E.T.” and like what happened in this story with the little boy. We actors are healers: we give people laughter when they need it, we give them scary things to live through so that they learn to handle their fear, we tell them heartwarming human stories, so they can cry when they have not permitted themselves to cry for years and years. I think we’re involved in human development more than most people in our business realize.

Phone interview
March 23, 2021


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SECRET ADMIRER (1985) DIR David Greenwalt PROD Stephen J. Roth SCR David Greenwalt, Jim Kouf CAM Victor J. Kemper ED Dennis Virkler MUS Jan Hammer CAST C. Thomas Howell, Lori Loughlin, Kelly Preston, Fred Ward, Dee Wallace Stone (Connie Ryan), Leigh Taylor-Young, Cliff De Young

CLUB LIFE (1985) DIR – PROD Norman Thaddeus Vane SCR Norman Thaddeus Vane (story by Norman Thaddeus Vane, Bleu McKenzie) CAM Joel King ED David Kern MUS Jack Conrad CAST Tom Parsekian, Michael Parks, Jamie Barratt, Tony Curtis, Ron Kuhlman, Pat Ast, Bruce Reed, Dee Wallace (Tilly Francesca),

CRITTERS (1986) DIR Stephen Herek PROD Barry Opper, Rupert Harvey SCR Domonic Muir (story by Stephen Herek, Domonic Muir) CAM Tim Surhstedt ED Larry Bock MUS David Newman CAST Dee Wallace Stone (Helen Brown), M. Emmet Walsh, Billy Green Bush, Scott Grimes, Nadine Van der Velde, Don Opper, Terrence Mann, Jeremy Lawrence

SHADOW PLAY (1986) DIR – SCR Susan Shadburne PROD Susan Shadburne, Will Vinton, Dan Biggs CAM Ron Orieux ED Kenji Yamamoto MUS Jon Newton CAST Dee Wallace Stone (Morgan Hannah), Cloris Leachman, Ron Kuhlman, Barry Laws, Delia Salvi, Susan Dixon, Al Strobel, Glen Baggerly

BIALY SMOK, a.k.a. LEGEND OF THE WHITE HORSE and WHITE HORSE, DARK DRAGON (1987) DIR Jerzy Domaradzki, Janusz Morgenstern PROD Andrzej Krakowski, Lloyd Eisenhower II, Alina Szpak SCR Robert C. Fleet (also novel) CAM Rysard Lenczewski ED Krzysztof Osiecki MUS Janusz Stoklosa CAST Christopher Lloyd, Dee Wallace Stone (Alta), Allison Balson, Soon-Tek Oh, Christopher Stone, Kazimierz Kaczor, Charles Kivetle

BUSHFIRE MOON (1987) DIR George Miller PROD Peter Bellby, Robert Le Tet SCR Jeff Peck CAM David Connell ED Tim Wellburn MUS Bruce Rowland CAST Dee Wallace Stone (Elizabeth O’Day), John Waters, Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell, Bill Kerr, Nadine Garner, Grant Piro, Andrew Ferguson, Francis Bell

POPCORN (1991) DIR Mark Herrier PROD Ashok Amritraj, Gary Goch, Torben Johnke SCR Alan Ormsby [Tod Hackett] (story by Mitchell Smith) CAM Ronnie Taylor ED Stan Cole MUS Paul Zaza CAST Jill Schoelen, Tom Villard, Dee Wallace Stone (Suzanne), Derek Rydall, Elliott Hurst, Kelly Jo Minter, Ray Walston, Tony Roberts

ALLIGATOR II: THE MUTATION (1991) DIR Jon Hess PROD Brandon Chase, Cary Glieberman SCR Curt Allen CAM Joseph Mangine ED Christopher Ellis, Marshall Harvey MUS Jack T. Tillar CAST Dee Wallace Stone (Christine Hodges), Richard Lynch, Woody Brown, Holly Gagnier, Bill Daily, Steve Raislback, Brock Peters, Joseph Bologna

ROCK-A-DOODLE (1991, animated) DIR Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, Dan Kuenster PROD Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, John Pomeroy SCR David N. Weiss (story by Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, John Pomeroy, David J. Steinberg, David N. Weiss, T.J. Kuenster) CAM Robert Paynter ED Lisa Dorney, Joe Gall, Fiona Trayler MUS Robert Folk CAST Glenn Campbell, Eddie Deezen, Sandy Duncan, Ellen Greene, Phil Harris, Christopher Plummer, Charles Nelson Reilly, Dee Wallace (Dory [Mother])

RESCUE ME (1992) DIR Arthur Allan Seidelman PROD Richard Alfieri SCR Mike Snyder CAM Hanania Baer ED Bert Glatstein MUS David Waters, Joel Hirschhorn, Al Kasha CAST Michael Dudikoff, Stephen Dorff, Ami Dolenz, Peter DeLuise, William Lucking, Dee Wallace Stone (Sarah Sweeney), Liz Torres, Danny Nucci

LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE (1993) DIR Jeff Kwitny PROD Mitchel Matovich SCR Jonnie Lindsell CAM John V. Fante ED Nancy Frazen MUS Les Baxter CAST Lynda Carter, Martin Kove, Dee Wallace Stone (Jean Markley), Matt McCoy, Stuart Whitman, Margaret Avery, A.J. Langer, Michael Faustino, Julianna McCarthy

MY FAMILY TREASURE (1993) DIR Rolfe Kanefsky, Edward Staroselsky PROD Miki Tatum SCR Howard Wiseman, Miki Tatum (story by Rolfe Kanefsky, Edward Staroselsky, Mikhail Fishgojt) CAM James McCalmont, Ed Hershberger ED Victor Kanefsky MUS Rick Ulfik, Evgeniy Krylatov CAST Dee Wallace Stone (Alex Danieloff), Theodore Bikel, Bitty Schram, Alex Vincent, Melissa Perez, Bill Weber, Vadim Zakharchenko

HUCK AND THE KING OF HEARTS (1994) DIR Michael Keusch PROD Steven Paul, Barry L. Collier SCR Christopher Sturgeon (novel by Mark Twain) CAM Victor Goss ED Jack Tucker MUS Chris Saranec CAST Chauncey Leopardi, Dee Wallace Stone (Darlene), Joe Piscopo, John Astin, Graham Greene, Gretchen Becker, Ed Trotta, Christopher Stone, John Astin, Jack O’Halloran

DISCRETION ASSURED (1994) DIR Odorico Mendes PROD Odorico Mendes, Carole Curb Nemoy SCR Julia Jones (story by Odorico Mendes, Julia Jones) CAM Marcelo Durst ED Marcola Marinnho MUS Laurence Juber, Michael Lloyd CAST Michael York, Jennifer O’Neill, Elizabeth Gracen, Dee Wallace Stone (Kitten), Grainger Hines, Jonas Bloch, Tamara Taxman, John Doo, Dennis Russell

THE SKATEBOARD KID PART II (1994) DIR – PROD Andrew Stevens SCR Karen Kelly CAM Adam Kane ED Tony Mark MUS Claude Gaudette CAST Dee Wallace Stone (Lois Curtis), Bruce Davison, Andrew Stevens, Trenton Knight, Turhan Bey, Andrea Barber, Brooke Stanley, Andrew Keegan, Pablo Irlando

BEST OF THE BEST 3: NO TURNING BACK (1995) DIR Phillip Rhee PROD Phillip Rhee, Peter E. Strauss SCR Deborah Scott, Barry Gray CAM Jerry Watson ED Bert Lovitt MUS Barry Goldberg CAST Phillip Rhee, Christopher McDonald, Gina Gershon, Mark Rolston, Peter Simmons, Anzu Lawson, Dee Wallace Stone (Georgia), Michael Bailey Smith

TEMPTRESS (1995) DIR Lawrence Lanoff PROD Michael Cain SCR Melissa Mitchell CAM Anthony G. Nakonechnyj ED Mark Melnick MUS Michael Stearns CAST Kim Delaney, Chris Sarandon, Corbin Bernsen, Dee Wallace Stone (Allison Mackie), Ben Cross, Jessica Walter, Katrina McNeal, Gregory Wallace

