Roman Coppola: “Music and film were particularly important to our family life”

Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Roman Coppola is undoubtedly an all-round craftsman who is very productive behind the screen: as a leading member of the Coppola film dynasty—his father is the legendary Francis Ford Coppola while his younger sister Sofia is another trendsetting filmmaker of the family—Roman Coppola also is a renowned screenwriter, producer and director. Other accomplished relatives of his include nephews Nicolas Cage and director-producer Christopher Coppola, actor-writer Jason Schwartzman, and his mother, actress Talia Shire (aunt). It seems all Coppola family members are creative and multitalented; it’s in their genes.

Coppola, Eleanor - Notes on a Life
Eleanor Coppola’s book “Notes on a Life” (2008) with her family on the cover

Born in Paris, France, in 1965, as the son of Francis Ford Coppola and artist, documentary filmmaker, and author Eleanor Coppola, his father was working there on the screenplay of “Is Paris Burning?” about the liberation of Paris, to be directed by René Clément. That was a few years before he became the Francis Ford Coppola.

Meanwhile, Roman Coppola went from project to project and became a successful director of TV commercials and several music videos (working with Marianne Faithfull, Kylie Minogue, the rock band Arctic Monkeys, etc.), while most of all, he worked in various areas of film production, from occasional acting on the screen, to writing, producing and directing. Currently, Mr. Coppola is involved in the production of the TV series “Mozart in the Jungle,” now in its third season and which only recently earned two Golden Globes, including as Best Television Series—Comedy/Musical. Three years ago, he was nominated for an Academy Award for his original screenplay of “Moonrise Kingdom” (2012), shared with his frequent collaborator Wes Anderson.

As a film director, Mr. Coppola—also the founder of the Los Angeles-based production company The Directors Bureau—made two features up until now, both based on his own original screenplays: “CQ” (2001) starring Gérard Depardieu, shot in Europe and set in Paris in 1969, about the filming of a sci-fi movie, with the movie within a movie being of its many highlights, and Italian actor Giancarlo Giannini standing out as a bombastic Italian film producer. In Mr. Coppola’s second feature as director, “A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III” (2012), a lesser-known character study set in the 1970s—a period that was very vibrant to Mr. Coppola when he was a young boy—Charlie Sheen playing the title character, supported by Jason Schwartzman, Patricia Arquette and Bill Murray in some of the other leading roles.

Time to ask Mr. Coppola a few questions about his family and its legacy, about his work, his skills as a screenwriter, and his approach towards his craft as a filmmaker.

Ramon Coppola | Todd Cole (also still above)

Mr. Coppola, there have been a few dynasties in Hollywood over the years, such as Mayer/Selznick/Goetz, the Zanuck family, the Goldwyns, the Fleischers, the Hustons, the Mankiewicz family, the Fondas,… All remarkably talented people, working in different eras. Yet, if you take into consideration the number of people in your family involved in motion pictures, the films they made, the awards they won, the longevity of their careers, etc., the Coppola family is definitely one of the leading, most versatile, and most distinguished of them all. How do you explain that?

This is sort of a tricky question. I can see why it’s posed, but at the same time there is no special insight I have beyond any other person. The culture of our family is a great love of the arts, and so for many generations, music and film were particularly important to our family life and culture and so these were things emphasized growing up. My parents were very inclusive, and we would travel when they were working on a project, exposing us to interesting things. A lot of my early jobs were experiences working professionally in the world of cinema, so it’s only natural you develop a love for it.

Who or what inspired you to become involved in motion pictures?

Well, these are not black and white decisions. I was raised in the world of cinema and participated in every level—as a child I was an extra; when I got older, I helped in the makeup department, and slowly your role goes from casual to more significant. I was working as a makeup assistant on a film as a 16-year-old, and then the sound mixer became ill, and I helped that day because the boom, who was like an uncle, knew I could do it. Ultimately, the sound mixer stayed ill, and I ended up becoming the sound mixer on that production. Just an example you’re around something, and you start getting responsibility and can make a difference. I have performed many functions within the family of jobs that go into making movies—and not out of a sense of obligation, but it was around my life, and I did the things that interested me within it.

If someone would come up to you and ask what you do for a living, what would you say? Because you write, direct, produce, you also acted sometimes in the past.

I would say I have worked in film (a generalization) in many different capacities, and it depends on the context for this distinction. It depends on what I’m doing at the time. Currently, I am working on the show “Mozart in the Jungle,” so my attentions are there, which is a different division of filmmaking—more executive producing and show-running.

Which one do you prefer and why?

It depends on the day you might ask me.

How do you choose your projects? Which standards do you use to accept or refuse a project?

