Romy Schneider Exhibition: Tribute to celebrated actress at the Cinema Palace in Brussels

“Romy Schneider, Austrian-Born Screen Actress, Dead At 43.” That’s how Variety, one of America’s leading trade papers, announced the death of actress Romy Schneider on June 2, 1982, after a cardiac arrest in her Paris apartment four days earlier had killed her totally unexpectedly.

Although she passed away more than forty years ago, her name still sounds very familiar—even to people who weren’t even born when she was still making films. And that was her great passion: she made many films, sometimes one after another. They made her a star without her ever striving to be a star. Playing a character never became a routine job; it always remained a challenge, and she never took a new film for granted. Fortunately, she left behind a rich film legacy that stood the test of time and, even more so, continues to appeal to the imagination.

After all, Romy Schneider has always been a trendy and a popular actress, and when people still talk about her with such praise so many years after she passed away, it makes her work and her performances all the more worthwhile and meaningful. She is no longer a popular actress now—those days are over—simply because, during the course of her absence in the past four decades, new actresses came on board and became the next generation’s leading ladies. But now Schneider has simply become a legend in the film world, like Arletty or Simone Signoret, and is now appreciated mainly by a cinephile audience. She can always rely on their continued interest and appreciation. That is, without a doubt, a merit that makes her pretty unique in her own way.

Romy Schneider’s exhibition at the Cinema Palace in Brussel | Film Talk

Those are enough reasons for the Cinema Palace in Brussels to pay a heartwarming tribute to this unforgettable actress. Last year, the Cinémathèque française already organized an exhibition about her life and work, and the good news is that now the Cinema Palace is fully committed to it for the next three months. So now you can go to Brussels and get a very clear picture and an accurate impression of the actress that Romy Schneider used to be. An exhibition that is worth (re)discovering her as an actress. Mission accomplished.

In addition to the exhibition, which runs from March 24 to June 25, there is also an extensive retrospective of her films at the Cinema Palace. Some prominent guests will present films with Romy Schneider: on Thursday, March 30, film director and Oscar winner Costa-Gavras will introduce “Clair de femme” (1979), the only film the august filmmaker did with Romy Schneider. On Tuesday, April 4, Sarah Baisini, Romy Schneider’s daughter, will present “César et Rosalie” (1972) to the audience. Two days later, on April 6, the Belgian and international actress Lubna Azabal will explain what makes “Le vieux fusil” (1975) such a precious film, and on April 12, it’s director Joachim Lafosse’s turn as he will present “L’enfer d’Henri-Georges Clouzot” (2009).

Additional guest speakers may be added during the retrospective, depending on availability. It is, therefore, best to check possible updates on the exhibition’s website.

The Cinema Palace exhibition unveils a fascinating portrait of Romy Schneider’s career. It points out that she can be considered the first European actress as she made films in German, French, Italian, and English decades ago; it turned her into an actress avant la lettre who helped put the concept of world cinema on the map. That is why her role as an actress is so relevant, and she was a very passionate actress who lived for her profession and made four to even five films a year. This is all perfectly and very well balanced in the exhibition. It is as if the charming and graceful actress takes you by the hand, shows you her entire body of work, and how she wrote film history in her own personal way.

This is illustrated by numerous photos with captions in Dutch, French, and English. The structure of the exhibition is organized both chronologically and thematically and also highlights her collaboration with directors she worked with, from Luchino Visconti to Orson Welles, from Otto Preminger to Claude Sautet. There is a huge amount of exclusive and personal memorabilia to admire, such as professional correspondence (notes, letters, a telegram…), addressed to director Claude Sautet, among others, and written in her own spontaneous, frank, and frivolous style, which illustrates how strong the bond between those two must have been. There are also dresses from some of her films, and the Césars she won as Best Actress for her roles in “L’important c’est d’aimer” (1975) and “Une histoire simple” (1978).

Romy Schneider’s second César for her performance in “Une histoire simple” (1978) | Film Talk

She made five films with actor Alain Delon: “Christine” (1958), “Plein soleil” (1960), “L’amour à la mer” (1965), “La piscine” (1969), and “The Assassination of Trotsky ” (1972). Their collaboration is also a file rouge that runs through her work and the exhibition.

Born in 1938, Romy Schneider made her name as a teenager—and as the daughter of actress Magda Schneider—with three “Sissi” films (1955-1957), and as her career evolved, she became an international actress in the 1960s who appeared in several English-language films. She also worked in Hollywood alongside Jack Lemmon (“Good Neighbor Sam,” 1964), and later with actors such as Peter Sellers and Peter O’Toole (“What’s New, Pussycat?” from 1965), Richard Burton (“The Assassination of Trotsky,” 1972) and Audrey Hepburn (“Bloodline,” 1979). But the audience will remember her most of all as a leading actress in French cinema. After all, she made most of her films in France, where she worked with her favorite director and screenwriter, Claude Sautet (1924-2000). They made five films together: “Les choses de la vie” (1970), “Max et les ferailleurs” (1971), “César et Rosalie” (1972), “Mado” (1975), and “Une histoire simple” (1978).