THE PHOENIX AND THE MAGIC CARPET (1995) DIR – PROD Zoran Perisic SCR Florence Fox (book by Edith Nesbit) CAM Derek V. Browne ED Peter Krook MUS Alan Parker CAST Dee Wallace Stone (Mother), Peter Ustinov, Timothy Hegeman, Laura Kamrath, Nick Klein, Nicole Lengenberg, Ewen Bremner, Maya Zakina

COPS N ROBERTS (1995) DIR Peter Crane SCR Peter S. Fischer MUS David Bell CAST Peter Falk, Herb Edelman, Dee Wallace Stone, Priscilla Barnes, Don Calfa, Dwayne Hickman

INVISIBLE MOM (1996) DIR – PROD Fred Olen Ray SCR William C. Martell CAM Gary Graver ED W. Peter Miller MUS Jeffrey Walton CAST Dee Wallace Stone (Laura Griffin), Barry Livingston, Trenton Knight, Giuseppe Andrews, Steve Barkett, Gary Graver, Vanessa Greyshock, Fred Olen Ray

THE FRIGHTENERS (1996) DIR Peter Jackson PROD Peter Jackson, Jamie Selkirk SCR Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh CAM John Blick, Alun Bollinger ED Jamie Selkirk MUS Danny Elfman CAST Michael J. Fox, Trini Alvarado, Peter Dobson, John Astin, Dee Wallace Stone (Patricia Bradley), Jeffrey Combs, Jake Busey, Chi McBride, Peter Jackson

BLACK CIRCLE BOYS (1997) DIR – SCR Matthew Carnahan PROD Raquel Carreras CAM Geary McLeod ED Axel Hubert MUS Richard Ziegler CAST Scott Bairstow, Eric Mabius, Donnie Wahlberg, Dee Wallace Stone (Barbara Sullivan), Tara Subkoff, Chad Lindberg, Heath Lourwood, Bruce Burkhartsmeier

NEVADA (1997) DIR – SCR Gary Tieche PROD Kathryn Arnold CAM Nancy Schreiber ED Rebecca Ross MUS Robert Perry, Dead Can Dance CAST Kirstie Alley, Amy Brenneman, Gabrielle Anwar, Dee Wallace Stone (Ruby), Ben Browder, James Wilder, Keith Anthony Bennett

MUTUAL NEEDS (1997) DIR Robert Angelo PROD Marc Lawrence SCR George Ayvas, Dode B. Levinson CAM Carl Oakwood ED Ivan Ladizinsky MUS Bill Rogers CAST Eric Scott Woods, Tricia Lee Pascoe, Karl Bury, Dee Wallace Stone (Patricia), Christopher Atkins, Rochelle Swanson, Laura Rogers, Sydney Coale, Kimberly Kelley

THE CHRISTMAS PATH (1998) DIR – SCR – CAM Bernard Salzmann PROD Steve Gerbson, Ami Artzi ED Joel Bender MUS Thomas Morse CAST Dee Wallace Stone (Jenny), Vincent Spano, Shia LaBeouf, Marie Caldare, Annie Cerillo, Nicholas Hormann, Allan Rich, Madylin Sweeten

INVISIBLE MOM II (1999) DIR Fred Olen Ray PROD Fred Olen Ray, Ashok Amritraj, Joe D’Angelo, Alison Semenza, Andrew Stevens SCR Sean O’Bannon CAM Jesse Weathington ED Jeffrey Schwarz CAST Dee Wallace Stone (Laura Griffin), Justin Berfield, Trenton Knight, Micky Dolenz, Mary Woronov, Barry Livingston, Kathy Garver, Eric Lawson

PIRATES IN THE PLAIN (1999) DIR – SCR John R. Cherry III PROD John R. Cherry III, Kenneth M. Badish CAM James Robb ED Craig Bassett, Virgilio Da Silva MUS Randy Miller CAST Tim Curry, Seth Adkins, Jeffrey Pillars, Jeffery Buckner Ford, Charles Napier, Dee Wallace Stone (Glenna), Sean Higgs, Danny Keogh, Peter Butler

DEADLY DELUSIONS (1999) DIR – PROD Mitchell Matovich SCR Jonnie Lindsell CAM Bernie Abramson ED Skip Belyea CAST Christopher Atkins, Dee Wallace Stone (Susan Randkin), George A. Bell, Gil Christner, Christina Hempstead, Kristian Hans Horn

ARTIE (2000) DIR – SCR Matt Berman PROD Matt Berman, Tony Costanzo, Jack Serino, Francine Sama CAM Jason Zimmerman ED Lawrence A. Maddox MUS Jamie Dunlap, Scott Nickoley CAST Seth Walker, Kevin P. Farley, Heather McComb, Christine Steel, John Farley, Rance Howard, Royce D. Applegate, Leslie Easterbrook, Dee Wallace Stone (Sara [Bartender])

FLAMINGO DREAMS (2000) DIR Lamar Card PROD J.W. Myers, Jerry Kernion SCR J.W. Myers CAM Irv Goodnoff ED David Campling CAST Terry Kiser, Richard Moll, Dee Wallace Stone (Ariel), Kevin Dean Williams, Jerry Kernion, J.W. Myers, John Borkowski

OUT OF THE BLACK (2001) DIR Karl Kozak PROD Karl Kozak, Victor Lou, Suzanne DeLaurentiis SCR Karl Kozak, Joel Eisenberg CAM Maximo Munzi ED Roger Pergament MUS Larry Groupé CAST Tyler Christopher, Sally Kirkland, Jason Widener, Jack Conley, Dee Wallace Stone (Penny Hart), Jacqueline Pinol, John Capodice, Tom Atkins, Sally Struthers

KILLER INSTINCT (2001) DIR Ken Barbet PROD Emilio Ferrari, Tony DiDio SCR Christopher Stone, Bruce Cameron CAM Richard Asbury ED Emilio Ferrari, Andy Jenkins, Michael Rivas MUS Tim Jones CAST Corbin Bernsen, Dee Wallace Stone (Sarah Fairchild), Paige Moss, Jeanine Meyers, Bridgette Brooks, Andrea Langi, Joakim Alvarez, Scott Roman

A MONTH OF SUNDAYS (2001) DIR Stewart Raffill PROD Suzanne DeLaurentiis SCR Keith Murphy CAM Jacques Haitkin ED Terry Kelley MUS John Campbell CAST Rod Steiger, Sally Kirkland, Michael Paré, Dee Wallace Stone (Sarah McCabe), Al Sapienza, Sally Struthers, Jamie Farr, Corina Marie, Jeffrey Tott

SHE’S NO ANGEL (2002) DIR Rachel Feldman PROD Pierre David, Ken Sanders, Noël A. Zanitsch SCR Rachel Feldman (novel by Cornell Woolrich) CAM Steve Adcock ED Frederick Wardell MUS Richard Bowers, Steve Pierson CAST Tracy Gold, Dee Wallace Stone (Maureen Shawnessy), Kevin Dobson, Cameron Bancroft, Jeff Meek, Terri Hoyos, Michelle Jones, Nathan Anderson

FISH DON’T BLINK (2002) DIR Chuck DeBus PROD Chuck DeBus, Dan Harris, George Stokes SCR Chuck DeBus, Larry Eisenburg (play by Larry Eisenburg) CAM Peter Ney ED Jay Kamen MUS Laura Karpman CAST Lea Thompson, Richard Grieco, Wil Wheaton, Tonie Perensky, Dee Wallace Stone (Dr. Roswell), John Duncan, Donovan Scott, Tim Benedick

SEX AND THE TEENAGE MIND (2002) DIR Donald L. Gold [Don Gold] PROD Donald L. Gold, Steve Ader SCR Donald L. Gold (story by Donald L. Gold, Judd Lawrence) CAM Howard Wexler ED Richard S. Brummer MUS Chris Anderson CAST Jay Michael Ferguson, Allison Lange, Michael Bower, Danica McKellar, Dee Wallace Stone (Francine), Richard Karn, Jordan Belfi, Lindsay Hollister

DEAD CANARIES (2003) DIR Robert Santoli SCR Robert Santoli, Lissa Moira CAM Carlos Rios, Matthew Wachsman ED – MUS Carl Pagano CAST Charles Durning, Dee Wallace Stone (Sharon Scaldafieri), Dan Lauria, Brandon Fox, Joel Higgins, Frank Gio, Raymond Serra, Matthew Cowles, Dan Ziskie

