Lesley Ann Warren: “If you’ve made it this far, you’ve got something unique and special”

Stage, screen, and television actress Lesley Ann Warren (b. 1946), here in a still from Mark Rydell’s “Harry and Walter Go to New York” (1976; picture: Dave Friedman), started her career at a very young age. At 17, she enrolled at the Actors Studio in New York, became Broadway’s Most Promising Newcomer in 1963, and was the recipient of the Theatre World Award two years later. That very same year, she became an instant star with her first major television success when playing the title role in the TV version of “Cinderella”, with Ginger Rogers, Walter Pidgeon and Celeste Holm as her co-stars—a show that, according Bill Goodman’s Top 100 Rated TV Shows Of All Time, still ranks at #50 in the Nielsen ratings ever until 2009. Other leading TV appearances include her role of Dana Lambert, the female lead in the TV series “Mission: Impossible” (1970-1971 season), and out of five Golden Globe nominations, she won the Globe as Best Actress—Drama for her role in the miniseries “79 Park Avenue” (1977).

Mission Impossible Lesley Ann Warren Peter Graves 1971
Lesley Ann Warren with Peter Graves, two of the leading and most prominent characters in the TV series “Mission: Impossible” (1970-1971 season)

But most of all, she is a leading and supporting lady from the silver screen for about fifty years now, with several rewarding films to her credit, such as “Victor/Victoria” (1982, Academy Award nomination), “Choose Me” (1984), “Clue” (1985), or “The Limey” (1999) directed Steven Soderbergh.

Currently working for television in “Blunt Talk” with Patrick Stewart, and a short made by an Oscar-nominated couple for a previous short they did, she did several independent movies recently that were shown at festivals all over the world, including “It Snows All the Time” (2016, Best Film at the LA Art-House Film Festival). She may not be busier than ever, ‘but I’m definitely busy,’ she says.

With several other projects lined up at this moment, both for television and film, Ms. Warren will also produce and play the leading role in Alan Rudolph’s upcoming film “Ray Meets Helen.” Variety reporter Dave McNary wrote on the website of Variety on January 26, ‘The characters in “Ray Meets Helen” are stalled in mid-life, beset by profound material challenges and haunted by their failed potential in happier times. Each undergoes a reversal of fortune, affording them unanticipated opportunities at self re-invention. So when their paths eventually cross, each is beguiled by the other’s altered persona—while unexpectedly falling for each other’s true selves as they are gradually revealed.’ A perfect screenplay for a multi-talented actress such as Ms. Warren. “Ray Meets Helen” will reunite her with her “Choose Me” (1984) co-star Keith Carradine and its film director Alan Rudolph who became a major independent filmmaker since then.

Cinderella Warren Damon
The TV special “Cinderella,” which first aired on February 22, 1965, to this day still ranks among the top TV shows ever, according to the Nielsen ratings. Ms. Warren played Cinderella, Warren Damon portrayed the Prince | CBS Television

Formerly married to executive and top producer Jon Peters (their son is Christopher Peters), she came a long way, ever since she first entered the Actors Studio in New York.

What was, in your opinion, the best advice you got at the Actors Studio?

I studied with Lee Strasberg, both privately in his private classes as well as in the Actors Studio. I continue to use his method today; I’ve always used it. The series of exercises that he constructed to prepare an actor to do a role still hold so strongly for me today. In other words, doing the history of the character, creating a history, if it’s not on the written page, making sure that you understand the relationships that the character has to the other characters in the piece, even if they’re not present in the script, remembering to create the moment before—where were you, what were you doing, where are you coming from, what is your emotional state, what is your physical state. Being present in the moment, which is so powerful because one of the things we used to talk about a lot is if you stay where you are. Eventually something will materialize for you.

What was the reputation in Hollywood back then of actors who came out of the Actors Studio?

When I came to Los Angeles, I was only eighteen. The fact that I was from the Actors Studio and had studied with Lee Strasberg was a fantastic background. They respected him, he was producing some of the world-class actors, so many wonderful actors like Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Sally Field, Faye Dunaway, Shelley Winters, Al Pacino, you know the list went on and on. He was extremely well-thought-of and respected. Television has taken over a lot of the venues of filmmaking, directing, and performing; there’s less attention paid to that kind of work in general, although I would say that the quality directors from the stage, television, or film still have this admiration for that kind of training.

When you get a script with a part that might interest you, and you read the script for the first time, what is your approach then?

Well, there are different aspects to that, because sometimes I only react emotionally to the character’s situation, sometimes it’s in writing overall, and sometimes it’s because of the director that I’d love to work with, or if I’m doing comedy, the level of wit and sophistication that might be inherent to the piece. So I chose roles for many different reasons; there’s always more than one reason to attach myself to a project.

