Vicky Krieps on “The Wall”: “The film raises a question without telling you what to think”

Vicky Krieps is a 39-year-old Luxembourg-born actress and star who has appeared in several European films—most notably Luxembourgish, French and German productions or coproductions—as well as a few American films. Her international breakthrough role was in Paul Thomas Anderson’s film “Phantom Thread” (2017), with Ms. Krieps playing one of the female leads opposite Daniel Day-Lewis, followed by celebrated lead turns in films such as “Bergman Island” (2021) and “Corsage” (2022), the latter earning her a European Film Award as Best Actress.

Her latest films include “Les trois mousquetaires: D’Artagnan,” based on the Alexandre Dumas novel of 1844, and Vigo Mortensen’s “The Dead Don’t Hurt” which was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month. In her third feature of the year so far, “The Wall,” directed by Brussels-born filmmaker Philippe Van Leeuw, Ms. Krieps plays Jessica Comly, a maverick and harsh U.S. border patrol agent posted in Tuscon, Arizona, who dislikes migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. Her behavior becomes increasingly erratic until one day, she pulls the trigger and shoots a harmless migrant in front of three witnesses: her colleague, who attempts to make the crime look like an accident, a Native American man, played by Mike Wilson, and his grandson. She then has to face these inconvenient witnesses.

“The Wall” (2023, trailer)

During the 6th edition of the Brussels International Film Festival last July, both Vicky Krieps and Mike Wilson talked about “The Wall” during the following roundtable interview.

The film is now playing in theaters in various territories; Belgian distribution is done through O’Brother Film Distribution.

Ms. Krieps, can you talk about the physical aspect of playing your role? One eyebrow is always up. Is that a way of expressing the rage you feel inside? Are those physical elements essential?

[VICKY KRIEPS] First of all, I was trying to convince [director] Philippe Van Leeuw to cast someone else because there are many actors in the world, and it doesn’t have to be me to play the part of Jessica Comley. Many actors come from there. But he convinced me by explaining that he wanted it to be honest like in a fairy tale, which also has characters that don’t feel like they are from there. That is why we believe her, follow her, and want her to be good, but she’s not. That’s how he convinced me, and that’s how I got the part. I knew then what I could bring to it, and I wanted to take it even further. Jessica could be full of tattoos; she could be angry all the time, and she could be exercising and punching walls. But I tried to avoid that because it could be an excuse like, ‘We feel comfortable when we see black and white—this is a good person, that is a bad person.’ So I made her a bit boring and someone who doesn’t look like she’s angry. But yes, she is angry, she’s very angry, but it comes out in these little things. I wanted it to be so small that we think it could be us, that she is us, all of us.

Can a European point of view on an American subject as sensitive as the border shed another light on the subject?

[VICKY KRIEPS, to Mike Wilson] I’ll go first because your answer is longer [laughs]. This is clearly the only way this movie is different than others, and it’s also interesting because Philippe dares to show this point of view from a European angle; he dares to go and fail. After all, the possibility of failure is very high. You would say, ‘Why do you want to do that movie?’ So for Philippe going out there and trying, that’s already something that is humble and selfless because he’s at least trying. The movie brings the problem to light, and maybe it’s interesting that the light comes from a neutral place.
[MIKE WILSON] I was hesitant to participate in this film. I told Philippe three years ago. I hesitated because you got this other ‘bad guy’ from Europe. Not only is he coming from Europe, but he’s also coming from Nordic Europe, and my perception was, ‘Okay, the further north you are, the more racist you are.’ So why am I accepting Nordic Europeans coming to my land and trying to tell my story? It’s paternalistic, it has the seeds of racism. So I said, ‘Philippe, please convince me to take this role. There’s a whole genre of immigration films. What are you going to do differently, what are you going to say differently, what is the audience going to see differently that hasn’t been told ten times already? So please convince me, Mister Northern European white guy, and how authentic will you portray me? You don’t know jack about where I come from, or about my people. You have this Hollywood perception of what your expectations are.’ When I first read the script, I thought, ‘Hell, no,’ and said, ‘You know, I don’t talk like that. You know better, I don’t talk like that. I expect respect, and part of that respect is being authentic. I will work with you, but if you don’t do that, I won’t be any part of it.’

Does that mean you made adjustments to the screenplay?