ILLUSION INFINITY (2004) DIR Roger Steinmann PROD Eric Louzil, Markus Imthurn SCR Roger Steinmann (original story by Roger Steinmann; autobiography by Patricia Paradise) CAM Mark Melville, Ruurd M. Fenenga ED Jeff Wood MUS Albritton McClain CAST Dee Wallace Stone (Patricia), Mickey Rooney, Timothy Bottoms, Barbara Carrera, Theresa Saldana, Kristian Hans Horn, Lilyan Chauvin

DEAD END ROAD (2004) DIR – CAM – ED Jeff Burton PROD Jeff Burton, Curtis Hall, Gary Sibley SCR Jeff Burton, Bill Vincent, Erik F. Hill (story by Jeff Burton) MUS John Roome CAST Jason Carter, Anita La Selva, Bill Vincent, Jennifer Lantz, Erik F. Hill, Curtis Hall, David Borowicz, Bonner C. Upshaw III, Dee Wallace Stone (Let. Grace Andrews)

SCAR (2005) DIR Rahil Bhorania PROD Stephen Goetsch SCR Rahil Bhorania, Stephen Goetsch CAM Douglas Benedict ED Rick Toulane MUS Julien Painot, Vincent Gillioz CAST Randy Wayne, Dee Wallace Stone (Isabella), Ashley C. Nelson, Christopher Le Crenn, Joe Estevez, Rochelle Vallese, Tom Wade

BOO (2005) DIR – SCR Anthony C. Ferranta PROD David E. Allen CAM Carl Howarth, Nick Franco ED Chris Conlee MUS Carey James, Alan Howarth CAST Trish Coren, Rachel Harland, Jilon VanOver, Dee Wallace Stone (Nurse Russell), Happy Mahaney, Shirlene Quigley, Algie Hamilton, Dig Wayne, Rosamaria Juarez

HEADSPACE (2005) DIR Andrew van den Houten PROD Andrew van den Houten, William M. Miller SCR William M. Miller, Steve Klausner (story by Troy McCombs) CAM William M. Miller ED Elwaldo Baptiste MUS Ryan Shore CAST Christopher Denham, Sean Young, Larry Fessenden, Daniel Manche, Quinn Lujan, Jennifer Mekalonis, Dee Wallace Stone (Dr. Denise Bell), William Atherton, Andrew van den Houten, Udo Kier

YESTERDAY’S DREAMS (2005) DIR Scott Thomas PROD Sam Baldoni, Mike Erwin, J. Max Kirishima SCR Kevin Foster CAM Mark Eberle ED Wilton Cruz MUS H. Scott Salinas CAST Christie Lynn Smith, Millie Perkins, Dee Wallace Stone (Rita), Zack Norman, Orson Bean, Robert Pine, Richard Tyson, William Windom

THE LOST (2006) DIR Chris Sivertson PROD Chris Sivertson, Shelli Merrill, Mike McKee, Lucky McKee SCR Chris Sivertson (novel by Jack Ketchum) CAM Zoran Popovic MUS Tim Rutili CAST Marc Senter, Ahay Astar, Alex Frost, Megan Henning, Robin Sydney, Ed Lauter, Dee Wallace Stone (Barbara Hanlon)

AMERICAN BLEND (2006) DIR – SCR Varun Khanna PROD Krishna Datla CAM Christopher Gosch MUS Abu Malik, Kevin Saunders Hayes CAST Anupam Kher, Dee Wallace Stone (Jayme), Ranjit Chowdhry, David Oyelowo, Ruben Garfias, Kristin Erickson, Amrapali Ambegaokar

KALAMAZOO? (2006) DIR David O’Malley PROD David O’Malley, Joanna Clare Scott, Dana E. Kowalski SCR Joanna Clare Scott (story by Joanna Clare Scott, Dana E. Kowalski, Isabel Holtreman Baldree) CAM Matt Molitor ED Chris Conlee, Michael Spence MUS Alex Menck, Tom Batoy CAST Mayim Bialik, Josie Davis, Joanna Clare Scott, Claire Bloom, Chita Rivera, Renée Taylor, Dee Wallace Stone (Susan), Joanne Baron, Anne De Salvo

ABOMINABLE (2006) DIR Ryan Schifrin PROD Dana Cockrell, Paul Spadone SCR Ryan Schifrin (story by Ryan Schifrin, James Morrison) CAM Neal Fredericks ED Chris Conlee MUS Lalo Schifrin CAST Matt McCoy, Haley Joel, Jeffrey Combs, Paul Gleason, Rex Linn, Phil Morris, Dee Wallace Stone (Ethel Hoss), Christien Tinsley, Ryan Schifrin

EXPIRATION DATE (2006) DIR Rck Stevenson PROD John Forsen SCR Rick Stevenson, Hamish Gunn CAM Bruce Worrall ED Mark Fulton MUS BC Smith CAST Robert A. Guthrie, Sascha Knopf, Dee Wallace Stone (Lucille Silvercloud), David Keith, Brandon Whitehead, Benjamin Ratner, Ned Romero

THE PLAGUE (2006) DIR Hal Masonberg PROD Clive Barker, Matt Milich, Tim O’Hair, Jorge Saralegui, Martin Wiley SCR Hal Masonberg, Teal Minton CAM Bill Butler ED Ed Marx CAST James Van Der Beek, Ivana Milicevic, Brad Hunt, Joshua Close, John P. Connolly, Dee Wallace (Nora), Brittany Scobie

J-OK’EL (2007) DIR Benjamin Williams PROD Benjamin Williams, Juan Carlos Arizmendi, Paola Madrazo del Río, Andrés Rodríguez Franco SCR Jeremy Svenson, Peter Theis, Andy Whitaker, Alondra Salinas (story by Benjamin Williams) CAM Andrew Waruszewski ED Slater Dixon MUS George Shaw CAST Tom Parker, Dee Wallace (Helen Moret), Ana Patricia Rojo, Jesús Ochoa, Pamela Trueba, Angelique Boyer, Bárbara Guillén

BONE DRY (2007) DIR – ED Brett A. Hart PROD Brett A. Hart, Greg Hughs, John Nolan SCR Brett A. Hart, Jeff O’Brien CAM John Darbonne, Kevin G. Ellis MUS Scott Glasgow CAST Luke Goss, Lance Henriksen, Dee Wallace Stone (Joanne), Tim Lister Jr., Carl Buffington, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Chad Stalcup

HALLOWEEN (2007) DIR Rob Zombie PROD Rob Zombie, Andy Gould, Malek Akkad SCR Rob Zombie (screenplay HALLOWEEN [1978] by John Carpenter, Debra Hill) CAM Phil Parmet ED Glenn Garland MUS Tyler Bates CAST Malcolm McDowell, Sheri Moon Zombie, Tyler Mane, Scout Taylor-Compton, Brad Dourif, Danielle Harris, William Forsythe, Udo Kier, Clint Howard, Danny Trejo, Dee Wallace (Cynthia Strode), Sybil Danning, Micky Dolenz

THE BLUE ROSE (2007) DIR – SCR – ED Joe Knight PROD Declan Joyce CAM Foster V. Corder MUS Chris McLernon, James Waddell CAST Joe Knight, Nancy Weyrauch, Daniel Baldwin, Danny Trejo, Dee Wallace Stone (Mrs. Garrison), Declan Joyce, Debbie Britt

MATCHMAKER MARY (2008) DIR – SCR Tom Whitus PROD Tom Whitus, William F. Connelly CAM Jeffrey McLeid ED George Maranville MUS Andrew Garbe CAST Jeff Fahey, Katherine McNamara, Dee Wallace (Aunt Karen), Jilanne Marie Klaus, Jon Daugharthy, Cynthia Hyer, Dean Vivian, Allison Ciafullo, Susan Garrett

LITTLE RED DEVIL (2008) DIR Tommy Brunswick PROD Tommy Brunswick, Todd Brunswick SCR Robert Foreman CAM Michael Kudreiko ED Todd Brunswick CAST Daniel Baldwin, Dee Wallace (Mother), James Russo, James Arthur Lewis, Khayman Brunswick, John Anton, Ele Bardha