Lesley and Walt
Lesley Ann Warren with Walt Disney shortly before he passed away in 1966. She appeared in Disney’s “The Happiest Millionaire” (1967) with Fred MacMurray and Greer Garson, and “The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band” (1968) opposite Walter Brennan and Buddy Ebsen | Walt Disney Motion Pictures

You came in at the tail end of the studio system, which is such a long time ago now. How has the business changed over the past fifty years? Maybe also acting-wise?

Well, there’s an enormous evolution in the business. It’s funny—I am doing a television show right now, and I was actually talking to the director about feeling so blessed that I got to experience the last vestiges of the studio system because of its level of quality, the attention to detail, and the atmosphere of creativity. In general, there is less money now, and there are more opinions, so it’s not necessarily one vision, and there’s less time. So everything is different. I don’t want to say compromised because there is so much incredibly quality work coming out in both television and film; it still absolutely exists. It’s just more difficult to get there.

When you appear on the set for the first time, working on a new project, what expectations do you have from the film director?

You know, it depends. Some directors are very much involved in the performances; they care and communicate beautifully. That’s always an incredibly beautiful experience. Some directors are more interested cinematically; they may not be that involved with the actors in that specific way. But that’s also exciting. What sometimes happens in television, is that directors are trying to finish it on time, within the production costs, and that’s not fun for an actor. You can feel their strain and pressure to answer to so many people above them. So, in that case, there’s less communication between the director and the actor, while that’s my favorite part of the whole process.

Actress Patricia Medina once said of Orson Welles, as a director, ‘He could reach inside an actor, discover what he could do best, and them made him do it better.’

Well, that’s the thrilling part of acting for me, when a director can do that. When that happens, there’s a wonderful creative moment, and it’s exciting: you go to places as an actor that you may not have known that you can actually go to. I love that; even if it’s sometimes battling, and you may even be on unstable ground as an actor, it ultimately produces something that is much more unpredictable and unusual.

James Garner with Lesley Ann Warren in “Victor/Victoria” (1982) | David Appleby

Of all the directors you worked with so far, do you have a favorite one?

No, I don’t. I have favorites [laughs]. You know, Blake Edwards, whom I adored—I had one of the best working experiences of my life with him [“Victor/Victoria”, 1982], but I had an equally wonderful experience with Mel Brooks and others. That’s what I always say during the Academy Award season; there is no best. There are all these incredible performances that need to be honored, but it’s all so subjective, so I don’t think there is a favorite. I mean, I did “Choose Me” for Alan Rudolph, he a very good director too, Steven Soderbergh as well, and many directors who work for television are amazing also.

You can switch easily from leading roles to supporting or character roles and back. How do you manage to do that?

You know, that happens more naturally as you get older; there are less leading roles per se, especially for women, so the more interesting roles sometimes are supporting roles. I think it is really important to be pragmatic about that reality, but also to find the joy and the excitement in creating your role—whatever the size of the role is. In other words, I don’t approach a supporting role any differently than I would a leading role. Even when you’re doing a cameo, and you only have three lines, an actor must see everything through the character that he’s portraying. It doesn’t mean you don’t support the production or the story, but that’s how you have to prepare for whatever size of role you’re doing.

“Clue” (1985), a delightful whodunit comedy based on the popular board game, with Lesley Ann Warren in one of the leading roles, playing Miss Scarlet. The film was made by first-time director Jonathan Lynn and co-written by John Landis | Robbie Robinson

Looking back to all the work you have done so far and your achievements until now, would you consider “Victor/Victoria” [1982] as one of your professional highlights so far?

I don’t know if I would consider it the highlight because I have been lucky enough to have some other iconic roles like “Cinderella” [1965] or ”Clue” [1985]. I also played some roles in television that changed the course of my career.

You were nominated for an Oscar for your role in “Victor/Victoria” [1982]. Do you think you could do more with that nomination now, with all the media, the publicity, the internet… It has all changed so much?

Yes, it has changed radically. But do I think that it might do more for me now, possibly; I mean it certainly wouldn’t hurt. But the whole machinery of Hollywood has certainly changed. Young actresses are now very smart in ways that we weren’t, about how to manage their careers. I admire that, and it’s just a different time. With “Victor/Victoria,” I had no idea at all that I would be nominated; it was an absolute surprise to me. I had never thought about it. I knew that my publicists at MGM were doing a campaign, but I was already making another movie, so I never thought this would happen. And when it did, I was really dumbstruck [laughs]. And as far as winning, I was hoping to win—who doesn’t want to win—but I never really had a sense about it.