Dresses that Romy Schneider wore in Roberto Enrico’s World War II drama “Le vieux fusil” (1975) | Film Talk

Finally, although Romy Schneider died of a cardiac arrest on May 29, 1982, it is believed that her sudden death resulted from the tragedy that happened to her son David Meyen in 1981 when he died in an accident at age 14.

1982 was very tough for the film world as several talented actors died prematurely. Natalie Wood had died unexpectedly six months earlier, in November 1981, at the age of 43; John Belushi died in March 1982, aged 33; German filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder in June 1982 at age 37; the French actor Patrick Dewaere in July of that year, when he turned 35. Grace Kelly was 52 when she died in November 1982 after a car accident.

“Expo Romy Schneider” from March 24 until June 25 at the Cinema Palace in Brussel


WENN DER WEIßE FLIEDER WIEDER BLÜHT, a.k.a. LILAS BLANCS  (1953) DIR Hans Deppe PROD Kurt Ulrich SCR Johanna Sibelius, Eberhard Keindorff (story by Fritz Rotter) CAM Kurt Schulz ED Walter Wischnieuwsky MUS Franz Doelle CAST Willy Fritsch, Magda Schneider, Romy Schneider-Albach [Romy Schneider] (Evchen Forster), Hertha Feiler, Paul Klinger, Albert Florath, Trude Wilke-Roßwog

FEUERWERK (1954) DIR Kurt Hoffmann PROD Erik Charell, Conrad Flockner SCR Erik Charell (play by Erik Charell, Jürg Amstein) CAM Günther Anders ED Claus von Boro MUS Paul Burkhardt CAST Lilli Palmer, Karl Schönböck, Romy Schneider (Anna Oberholzer), Claus Biederstaedt, Werner Hinz, Rudolf Vogel, Lina Cartens, Liesl Karlstadt

MÄDCHENJAHRE EINER KÖNIGIN, a.k.a. LES JEUNES ANNÉES D’UNE REINE (1954) DIR Ernst Marischka PROD Karl Ehrlich SCR Ernst Marischka (comedy “Mädchenjahre einer Königin” [1933] by Sil-Vara) CAM Bruno Mondi ED Hermann Leitner MUS Anton Profes CAST Romy Schneider (Princess Victoria / Queen Victoria), Adrian Hoven, Magda Schneider, Karl Ludwig Diehl, Christl Mardayn, Paul Hörbiger, Rudolf Vogel

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DER LETZTE MAN, a.k.a. THE LAST MAN (1955) DIR Harald Braun PROD Georg Richter SCR Herbert Witt, Georg Hurdalek CAM Richard Angst ED Hilwa von Boro MUS Werner Eisbrenner CAST Hans Albers, Romy Schneider (Niddy Hoevelmann), Rudolf Forster, Joachim Fuchsberger, Camilla Spira, Michael Heltau, Michael Gebühr

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KITTY UND DIE GROßE WELT, a.k.a. KITTY À LA CONQUÊTE DU MONDE (1956) DIR Alfred Weidenmann SCR Herbert Reinecker (story by Emil Burri, Johannes Mario Simmel; play by Stefan Donat) CAM Helmut Ashley ED Carl Otto Bartning MUS Hans-Martin Majewski CAST Romy Schneider (Kitty Dupont), Karlheinz Böhm, O.E. Hasse, Ernst Schröder, Paul Dahlke, Alice Treff, Peer Schmidt

SISSI—DIE JUNGE KAISERIN, a.k.a. SISSI: THE YOUNG EMPRESS (1956) DIR – SCR Ernst Marischka PROD Ernst Marischka, Karl Ehrlich CAM Bruno Mondi ED Alfred Srp MUS Anton Profes CAST Romy Schneider (Sissi), Karlheinz Böhm, Magda Schneider, Gustav Knuth, Vilma Degischer, Walther Reyer, Senta Wengraf, Josef Meinrad

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SISSI—SCHICKSALSJAHRE EINER KAISERIN, a.k.a. SISSI: THE FATEFUL YEARS OF AN EMPRESS (1957) DIR Ernst Marischka PROD Ernst Marischka, Karl Ehrlich CAM Bruno Mondi ED Alfred Srp MUS Anton Profes CAST Romy Schneider (Sissi / Empress Elisabeth of Austria), Karlheinz Böhm, Magda Schneider, Gustav Knuth, Uta Franz, Walther Reyer, Vilma Degischer, Josef Meinrad

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LA PISCINE, a.k.a. THE SWIMMING POOL (1969) DIR Jacques Deray PROD Gérard Beytout SCR (story by Alain Page [Jean-Emmanuel Conil]; adaptation by Jacques Deray, Jean-Claude Carrière) CAM Jean-Jacques Tarbès ED Paul Cayatte MUS Michel Legrand CAST Alain Delon, Romy Schneider (Marianne), Maurice Ronet, Jane Birkin, Paul Crauchet, Suzie Jaspard, Maddly Bamy