STEM CELL (2009) DIR David DeCoteau PROD Paul Colichman, John Schouweiler, Stephen P. Jarchow SCR Jana K. Arnold, Matthew Jason Walsh CAM Terrance Ryker ED Danny Draven MUS John Dickson, Robert Douglas, Troy Sterling Nies, Rique Pantoja, Mario Pettenati CAST Dee Wallace (Healer), Darcy Flowers, Brian Gross, Jason-Shane Scott, Oliver Rayon, Josh Yeo, Tyson Breech, Austen Dean Jesse

STAY COOL (2009) DIR Michael Polish [Ted Smith] PROD Jonathan Sheldon, Janet DuBois, Ken Johnson SCR Mark Polish CAM M. David Mullen ED Cary Gries MUS Ryan Franks, Scott Nickoley CAST Winona Ryder, Mark Polish, Sean Astin, Hilary Duff, Josh Holloway, Jon Cryer, Chevy Chase, Jessica St. Clair, Dee Wallace (Mrs. McCarthy), Michael Gross

THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL (2009) DIR – SCR – ED Ti West PROD Josh Brown, Larry Fessenden, Roger Kass, Peter Phok CAM Elliot Rockett MUS Jeff Grace CAST Jocelin Donahue, Tom Noonan, Mary Woronov, Greta Gerwig, Aj Bowen, Dee Wallace (Landlady), Heather Robb, Darryl Nau

THE MOTHER OF INVENTION (2009) DIR Joseph M. Petrick, Andrew Bowser [Andy Boswer] PROD Joseph M. Petrick, Andrew Bowser, Gary Coby SCR Joseph M. Petrick CAM David Larkins ED Andrew Bowser MUS Jim Hanft CAST Jimmi Simpson, Kevin Corrigan, Mark Boone Jr., Dee Wallace (Nancy Dooly), Andrew Bowser, Rudy Wendell, Craig Anton, Chris Hardwick

THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO (2009, animated) DIR Rob Zombie PROD Andy Gould, Tom Klein SCR Tom Papa (story by Rob Zombie) ED Bret Marnell MUS Tyler Bates CAST (voice) Rosario Dawson, Paul Gimatti, Sheri Moon Zombie, Brian Posehn, Dee Wallace (Trixie), Geoffrey Lewis, Clint Howard, Danny Trejo, Tom Papa, Laraine Newman

DARK FIELDS, a.k.a. THE RAIN and THE RAIN CHRONICLES (2009) DIR Douglas Schulze PROD – SCR Douglas Schulze, Kurt Eli Mayry CAM Lon Stratton ED Cheryl Marie Freeman MUS David Bateman CAST David Carradine, Dee Wallace Stone (Jean Applebe), Richard Lynch, Ellen Sandweiss, Christopher Bondy, Jeff Beorger, Sasha Higgins, Jimmy Doom

BABYSITTERS BEWARE, a.k.a. THE NO SIT LIST (2009) DIR – SCR Douglas Horn PROD Joe Lorenzo CAM Milton Santiago ED Tony Randel MUS Nathan Lanier CAST Trenton Rogers, Rico Rodriguez, Brittany Finamore, Kate Orsini, Taylor Negron, Dee Wallace (Mrs. Greene), Danny Trejo, Chris Cleveland, Mercedes Colon, Gabrielle Nicole Carbatal

THE STALKER WITHIN (2009) DIR – PROD – SCR Arlene J.M. Grant CAST Dee Wallace (Barbara), Gerald Webb, Katie Swain, Sabrina Le Beauf, Johnny Alsonso, Karin Kelts, Sybil Martinez, Aaron Mendelson, Roger Payano

HAPPY IN THE VALLEY (2009) DIR – SCR Lee Madsen PROD Kirsten Wagner, Trever Wyatt Hopper CAM Ben Kufrin ED Dean Lernes MUS Tim Degraye, Trever Wyatt Hopper CAST William Forsythe, Shaun Sipos, Zoë Hall, Dee Wallace (Gloria), Ursula Brooks, Josh Marchette, Lew Temple, Tiffany Shepis, Nina Millin

EXTRAORDINARY MEASURES (2010) DIR Tom Vaughan PROD Michael Shamberg, Carla Santos Shamberg, Stacey Sher SCR Robert Nelson Jacobs (nook by Geeta Anand) CAM Andrew Dunn ED Anne V. Coates MUS Andrea Guerra CAST Brendan Fraser, Harrison Ford, Keri Russell, Meredith Droeger, Diego Velazquez, Sam M. Hall, Jared Harris, Dee Wallace (Sal)

CAGE FREE (2010) DIR – SCR – ED Keith Holland PROD Ron Lavery, Naohisha Nakada CAM Keith Holland, Aton Sanz-Katz MUS Jason Solowsky CAST Dee Wallace (Mrs. Maclean), Mayasaki Imai, Robert Miano, Tom Hallick, Cameron Van Hoy, Gia Bay, Eastwood, Vida Harlow

RAVEN (2010) DIR Gregori J. Martin PROD Gregori J. Martin, Meadow Williams SCR Aaron Pope (also story) CAM Matthias Schubert ED T.J. Applestance MUS Nima Fakhrara CAST Meadow Williams, Roland Kickinger, Steven Bauer, Rudolf Martin, Weston Cage Coppola, Dee Wallace (LuAnne), Courtney Gains

BEDROOMS (2010) DIR Youssef Delara, Victor Teran, Michael D. Olmos PROD Youssef Delara, Amir Delara, Victor Teran SCR Youssef Delara, Victor Teran, Wynne Renz, Rebecca Woolf CAM Ben Kufrin ED Youssef Delara, Eric R. Brodeur MUS The Angel CAST Jordan Belfi, Julie Benz, Xander Berkely, Moon Bloodgood, Barry Bostwick, Sarah Clarke, Jesse Garcia, Dee Wallace (Marnie)

POUND OF FLESH (2010) DIR – SCR Tamar Simon Hoffs PROD Tamar Simon Hoffs, B.J. Ford, Alfred Sapse CAM Peter N. Green ED Charlie Stickney MUS Seth Podowitz CAST Malcolm McDowell, Angus Macfayden, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Timothy Bottoms, Dee Wallace (Dean Jean Clark), Ashley Wren Collins, Whitney Able

SOUPERNATURAL (2010) DIR Christopher Noice PROD Christopher Noice, Julie Matthews SCR Julie Matthews MUS Danny Powers CAST Dee Wallace (Mrs. Conners), Lou Ferringo, Pamela Sue Martin, Butch Patrick, Paul Petersen, Kathy Garver, Ronnie Schell, Kristin Richardson, Mark Goddard

BEAUTYSLEEP SYMPHONY (2010) DIR – SCR Carl Darchulk PROD Carl Darchulk, Mary Lewallen CAM Joe Passarelli ED Michael Darrow MUS Ken Strange CAST Dee Wallace (Spifire), James Hyde, Marlene Ahiquist, Kurtis Bedford, Adam Arnali, Lynn Ayala, Vikki Gurdas

BAD ACTRESS (2011) DIR Robert Lee King PROD Lisa Schahet Schuster SCR David Michael Barrett CAM Andrew Huebscher ED Matthew Cassel MUS Frederik Wiedman CAST Beth Broderick, Chris Mulkey, Whitney Able, Ryan Hansen, Vincent Ventresca, Andrew Levitas, Nathan Lee Graham, Dee Wallace (Dee Wallace)

KILLING RUTH: THE SNUFF DIALOGUES (2011) DIR – PROD – SCR – CAM – ED Nicholas Kinsey MUS Ralf Cassidy Bindels CAST Irena Huljak, Dee Wallace (Mrs. Connors), Kevin Jackson, Patrizio Sanzari, TJ Chelsea, Scott Hilton, Sebastian MacLean, Scott Hilton, Constantine Kourtidis, Paul Burke, Christian Bako

EXODUS FALL (2011) DIR Chad Waterhouse, Ankush Kohli PROD Ankush Kohli SCR Chad Waterhouse CAM Denis Maloney ED Ankush Kohli, Mitchell Stanley MUS Boris Zelkin CAST Rosanna Arquette, Jesse James, Devon Graye, Dee Wallace (Shirley Minor), Christopher Atkins, Duane Whitaker, Devon Graye