[MIKE WILSON] Yes, a lot. Fortunately, Philippe understood, and he allowed me the liberty to make those changes. Initially, in the first draft, I was a human smuggler. I said, ‘Philippe, I’m a human rights activist. I put out water on my reservation for migrants so they don’t die. So I will not be portrayed in fiction as a human smuggler.’ I have a reputation as a human rights activist in Arizona. I will not betray Mike Wilson. So he said, ‘Okay.’ That’s why you see in the film I’m handing food to the migrants who are sitting on the ground. I give them food, and I provide them with water. That’s what I did for twelve years.

Do you still do that now?

[MIKE WILSON] No, not anymore. There’s too much control by the drug cartels. On the Mexican side of the reservation, you have the drug cartels. On the other side is the border patrol. So that is my history as a human rights activist. Let me say something; you’ve seen the film, right? You know the storyline. The character of Jessica is a corrupt border patrol agent. She shoots a migrant, he’s wounded but he’s alive. So she comes up and boom. Me and my grandson we see it. That’s the storyline. This year, on May 18—that’s six weeks ago—three border patrol agents shot and killed a tribal member. Twelve of them showed up with guns, and three of them killed him. He was hit ten times. So what you see is this fictionalized corrupt system. My point is that her character, Agent Comley, pulled the trigger. Who gave her the gun to pull the trigger? Who gave her the bullet to put in the gun? Hatred gave her the gun, racism gave her the bullets. So it was just up to her to pull the trigger—there’s a whole hatred racist system involved. And that’s no longer fiction. That’s the reality. So it’s a story that has to be told. Philippe gave me the liberty to do some edits, but it’s a real-life story, as we found out eighteen months later.

Vicky Krieps at the Brussels international Film Festival | Film Talk

In the film, there are a lot of close-ups of yours, and in the first half of the film, you have very little dialogue. Does that influence your way of acting and the way you portray your character?

[VICKY KRIEPS] I try not to think of how they film me. My character certainly has very little dialogue because I took away most of the dialogue there was. There is nothing to be said; it’s all there, it’s internal and I wanted it to be almost boring to follow what she does. It would be so much worse if I would use this character and make her a sensation, or show you how good I am as an actor, like if I showed you my pirouette. That’s why I tried to make it so silent, so it’s almost really not there. The most dangerous people who think they’re doing the right thing can be your neighbor; they can be yourself—we can all be evil. We build walls, but there’s no wall between me being the evil version of me, and me being the good version of me. My mother comes from the Nazi story, and my father’s father was in the concentration camps, so I am both. In my blood, I have the two sides; I could be the one, and I could be the other. And because I was educated correctly doesn’t mean I’m safe. Only when we accept that we can be the good guy and the bad guy we will open up our hearts to be true, human, and loving human beings. We all have preconceptions, and you can say yes to the movie with all of your obvious preconceptions and doubts, and me saying yes with all of my preconceptions and all of my doubts. Philippe was going through the process of telling people, ‘I want to this movie. Will you give me the money to make it, please?’ You don’t do that because you want to be comfortable or know people will like you. In the end, I don’t know what kind of movie we did, but I do know it’s sincere in a way that everyone came with their doubts, and we do this to help people see a part of this society. There’s a wall between societies, between social classes, they’re putting up walls where you can or can’t live, or after nine pm, you can’t go on the metro. That’s a wall, that’s a frontier. And the film raises a question without telling you what to think. So why do you talk? Because you have a question. If your question is answered, you can go to sleep. If it’s not answered, you go like, ‘Oh, did you see this film? Can we talk about it? It was really weird, and I feel so uncomfortable. And this one guy, did you see what I saw?’ That’s what a movie can do: ask questions.
[MIKE WILSON] And I think, as a romantic, when I first read the script, I was hoping for redemption, I was hoping for sorrow, I was hoping Jessica’s life would turn around. But it never happened. She never redeemed.
[VICKY KRIEPS] My character never changes her mind. She never becomes a good person.
[MIKE WILSON] So not only is she never redeemed, there is also no justice. We forgot that a human being was murdered. There’s no justice for him or his family, but justice must still be served somehow. So when the film ends, there’s no justice for anybody, and there’s no redemption for her, so who wins? Does evil win? Or does goodness win? We don’t know. I don’t think the film wants to give you an answer; it wants to give you a question, so you answer it and decide how you will change. I present the question to you, and that’s all we can ask for.

Vicky Krieps with Mike Wilson, July 2023 | Film Talk

Do you have a favorite scene in the film?