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CLAIR DE FEMME, a.k.a. WOMANLIGHT (1979) DIR Costa-Gavras PROD Georges Alain-Vuille, Mauro Berardi SCR Costa-Gavras (novel “Clair de femme” [1977] by Romain Gary) CAM Ricardo Aronovich ED Françoise Bonnot MUS Jean Musy CAST Romy Schneider (Lydia Tovalski), Yves Montand, Romolo Valli, Lila Kedrova, Heinz Bennent, Roberto Begnini, Catherine Allégret, Jean Reno

BLOODLINE (1979) DIR Terence Young PROD Sidney Beckerman, David V. Picker SCR Laird Koenig (novel by Sidney Sheldon) CAM Freddie Young ED Bud Molin MUS Ennio Morricone CAST Audrey Hepburn, Ben Gazzara, James Mason, Romy Schneider (Hélène Roffe-Martin), Omar Sharif, Claudia Mori, Irene Papas, Michelle Philips, Maurice Ronet, Gert Fröbe, Gabrielle Ferzetti

LA MORT EN DIRECT, a.k.a. DEATH WATCH (1980) DIR Bertrand Tavernier PROD Elie Kfouri SCR Bertrand Tavernier, David Rayfiel (novel “The Unsleeping Eye” [1973] by David G. Compton) CAM Pierre-William Glenn ED Michael Ellis, Armand Psenny MUS Antoine Duhamel CAST Romy Schneider (Katherine Mortenhoe), Harvey Keitel, Harry Dean Stanton, Thérèse Liotard, Max von Sydow, Caroline Langrishe, William Russell, Vadim Glowna, Eva Maria Meineke, Bernhard Wicki, Bill Nighy

LA BANQUIÈRE, a.k.a. THE LADY BANKER (1980) DIR Francis Girod PROD Ariel Zeitoun SCR Francis Girod, Georges Conchon CAM Bernhard Zitzermann ED Geneviève Winding MUS Ennio Morricone CAST Romy Schneider (Emma Eckhert), Marie-France Pisier, Claude Brasseur, Jean-Claude Brialy, Jean Carmet, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Jacques Fabbri, Daniel Mesguich, Daniel Auteuil, Thierry Lhermitte

FANTASMA D’AMORE (1981) DIR Dino Risi PROD Pio Angeletti, Adriano De Micheli SCR Dino Risi, Bernardino Zapponi (novel “Fantasma d’amore” by Mino Milani) CAM Tonino Delli Colli ED Alberto Gallitti MUS Riz Ortolani CAST Marcello Mastroianni, Romy Schneider (Anna Brigatti Zighi), Eva Maria Meineke, Wolfgang Preiss, Michael Kroecher, Paolo Baroni, Victoria Zinny, Giampiero Becherelli

GARDE À VUE, a.k.a. THE INQUISITOR (1981) DIR Claude Miller PROD Georges Dancigers, Alexandre Mnouchkine SCR Claude Miller (novel “Brainwash” [1979] by John Wainwright; adaptation by Jean Herman) CAM Bruno Nuytten ED Albert Jurgenson MUS Georges Delerue CAST Lino Ventura, Michel Serrault, Romy Schneider (Chantal Martinaud), Guy Marchand, Didier Agostini, Patrick Depeyrrat, Pierre Maguelon, Annie Miller

LA PASSANTE DU SANS-SOUCI, a.k.a. THE PASSERBY (1982) DIR Jacques Rouffio PROD Raymond Danon, Artur Brauner SCR Jacques Rouffio, Jacques Kirsner (novel “La passante du Sans-Souci” [1936] by Joseph Kessel [Joseph Kessel de l’Académie Française]; adaptation by Jacques Rouffio, Jacques Kirsner) CAM Jean-Bernard Penzer [Jean Penzer] ED Anna Ruiz MUS Georges Delerue CAST Romy Schneider (Elsa Wiener/Lina Baumstein), Michel Piccoli, Helmut Griem, Dominique Labourier, Gérard Klein, Mathieu Carrière, Maria Schell, Jean Reno


DIE SENDUNG DER LYSISTRATA (1961) DIR Fritz Kortner PROD Gyula Trebitsch SCR Fritz Kortner (play by Aristophanes) CAM Wolfgang Zeh, Frank A. Banuscher ED Klaus Dudenhöfer, Ingeborg Taschner MUS Herbert Brün CAST Romy Schneider (Myrrhine/Uschi Hellwig), Barbara Rütting, Ruth-Maria Kubitschek, Karin Kernke, Herta Worell, Ursula Graeff, Peter Arens

DOMMAGE QU’ELLE SOIT UNE PUTAIN (1961) DIR Luchino Visconti SCR (play “’Tis Pity She’s a Whore” [c. 1626] by John Ford; adaptation by Georges Beaume) CAST Alain Delon, Romy Schneider (Annabella/Sister), Silvia Monfort

TAUSEND LIEDER OHNE TON (1977) DIR Claudia Holldack SCR Christiane Höllger CAST Eva Mattes, Michael Tregor, Dorothea Moritz, Jo Herbst, Christine Gerlach, Ralph Lothar, Franz-Otto Krüger, Romy Schneider ([uncredited])