WALK A MILE IN MY PRADAS (2011) DIR Joey Sylvester PROD Joey Sylvester, Tom Archdeacon SCR Tom Archdeacon, Rick Karatas CAM Aaron Moorhead ED Jeffrey Reid MUS Andrew Markus CAST Nathaniel Marston, Tom Archdeacon, Tom Arnold, Mike Starr, Dee Wallace (Mary), Kirsten Lea, Rick Karatas, Emrhys Cooper, Lindsay Hollister

EXIT HUMANITY (2011) DIR – SCR – ED John Geddes PROD John Geddes, Jesse Thomas Cook, Matt Wiele CAM Brendan Uegama MUS Jeff Graville, Ben Nudds, Nate Kreiswith CAST Mark Gibson, Dee Wallace (Eve), Bill Moseley, Stephen McHattie, Jordan Hayes, Adam Seybold, Ari Millen, Jason David Brown, Brian Cox

SAM STEELE AND THE CRYSTAL CHALICE (2011) DIR – SCR Tom Whitus PROD George Maranville, Judee Sauget CAM Jeffrey McLeid ED Scott Irick MUS Kinny Landrum CAST Kevin Sorbo, Dee Wallace (Ms. Jenkins), Jacob Hays, Katherine McNamara, Kevin Sorbo, Milk Scriba, Gene Wolande, Jeff Chase

SEBASTIAN (2011) DIR – PROD Gregori J. Martin SCR Russell Urquhart CAM Matthias Schubert ED T.J. Applestance CAST Daeg Faerch, Meadow Williams, Betsy Rue, Greg Vaughan, Dee Wallace (Barbara Sample), Meg Foster, Brody Hutzler, Joe Estevez

COLLISION COURSE (2012) DIR Fred Olen Ray PROD Fred Olen Ray, Kimberly A. Ray SCR Fred Olen Ray, Jason Bourque CAM Theo Angeli ED Randy Carter MUS Sandro Morales Santoro CAST Tia Carrere, David Chokachi, Dee Wallace (Polly), Meghan McLeod, Tim Abell, Janis Valdez, Dylan Vox, Marc Barnes

MARGARINE WARS (2012) DIR David Rich PROD Lee Rudnicki, Michael R. Cannata, Tamara McDaniel, Rusty Case SCR David Rich, Joe Holt, Scott Walker CAM Bryan Papierski ED Tom Phillips MUS James Peterson CAST Doris Roberts, Robert Loggia, Dee Wallace (Madge Havershank), Ellen Muth, Michael Spellman, Ron G., Terry Moore, Grant Cramer

FUZZ TRACK CITY (2012) DIR – SCR Steve Hicks PROD Steve Hicks, Marcus Wagner, Megan Zakarian-Adell CAM Johnny Derango MUS Adam Blau CAST Todd Robert Anderson, Dee Wallace (Dawn Lockwood), Tarina Pouncy, Abby Miller, Matthew Ashford, Kelly Van Kirk, Sean Wing, Josh Wingate

THE BOARDER (2012) DIR Jolene Adams PROD Andres Barahona SCR Jane Elizabeth Ryan CAM Carmen Cabana ED Dirk Meenen MUS Roy Bemelmans CAST Andy Scott Harris, Leslie Stevens, Carlton Wilborn, Dee Wallace (Elizabeth), Patrick J. Nicolas, McKenzie Clayton, Eric St. John, Gerald Castillo

THE LORDS OF SALEM (2012) DIR – SCR Rob Zombie PROD Rob Zombie, Jason Blum, Andy Gould, Oren Peli CAM Brandon Trost ED Glenn Garland MUS Griffin Boice, John 5 CAST Sheri Moon Zombie, Bruce Davison, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Ken Foree, Patricia Quinn, Dee Wallace (Sonny), Meg Foster, Judy Geeson

AS HIGH AS THE SKY (2012) DIR – SCR Nikki Braendlin PROD Lena Bubenechik CAM Tarin Anderson ED Laura Fisk MUS Kristen Baum CAST Caroline Fogarty, Bonnie McNeill, Laurel Porter, Dee Wallace (Aunt Deborah [voice only]), Lalnee Gram, Roma Maffia

ALIENS FROM URANUS, originally titled BEYOND (2012) DIR Rob Walker PROD Tamara McDaniel, Rusty Case SCR Ron Walker, Tamara McDaniel, Rusty Case, James Arnett, Jim Schwartz, Rory Reamer CAM Quentin Day ED James Arnett MUS Robert A. Wolf CAST Dee Wallace (Olga), Grant Cramer, John Clark Gable, Michael Placencia, Gabrielle Stone, Mark Vasconcellos, Celeste Fianna

HANSEL & GRETEL (2013) DIR Anthony C. Ferrante PROD David Michael Latt SCR Jose Prendes (fairy tale by Wilhelm Grimm, Jacob Grimm) CAM Ben Demaree ED Chris Conlee MUS Alan Howarth CAST Dee Wallace (Lilith), Stephanie Greco, Brent Lydic, Jasper Cole, Sara Fletcher, M. Steven Felty, Clark Perry, Frank Glarmona

GRAND PIANO (2013) DIR Eugenio Mira PROD Rodrigo Cortés, Adrián Guerra SCR Damien Chazelle CAM Unax Mendia ED Rodrigo Cortés, José Luis Romeu MUS Victor Reyes CAST Elijah Wood, John Cusack, Kerry Nishé, Tamsln Egerton, Allen Leech, Don McManus, Alex Winter, Dee Wallace (A&V Interviewer)

MY STEPMOTHER IS A VAMPIRE?!? (2013) DIR David DeCoteau [Mary Crawford] PROD David DeCoteau [Kathy Logan], Marco Colombo SCR Rolfe Kanefsky CAM David DeCoteau [Marc Denne] ED Danny Draven [Judy Drago] MUS Harry Manfredini CAST Jud Birza, Shea Landers, Tracy Nelson, William McNamara, Lynn Lowry, Donna Wilkes, Seth Allyn Austin, Dee Wallace (Tabitha the Cat [voice only])

BONNIE & CLYDE: JUSTIFIED (2013) DIR – PROD – CAM David DeCoteau SCR Rolfe Kanefsky ED Danny Craven [Jusy Drago] MUS Harry Manfredini CAST Eric Roberts, Ashley Hayes, Jim Poole, Stephanie Shemanski, Hagan Mills, Ross Wyngaarden, Jean Louise O’Sullivan, Brad Slaughter, Dee Wallace (Emma)

THE JAZZ FUNERAL (2014) DIR – SCR Jesse Rosen PROD Laurence Ducceschi, Cindy Murphy [Cindy Peters] CAM Aaron Torres ED Rob Schulbaum MUS Kyle Newmaster CAST James Morrison, Boby Campo, Maiara Walsh, Dee Wallace (Maggie), Helen Eigenberg, René Le Vant, Gabrielle Stone

APPARITIONAL (2014) DIR – SCR – ED – MUS Andrew P. Jones PROD Andrew W. Meyer, Barney Burman CAM Warren Yeager CAST Jeffrey Johnson, Linara Washington, Charley Koontz, John Zderko, Bill Lithgow, Dee Wallace (Mrs. Simon), Peter Mayer

CRY OF THE BUTTERFLY (2014) DIR – PROD – SCR Mihailo Stanich CAM Sasha Rendulic MUS Zeijko Marasovich CAST Nina Serbedzija, John Savage, Rade Serbedzija, Dee Wallace (Rebecca), Missy Crider, Emilio Rivera, Phil Morris, David ‘Dutch’ Schultz, Tim Colceri, Shannon McLemore

EJECTA (2014) DIR – ED Chad Archibald, Matt Wiele PROD Chad Archibald, Matt Wiele, Cody Calahan, Jesse Thomas Cook, John Geddes SCR Tony Burges CAM Cody Calahan, Devin Lund MUS Steph Copeland CAST Julian Richings, Lisa Houle, Adam Seybold, Mark Gibson, Justin Darmanin, Ry Barrett, Ari Millen, Cat Hostick, Dee Wallace (Ashley Xinnington-Ball [uncredited]),

2 BEDROOM 1 BATH (2014) DIR – SCR Stanley Yung PROD Al Bravo, Dino Dos Santos CAM Carmen Cabana MUS Richard John Baker CAST Marcela Macias, Michele Hicks, Dee Wallace (Rose), Ivan Shaw, Jody Jaress, Costas Mandylor, Heather Williams, Eric Roberts, Shelby Young