Is it true that you turned down the Jean Seberg role in “Paint Your Wagon”?

Well, I was under contract to Paramount, to Robert Evans specifically. The actual story is that I was supposed to do “Goodbye, Columbus” [1969, role for Ali MacGraw], but I got pregnant. There were several films that I was under contract to do, one of them was “Paint Your Wagon” [1969], I think “Finian’s Rainbow” [1968, role for Petula Clark] was another one. I believe that some other film that I was doing at the time intervened, and so I couldn’t do “Paint Your Wagon.” It wasn’t that I turned it down. I did turn down the opportunity to audition for “Romancing the Stone” [1984, role for Kathleen Turner] because I didn’t think I could go to the jungle and do all the physicality’s that the role required. So that’s something I missed out on, I suppose. I can’t really think of other films at the moment, although I’m sure there are others. But I’m a big believer in what is meant to be yours as yours, and if an opportunity doesn’t occur, then it wasn’t meant to be. So it happens that people turn something down: there can be many complications that occur sometimes before you get on the set. Your intuition at the time doesn’t always prove to be accurate in terms of the end result.

Mel Brooks reunited with his leading lady of the comedy “Life Stinks” (1991) | Ron Taft

Considering your long career so far, the quality of your work, and the many highlights, you are pretty much a survivor, aren’t you?

Yes, very much (laughs). I believe it was my destiny to do this in this lifetime, a hundred percent. I think I am truly young at heart, I have a sort of sense of wonder about life and the unfolding of it, and I always believe the future holds many wonderful experiences for me. Hillary Clinton recently said, ‘You have to take everything seriously, but not personally.’ I think that’s very true: you have to develop the ability to cope with enormous rejection, more so than other careers because an actor is selling himself as his product. It’s devastating when someone doesn’t want you. So you need to have some either spiritual or philosophical life that holds you strong in the face of that. So I would say it’s a combination of my appreciation, joy, and hope for wonderful things to manifest and my durability, strength, and kind of inner steeliness. If I get knocked down, I do get back up.

How difficult is it to compete with young and upcoming actresses?

You’re not in competition with them. That’s a fallacy. First of all, I’m much older, and we’re not bringing the same attributes as they are, like life experience, for example, which is on a different level. But as you get older, there is a diminishing of roles available, period. But I have always said that Audrey Hepburn couldn’t be Sophia Loren, or Sophia Loren couldn’t be Natalie Wood, and Natalie Wood couldn’t be Grace Kelly: everybody brings something extraordinary. If you’ve made it this far, you’ve got something unique and special about your gifts and about what you bring to a role. I really believe that, whether you get all of those roles, or some of them, or a few of them—when it’s kind of out of your hands—what you bring, is deeply important.

How do you reflect on yourself now as a veteran actress, if I may use that term, still working all the time, still with a busy schedule?

I actually take great pride in my career; I feel tremendously blessed and very lucky. I also work extremely hard. Different friends of my age who used to act, like Kim Darby, who was in “True Grit” [1969], always jokingly say that nobody works as hard as I do. My career is an enormous source of peace and pride for me.

What about the responsibilities that you have as an actress? How do you cope with them?

The responsibility that I feel is always the same; it’s about illuminating an aspect of the human condition through the characters that I play. That’s always been my objective and need, whether it’s comedy or deeply dramatic, to touch people in ways that they may not have been able to access for themselves. I do think that I can understand and relate to many different kinds of behaviors and characters, it’s just something inherent to me, and then there is the incredible training that I had as an actress and the joy I have in moving from one genre to another which is something that has always been very important to me. Right after “Victor/Victoria,” I did “Choose Me,” which was the total opposite. Some people wanted me to do more of these highly comedic roles, but I didn’t want to be typecast; that’s not why I became an actress. I didn’t want to be a personality. I wanted to be an actress.

What advice would you give to young actors who start in this business?

Training, in my opinion, is imperative; having a solid base to fall back on when you are in situations that may not encourage you to lean on your director. You need to have a craft you can call your own, so that you can bring the part essentially, and to develop an inner core that will allow you to handle enormous rejections; that is an absolute part of this business.

Have you ever considered directing a movie?

I don’t want to direct, but I am going to produce a movie which I’m very excited about. It’s called “Ray Meets Helen,” and it’s written and will be directed by Alan Rudolph who directed me in “Choose Me.” Keith Carradine will be in it with me, and we’re hoping to start in May.

Could this be the beginning of a new career?

I don’t think so [laughs], but if I came upon a project that I love, then I will pursue producing it. It’s not that it will be my career because I love being an actress. That’s who I am!

Los Angeles, California
February 10, 2016

“Victor/Victoria” (1982, trailer)


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