[VICKY KRIEPS] To me, the only real human scene about the good side of human beings is the relationship between this child and the horse. That is where we went wrong and could have gone right, with human beings saying, ‘I am human, and you’re a horse.’ The horse is more powerful than the human being. So, what is the relationship between the horse and the human being? The human could say, ‘I accept your strength; I’m weaker, but let me help you with my consciousness. If I ride on top of you, I can see further and tell you where to slow down or stop. I can give you water, and I can take care of you.’ So, the relationship between horses and men symbolizes what human beings could do on this planet.

Were you able, or was it necessary, to do any research?

[VICKY KRIEPS] I come from a privileged, educated white European background and was raised to hate guns. I’m a pacifist; I don’t like guns. But now I play someone who likes to shoot a gun, and it was shocking to see how fast it goes. It’s a little switch in your brain, and then it seems easy. It’s something very primitive in the human brain. ‘I can be powerful, I can dominate physics with a little trigger.’
[MIKE WILSON] She comes from a pacifist background; I come from a militant background. I was in the American army for twenty-two years. My background was in Special Operations. I was a military advisor in El Salvador during the civil war. When I retired, I spiritually demilitarized because my spiritual conversion in El Salvador moved me into the light.

Brussels International Film Festival
July 3, 2023


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SEXUAL HEALING (2024) DIR Julien Temple SCR Matthew Broughton, Marvin Williams CAM Steve Organ MUS Vassal Benford CAST Jesse L. Martin, Vicky Krieps (Eugenie Vis), Elarica Johnson, Clarke Peters, S. Epatha Merkerson, Rowena King, Hana Sofia Lopes, Dwight Henry, Julian Nest


ROMMEL (2012) DIR – SCR Nikolaus Stein von Kamienski [Niki Stein] PROD Nico Hoffmann, Ariane Krampe, Jürgen Schuster, Sascha Schwingel CAM Arthur W. Ahrweiler ED Corina Dietz MUS Ulrik Spies, Jacki Engelken CAST Ulrich Tukur, Rolf Kanies, Arthur Klemt, Tim Bergmann, Benjamin Sadler, Thomas Limpinsel, Vicky Krieps (Countess La Rochefoucauld)

ELLY BEINHORN – ALLEINFLUG (2014) DIR Christine Hartmann PROD Ariane Krampe SCR Christine Hartmann, Rodica Döhnert CAM Emre Erkmen ED Sabine Brose MUS Fabian Römer CAST Vicky Krieps (Elly Beinhorn), Max Riemelt, Rory Acton Burnell, Christian Berkel, Colin Moss, Harald Krassnitzer, Lennart Betzgen

DAS ZEGENHAUS (2014) DIR Matti Geschonneck PROD Oliver Berben, Sarah Kirkegaard SCR Magnus Vattrodt (novel “Das Zeugenhaus – Nürnberg 1945: Als Täter und Opfer unter einem Dach zusammentrafen” [2005] by Christiane Kohl) CAM Judith Kaufmann ED Karola Mittelstädt MUS Annette Focks CAST Tobias Moretti, Iris Berben, Matthias Brandt, Samuel Finzi, Johanna Gastdorf, Britta Hammelstein, Vicky Krieps (Marie-Claude Vaillant-Couturier)

TAG DER WARHEIT (2015) DIR Anna Justice PROD Alexandra Kordes, Meike Kordes SCR Johannes W. Betz CAM Adrian Cranage ED Ulrike Leipold MUS Julian Maas, Christoph Kaiser CAST Florian Lukas, Vicky Krieps (Marie Hoffmann), Benjamin Sadler, Laurent Stocker, Christoph Moosbrugger, Nico Rogner, Jules Armana

MON CHER PETIT VILLAGE (2015) DIR Gabriel Le Bomin PROD Bruno Petit, Nelly Kafsky SCR Eric Eider, Ivan Piettre (original story by Sarah Romano, Iris Strauss, Bruno Saignez) CAM Jean-Marie Dreijou ED Bertrand Collard MUS Ivan Beck CAST Laurent Stockner, Katja Riemann, Eric Savin, Claude Gensac, Philippe Duquesne, Vicky Krieps (Elisabeth), Aurélia Petit

BERLIN 1 (2015) DIR Marvin Kren PROD Quirin Berg, Max Wiedemann SCR Benjamin Hessler, Arndt Stüwe (story by Thorsten Wettcke, Chris Silber; original idea by Martin Kluger, Thomas Teubner) CAM Armin Franzen ED Lars Jordan, Philipp Stahl MUS Stefan Will, Marco Dreckköoter CAST Friedrich Mücke, Tobias Moretti, Antje Traue, Emilia Schüle, Frederick Lau, Vicky Krieps (Charlotta Barnekow)