LOVE & MERCY (2014) DIR Bill Pohlad PROD Bill Pohlad, Claire Rudnick Polstein, John Wells SCR Oren Moverman, Michael A. Lerner (based on the life of Brian Wilson) CAM Robert D. Yeoman ED Dino Jonsäter MUS Atticus Ross CAST John Cusack, Paul Dano, Elizabeth Banks, Paul Giamatti, Jake Abel, Kenny Wormald, Brett Davern, Graham Rogers, Erin Darke, Dee Wallace (Rosemary [uncredited])

ZOMBIE KILLERS: ELEPHANT’S GRAVEYARD (2015) DIR B. Harrison Smith PROD B. Harrison Smith, David J. Bonner, Brian Gallagher, Jonathan Ilchert, Connie Roberts SCR B. Harrison Smith (original story by B. Harrison Smith, David Agnew Penn) CAM Charlie Anderson ED Joe Raffa MUS John Avarese CAST Billy Zane, Dee Wallace (Sharon Sommers), Mischa Barton, Felissa Rose, Gabrielle Stone, Michael Kean, Joe Raffa, Ashley Sumner, Kyle Patrick Brennan

RED CHRISTMAS (2016) DIR – SCR Craig Anderson PROD Dee Wallace, Craig Anderson, Bryan Moses, Belinda King CAM Douglas James Burgdorff MUS Helen Grimley CAST Dee Wallace (Diane), Geoff Morrell, Sarah Bishop, David Collins, Atlas Adams, Bjorn Stewart, Gerard O’Dwyer, Sam Campbell, Janis McGavin

ALL HALLOWS’ EVE (2016) DIR Charlie Vaughn PROD Jake Helgren, Elizabeth Snoderly, Ralph McCloud SCR Brandon Alexander III, Jake Helgren (story by Brandon Alexander III, Elizabeth Snoderly) CAM Olivia Kuan ED Corey Ziemniak MUS Tom Jemmott CAST Lexi Giovagnoli, Ashley Argota, John DeLuca, Diane Salinger, Martin Klebba, Tracey Gold, Dee Wallace (Haidy Hallow)

THE FUZZ (2017) DIR – SCR Steve Hicks PROD Steve Hicks, Maile Baird-Hicks, Megan Zakarian-Adell CAM Johnny Derango ED Marcus Wagner MUS Adam Blau CAST Josh Adell, Todd Robert Anderson, Matthew Ashford, Dan Davies, Dave Florek, Adina Galupa, Steve Hicks, Jeremy Luke, Dee Wallace (Dawn Lockwood), Gabrielle Stone

DEATH HOUSE (2017) DIR B. Harrison Smith PROD Steven Chase, Rick Finkelstein SCR B. Harrison Smith (original story by Gunnar Hansen) CAM Matt Klammer ED Colin Smith MUS John Avarese CAST Bill Moseley, Tony Todd, Nicole Cinaglia, Adrienne Barbeau, Cortney Palm, Kane Hodder, Kenny Ray Powell, Debbie Rochon, Gunnar Hansen, Dee Wallace (Dr. Eileen Fletcher)

AYLA (2017) DIR – SCR – ED Elias PROD Elias, Jeremy Berg, Sean Patrick Burge, John Portanova, Matt Medisch CAM Jeremy Berg MUS Chad Bernhard CAST Nicholas Wilder, Tristan Risk, Dee Wallace (Susan), Sarah Schoofs, D’Angelo Midili, Bill Oberst Jr., Andrew Sensenig

THIS OLD MACHINE (2017) DIR – SCR – CAM Brad Garris PROD Brad Garris, Charles Bodenheimer MUS Matt Jantzen CAST Lance Henriksen, Dee Wallace (Irene), Justin Geer, Kevin Sorbo, Sylvia Jeffries, Ted Huckabee, Clair Danielle Canterbury, Joshua Haire

CLOSURE (2018) DIR – SCR Alex Golberg PROD Ashley Cradeur, Beau J. Genot, Adam Weinstock CAM Senda Bonnet ED Jeff Cummings MUS Jamie Christopherson CAST Catia Ojeda, Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Mileva Govich, John Sloane, Tom Choi, Marcelo Tubert, Dee Wallace (The Superior), Joe Coots

OUIJA HOUSE (2018) DIR Ben Demaree PROD Jeff Miller SCR Jeff Miller, Justin Hawkins (story by Jeff Miller) CAM – ED Ben Demaree MUS Jonathan Price CAST Tara Reid, Mischa Barton, Carly Schroeder, Dee Wallace (Katherine Fields), Chris Mulkey, Mark Grossman, Grace Demarco, Derrick A. King

BEYOND THE SKY (2018) DIR Fulvio Sestito PROD Shawn Wallace, Rebecca Berrih, Evan Cholfin, Martine Melloul SCR Rob Warren Thomas, Marc Porterfield (story by Fulvio Sestito, Rob Warren Thomas, Rebecca Berrih) CAM Chris Saul ED Zach Scott MUS Don Davis CAST Ryan Carnes, Jordan Hinson, Peter Stormare, Dee Wallace (Lucille), Claude Duamel, Martin Sensmeier, Don Stark

JINGLE BELLE (2018) DIR Peter Sullivan PROD Peter Sullivan, Brian Nolan CAM Eitan Almagor ED Randy Carter MUS Matthew Janszen CAST Tatyana Ali, Cornelius Smith Jr., Loretta Devine, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Tempestt Bledsoe, Dee Wallace (Shelby), Valerie Pettiford

EVERY OTHER HOLIDAY (2018) DIR Blair Hayes PROD Stacia Crawford, George Flanigan, Marybeth Sprows, Kristofer McNeeley SCR Andrea Gyerston Nasfell CAM Kristoffer Carrillo ED Kat Spiess MUS Tyler Michael Smith CAST Schuyler Fisk, David Clayton Rogers, Dee Wallace (Mimi), Glenn Morshower, Abby James Witherspoon, Skylar Olivia Flanagan, Jimmy Wayne

SUNRISE IN HEAVEN (2019) DIR Waymon Boone PROD Jack Nasser, Jacob Nasser, Joseph Nasser, Dureyshevar, Nat Mundel SCR Dan Benamor (novel by Jan Hurst) CAM Patrice Lucien Cochet ED Sean Cain MUS Kent Rock CAST Corbin Bernsen, Caylee Cowan, Erin Bethea, Jenn Gotzon Chandler, Dee Wallace (Marion), Bonnie Burroughs, Alex Morris, Joseph Nasser

DOLLS (2019) DIR Cuyle Carvin PROD Jeff Miller, Robert Michael Ryan SCR Justin Hawkins, Josh Hawkins (story by Jeff Miller, Justin Hawkins) CAM Ben Demaree ED Korey Rowe MUS Holly Amber Church CAST Tom Downey, Trinity Simpson, Dee Wallace (Margaret), Bret Green, Elise Muller, Melinda DeKay, Robert R. Ryel, Cuyle Carvin

RENOVATION OF THE HEART (2019) DIR – SCR Sandra L. Martin PROD Michael Lopez CAM Isaac Algoni ED Caleb Vetter MUS Derek Baird CAST Sean Wing, Louise Dylan, Dee Wallace (Diane Dover), Gary Neal Johnson, Jessi Burkette, Nick Pickrell

3 FROM HELL (2019) DIR Rob Zombie PROD Rob Zombie, Tony Ciulla, Mike Elliott SCR Rob Zombie (characters created by Rob Zombie) CAM David Daniel ED Glenn Garland MUS Zeuss CAST Sheri Moon Zombie, Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Richard Brake, Kevin Jackson, Tracey Leigh, Sylvia Jefferies, Emilio Rivera, Richard Edson, Dee Wallace (Greta)

FOREVER LOVE (2020) DIR Waymon Boone PROD Jacob Nasser, Joseph Nasser ED Sean Cain MUS Kent Rock CAST Corbin Benson, Travis Burns, Caylee Cowan, Jake Jacobson, Dee Wallace

AWAIT THE DAWN (2020) DIR – SCR – ED – MUS Pablo Macho Maysonet IV PROD Pablo Macho Maysonet IV, Joe Gawalis CAM Gerry Lively CAST Caitlyn Fletcher, Gregg Christie, Dee Wallace (Annie), Courtney Gains, Gabrielle Stone, Jonathan Stoddard, Hannah Strasser, Bruce Davison

THE BEWAILING (2021) DIR James Suttles PROD James Suttles, Matthew R. Zboyovski SCR Jennifer Trudrung CAM Greg Hudgins ED Aaron Putnam MUS Neil Lee Griffin CAST Dee Wallace (Marissa), Sarah Navratil, Kevin Patrick Murphy, Drez Ryan, Blaque Fowler, Penny Munroe, Anna Lynn Holleman

BITZ (2021) DIR – SCR Edward Payson PROD Steven Jared Mangurten, Tommy Kijas, Stephen Wu CAM Steven Jared Mangurten ED Gene Shaw, Mike Bisson MUS Louis Emmi CAST Dominique Swain, Kirsta Allen, Dee Wallace (Fallen One), James Duval, Bill Oberst Jr., Najarra Townsend, James Rolfe


YOUNG LOVE, FIRST LOVE (1979) DIR Steven Hillard Stern PROD Robert L. Jacks TELEPLAY Dan Polier Jr. (story by Norma Klein) CAM Howard Schwartz ED Kurt Hirschler MUS Artie Kane CAST Valerie Bertinelli, Timothy Hutton, Arlen Dean Snyder, Fionella Flanagan, Grant Wilson, Dee Wallace Stone (Leslie),

THE SECRET WAR OF JACKIE’S GIRLS (1980) DIR Gordon Hessler PROD Dorothy J. Bailey TELEPLAY Theodore Jonas, D. Guthrie (story by Theodore Jonas; idea by Jean Ross Kondek, Ann Donahue [Mary Ann Donahue]) CAM William Cronjager ED Larry Lester, Beryl Gelfond, Michael S. Murphy, Larry Strong, Jean-Mac Vasseur MUS Fred Karlin CAST Lee Purcell, Ann Dusenberry, Tracy Brooks Swope, Dee Wallace (Maxine), Caroline Smith, John Reilly, Sheila MacRae, Ben Murphy

A WHALE FOR THE KILLING (1981) DIR Richard T. Heffron PROD Peter Strauss, Robert Lovenheim TELEPLAY Lionel Chetwynd (book by Farley Mowat) CAM Edmond L. Koons ED Michael Eliot, Robert Florio MUS Basil Poledouris CAST Peter Strauss, Dee Wallace Stone (Janet Landon), Kathryn Walker, Bruce McGill, Ken James, David Ferry, Richard Widmark

THE FIVE OF ME (1981) DIR Paul Wendkos PROD Jack Farren TELEPLAY Lawrence B. Marcus (book by Henry Hawksworth, Ted Schwartz) CAM Jack Woolf ED Dann Cahn MUS Fred Karlin CAST David Birney, Dee Wallace (Ann), Mitchell Ryan, John McLiam, James Whitmore Jr., Ben Piazza, Judith Chapman, Robert L. Gibson

CHILD BRIDE OF SHORT CREEK (1981) DIR Robert Michael Lewis PROD Lawrence Schiller, Paul Monash TELEPLAY Joyce Eliason (story by Michael Fessler Jr.) CAM Gary Graver ED John J. Dumas, Michael Economou MUS John Cacavas CAST Christopher Atkins, Diane Lane, Conrad Bain, Kiel Martin, Helen Hunt, Warren Vanders, Joan Shawlee, Dee Wallace (Mary Jacobs), Babetta Dick

I TAKE THESE MEN (1983) DIR Larry Peerce PROD Lillian Gallo TELEPLAY Richard Baer CAM Michael D. Margulies ED Bob Wyman MUS Earle Hagen CAST Susan Saint James, John Rubinstein, James Murtaugh, Adam West, Dee Wallace (Elaine Zakarian), Brian Dennehy, Steve Garvey

WAIT TILL YOUR MOTHER GETS HOME! (1983) DIR Bill Persky PROD Albert J. Salzer TELEPLAY Bill Persky, David Eyre CAM Frank Stanley ED Gerald Shepard MUS Ken Harrison CAST Paul Michael Glaser, Dee Wallace (Pat Peters), Peggy McCay, David Doyle, Ray Buktenica, Lynne Moody, Rita Taggart, James Gregory

HAPPY (1983) DIR Lee Philips PROD Marco Turk TELEPLAY Larry B. Williams, I.C. Rapoport CAM Matthew F. Leonetti ED Michael Brown MUS Billy Goldenberg CAST Dom DeLuise, Dee Wallace (Marilyn), Henry Silva, Jack Gilford, Tony Burton, Bill Morey, Carol Locatell, David DeLuise

THE SKY’S NO LIMIT (1984) DIR – PROD David Lowell Rich TELEPLAY Renee Longstreet, Harry Longstreet CAM Mike Fash ED David Finfer MUS Maurice Jarre CAST Dee Wallace Stone (Dr. Maureen Harris), Sharon Gless, Anne Archer, David Aykroyd, Barnard Hughes, Paul Menzel, Gary Moody, Alex Harvey, Josef Rainer

HOSTAGE FLIGHT (1985) DIR Steven Hilliard Stern PROD James Hay TELEPLAY Stephen Zito, Felix Culver (stroy by Howard W. Koch, Harry Essex) CAM King Baggot ED Millie Moore, Ann E. Mills MUS Fred Karlin CAST Ned Beatty, Dee Wallace Stone (Laura Kendrick), Jack Gilford, Ina Balin, Barbara Bosson, John Karlen

SIN OF INNOCENCE (1986) DIR Arthur Allan Seidelman TELEPLAY Jerry McNeely (story by Jerry McNeely, H. Shireson, Wally Dalton) CAM Robert C. Jessup ED Tom Benko MUS Georges Delerue CAST Bill Bixby, Dee Wallace Stone (Vicki), Megan Follows, Dermot Mulroney, James Naughton, Loren Peele, Darlene Wheatley

STRANGER ON MY LAND (1988) DIR Larry Elikann PROD Michael Barnathan TELEPLAY Edward Hume, I.C. Rapoport (story by Edward Hume) CAM Laszlo George ED Peter V. White MUS Ron Ramin CAST Tommy Lee Jones, Dee Wallace Stone (Annie Whitman), Terry O’Quinn, Pat Hingle, Barry Corbin, Richard Anderson, Ned Romero, Natalie Gregory

ADDICTED TO HIS LOVE (1988) DIR Arthur Allan Seidelman PROD Danielle Alexandra TELEPLAY Ronni Simon CAM Dennis Dalzell ED Robert F. Shugrue MUS Richard Bellis CAST Barry Bostwick, Dee Wallace Stone (Betty Ann Brennan), Coleen Camp, Linda Purl, Hector Elizondo, Polly Bergen, Rosemary Forsyth

I’M DANGEROUS TONIGHT (1990) DIR Tobe Hooper PROD – TELEPLAY Bruce Lansbury, Philip John Taylor (story by Cornell Woolrich) CAM Levie Isaacks ED Carl Kress MUS Nicholas Pike CAST Anthony Perkins, Dee Wallace-Stone (Wanda Thatcher), Madchen Amick, Corey Parker, Daisy Hall, R. Lee Ermey, Natalie Schafer, Jason Brooks

PROPHET OF EVIL: THE ERVIL LEBARON STORY (1993) DIR Jud Taylor PROD – TELEPLAY Fred Mills CAM Robert Draper ED Corky Ehliers MUS Craig Safan CAST Brian Dennehy, William Devane, Tracey Needham, Dee Wallace Stone (Jackie Fields), Nancy Cooksey, Brian Reddy, Michael Watson, Jackie Earle Haley

WITNESS TO THE EXECUTION (1994) DIR Tommy Lee Wallace TELEPLAY Thomas Baum (story by Thomas Baum, Keith Pierce, Priscilla Prestwidge) CAM Richard Leiterman ED Patrick Kennedy MUS Mark Snow CAST Sean Young, Len Cariou, George Newbern, Dee Wallace Stone (Emily Dawson), Alan Fudge, Brian Markinson, Marina Palmier

SEARCH AND RESCUE (1994) DIR Paul Krasny PROD Shane Conrad TELEPLAY Frank Cardea, George Schenck CAM James W. Roberson ED Mark S. Westmore MUS Robert Folk CAST Robert Conrad, Dee Wallace Stone (Morgan), Chad McQueen, LaVelda Fann, Will Shriner, Ramón Franco

MOMENT OF TRUTH: CRADLE OF CONSPIRACY (1994) DIR Gabrielle Beaumont PROD Ooty Moorehead TELEPLAY Jayne Martin CAM Robert E. Collins ED Mervin B. Dayan MUS Mark Snow CAST Dee Wallace Stone (Suzanne Guthrie), Danica McKellar, Kurt Deutsch, Carmen Argenziano, Geoffrey Thorne, Merle Kennedy

VANISHING SON IV (1994) DIR John Nicolella PROD Oscar L. Costo TELEPLAY Robert Eisele CAM Buzz Feitshans IV ED Peter Armundson MUS David Bergeaud CAST Russell Wong, Chi Muoi Lo, Mark Valley, Matthew Lillard, Dee Wallace Stone (Megan), Kay Tong Lim

THE ROAD HOME (1995) DIR Dean Hamilton PROD Dean Hamilton, Donald Borza II, Randolf Turrow, Jim Townsend, James Shavick, Lance H. Robbins TELEPLAY Keith O’Leary CAM Bruce Worrall ED Frank Faugno CAST Charles Martin Smith, Kris Kristofferson, Danny Aiello, Dee Wallace Stone (Lucille Bastian), Mickey Rooney, John Novak

SUBLIMINAL SEDUCTION (1996) DIR – PROD Andrew Stevens TELEPLAY Karen Kelly CAM Gary Graver ED Peter Basinski MUS Terry Plumeri CAST Ian Ziering, Katherine Kelly Lang, Dee Wallace Stone (Sissy Bonner), Andrew Stevens, Kim Morgan Greene, Stella Stevens

LOVE’S DEADLY TRIANGLE, a.k.a. SWEARING ALLEGIANCE (1997) DIR Richard A. Colla PROD John Perrin Flynn TELEPLAY Steve Johnson (article by Skip Hollandsworth) CAM James L. Carter ED John A. Martinelli MUS Dennis McCarthy CAST Holly Marie Combs, David Lipper, Cassidy Rae, Dee Wallace Stone (Linda Jones), Gary Grubbs, Kurt Fuller, JoAnna Garcia Swisher

THE PERFECT MOTHER (1997) DIR Peter Levin PROD Colleen Nystedt TELEPLAY Karen Clark CAM Jan Kiesser ED Skip Schoolnik MUS Mark Snow CAST Dee Wallace Stone (Gina Mitrou), Tyne Daly, Louis Ferreira, Tuesday Knight, Ione Skye, David Cubitt, Carlos Joe Costa

SKELETONS (1997) DIR David DeCoteau PROD Brian Shuster TELEPLAY Joshua Michael Stern CAM Thomas L. Callaway ED Lawrence A. Maddox MUS John Massari CAST Ron Silver, Christopher Plummer, James Coburn, Dee Wallace Stone (Heather Crane), Kyle Howard, Arlene Golonka, D. Paul Thomas, Paul Bartel

BAD AS I WANNA BE: THE DENNIS RODMAN STORY (1998) DIR Jean de Segonzac PROD John Perrin Flynn TELEPLAY John Miglis, Gar Anthony Haywood CAM Mike Fash ED Ron Wisman MUS Paul Taylor, Christopher Tyng CAST Dwayne Adway, John Terry, Dee Wallace Stone (Rodman’s Stepmother), Heidi Mark, Art Hindle, Karen Robinson, Michael Caloz, Dennis Rodman

TO LOVE, HONOR & BETRAY (1999) DIR Peter Levin PROD Terry Gould TELEPLAY Dennis Memec CAM Nikos Evdemon ED Skip Schoolnik MUS Louis Febre CAST James Brolin, Crystal Bernard, Dee Wallace Stone (Julia Brennan), David Cubitt, Jeff Clarke

THE PERFECT HUSBAND: THE LACI PETERSON STORY (2004) DIR Roger Young PROD Diana Kerew TELEPLAY Dave Erickson CAM James Bartle ED Benjamin A. Weissman MUS Patrick Williams CAST Dean Cain, Sarah Brown, G.W. Bailey, Cindy Hogan, Palmer Davis, Heidi Marnhout, Louise Gallagher, Dee Wallace (Sharon Rocha [uncredited])

VOODOO MOON (2006) DIR – TELEPLAY – ED Kevin VanHook PROD Karen Bailey CAM Matt Steinauer MUS Ludek Drizhal CAST Eric Mabius, Charisma Carpenter, Rick Young, Jeffrey Combs, Jayne Heitmeyer, Dee Wallace (Mary-Ann), John Amos, Reynaldo Gallegos

THE EDEN FORMULA (2006) DIR – TELEPLAY John Carl Buechler PROD Peter Davey CAM James M. LeGoy ED Paul Norman MUS Andy Garfield CAST Jeff Fahey, Dee Wallace Stone (Rhonda), Tony Todd, Alexandra Ford, Stephen Wastell, Don Luce, Paula Ficara, Angie Lieuw, Gregory Cast

THE MAGIC 7 (2009, animated) DIR – TELEPLAY Roger Holzberg PROD Roger Holzberg, Ron Layton, John Kilkenny MUS Judy Collins, Ice-T, Michael O’Hara, Kirk Cameron CAST Kevin Bacon, Judy Collins, Bette Midler, Olivia Mewton-John, Meryl Streep, Henry Winkler; (voices) Jason Aaron Baca, Ted Danson, Corey Danzinger, Michael J. Fox, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ice-T, Jeremy Irons, James Earl Jones, Demi Moore, Dee Wallace (Sean’s Mother)

ROBOCROC (2013) DIR Arthur Sinclair PROD Jeffery Beach, Thomas P. Vitale, Phillip J. Roth TELEPLAY Berkeley Anderson CAM Alexander Krumov ED Ludmil Kazakov MUS Charles Folsy, Thomas Andrew Gallegos CAST Corin Nemec, Lisa McAllister, Keith Duffy, Steven Hartley, Florence Brudenell-Bruce, Dee Wallace (Riley), Quinlan Hill

THE WRONG TEACHER (2018) DIR David DeCoteau PROD David DeCoteau, Vivica A. Fox, Charles Arthur Berg TELEPLAY Robert Dean Klein CAM Terrance Ryker ED Brian Brinkman MUS Christopher Cano CAST Viveca A. Fox, Jessica Morris, Dominique Swain, Eric Roberts, Dee Wallace (Dr. Smith), Jason-Shane Scott, Akari Endo, Clarra Carter

CRITTERS ATTACK! (2019) DIR Bobby Miller PROD Rupert Harvey, Adam Friedlander TELEPLAY Scott Lobdell CAM Hein de Vos ED Mike Mendez MUS Russ Howard III CAST Tashiana Washington, Ava Preston, Jack Fulton, Jaeden Noel, Dee Wallace (Dee), Stephen Jennings, Pierre Malherbe

THE WRONG MOMMIE (2019) DIR David DeCoteau PROD Peter Sullivan, Brian Nolan TELEPLAY Robert Dean Klein (story by Peter Sullivan, Jeffrey Schenck) CAM Terrance Ryker ED Randy Carter MUS Christopher Cano CAST Vivica A. Fox, Jessica Morris, Ashlynn Yenne, Dee Wallace (Carol), Eric Roberts, Dominique Swain, Jared Scott

CHRISTMAS IN LOUISIANNA (2019) DIR Emily Moss Wilson PROD Daniel Lewis TELEPLAY Emily Moss Wilson, Alys Murray CAM Matt S. Bell ED Misty Talley MUS Andrew Morgan Smith CAST Jana Kramer, Percy Daggs III, Moira Kelly, Brian McNamara, Dee Wallace (Doris), Barry Bostwick, Lara Grice, Harley Graham, Scott Allen Perry

THE GIFT OF CHRISTMAS (2020) DIR – PROD Tom Whitus TELEPLAY Tom Whitus, John B. VanMeter CAM Kevin Bryan ED John Nodilo MUS John B. VanMeter CAST Bruce Davison, Dee Wallace (Ellen Rodgers), Jenn Gotzon, Nathan Todaro, Jeff Prater, Marissa Ghavami, J. Barrett Cooper, Jim E. Chandler, Gabrielle Stone