I choose projects if they pique my curiosity—if they interest me somehow and if I can do or learn about something. Usually, there’s a sense of adventure attached to the projects I work on, such as when Wes [Anderson] asked me to join him to travel around to develop “Darjeeling Limited” [2007]. It was an invitation that was alluring, and what I wanted to be a part of it. Of the different invitations and opportunities that have floated by, the attractive ones created the path of my life—of curiosity and learning things and introducing me to something I haven’t done before.

film poster The Darjeeling Limited
“The Darjeeling Limited” (2007) starring Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman; the film was co-produced and co-scripted by Roman Coppola

When writing a screenplay, is it easier to do it by yourself, or in collaboration with others, such as with Wes Anderson and Jason Schwartzman for “The Darjeeling Limited” [2007], and Mr. Anderson for “Moonrise Kingdom” [2012]?

It is easier to do it with another person because you have that other energy to help you make progress, whereas writing on your own can be difficult to maintain the energy and stamina to keep going. It’s a different kind of experience when there is clarity about what you’re doing to do it on your own, but in my experience, it takes a couple of years to get that clarity. This gestation period is so long you have to work through it before you have the downhill slide to create something on your own.

When you write a screenplay, do you have a favorite place or time to write, and if so, why?

What’s fun about writing is to get a place set up, whether it’s putting a desk in a room where it wasn’t before, or buying new pencils, or if you are traveling and you find a nice porch. A lot of it is getting the pleasure of getting something set up. This only sustains for a short time because when you have difficulty writing, the bloom can wear off. I think time can go any way, but when I am collaborating with my cousin Jason Schwartzman [for “Mozart” most recently], we work well at night. We will have a Martini, and then we’ll get to work. When I have jet lag and get up really early before anyone is awake and there are no distractions, it can be a fantastic time to write—that solitude is helpful. Sometimes I find it productive to write where there is a lot of commotion—in airports or cafes—and you feel a sense of privacy within that environment.

film pôster Moonrise Kingdom
The film poster of “Moonrise Kingdom” (2012)

When you’re writing, do you need some feedback while you’re in the writing process? Are you a fast writer?

Every which way—with Jason, for example, if it’s supposed to be funny, reading it back and hopefully laughing at one another or with one of our wives is always pleasurable. It’s especially fun to bounce ideas off of people when it’s something humorous—and then hear it and laugh or see a smile. With “Moonrise Kingdom,” we were in a house with a friend, and we would spend the day writing a chapter and that evening over dinner or a cocktail, we would describe all of what we had cooked up that day. We looked forward to that audience waiting for the next installment, and it encouraged the writing. Solitude can also be a good way to get through it and saving it all for when it’s done.

Where do you get your inspiration and ideas? I once talked to screenwriter Steven Knight; he can easily work on more than one screenplay at the same time, while a French screenwriter once told me that he constantly takes the high speed train from Paris to Biarritz [in the south of France] and back. That’s a one day trip, and he uses the window on the train as his screen; that’s where he gets his inspiration. How does it work for you?

Not one particular way—I am always finding new things to inspire. For me to detach from the phone and internet is quite essential, so that’s one thing. It’s tempting when you’re writing to research a word or a place, and this can be useful, but at the same time can be distracting. I think having some privacy can be productive, but I am a person with many different approaches and patterns. When I am pregnant with an idea, it’s as if whatever I do, the idea will show itself. I might watch a movie, and everything I am thinking about shows itself in the movie. When there is a ripe thing bubbling up, it will inevitably take form in whatever it is you are doing.

When you write a script, do you already have certain actors in mind?

For certain roles, definitely. It helps to see the character, and there are certain actors with such unique qualities you write for them. Then you may not get them, but it still works out, and that’s pleasurable as well.

You were nominated for several major awards up until now, but generally speaking, what’s the most gratifying recognition you got so far in your career?

Each step of the way has been satisfying. When I was a younger music video filmmaker, my Grammy nomination and MTV Award were satisfying. Most recently, the Golden Globe win was very nice. I have no hierarchy. I can say it is gratifying to be nominated and to win unexpectedly at the Globes because there was no stress over it.

Is it a burden or a blessing to be a member of the Coppola family? Do people often compare your work with the work of your father or your sister, or are you able to do your work your own way, like any other filmmaker?

It is a blessing certainly. I am very close to my family, and we share a lot of experiences together. I take pleasure in my work and our collaborations. I enjoy that experience and collaboration. In terms of people making comparisons, I don’t tend to put my credence in that. We are rather individual, and to look at our work there is quite a distinction.

Samuel Goldwyn, Jr. once told me: “A lot of people often ask me what it was like to grow up in Hollywood.” And then he’d say, “What do you mean?” “Well, with the movie stars and everything!” Mr. Goldwyn’s response was always the same: “What I remember best, is the day my father was able to pay back the bank the cost of a movie, that was always a big celebration in our family.” I realize your situation must have been different, but how do you remember your childhood?

This is interesting because in my family, life it was rather similar. My dad was really committing to his work, and there were big things that affected us with his professional risks. As a kid growing up, the chapters in my life were often the movies occurring in that period. There was the familial aspect of that the crew members who were like aunts and uncles, and I remember more vividly the projects and where we were during that time versus grades in school.

Los Angeles, California
February, 2016

“The Darjeeling Limited” (2007, trailer)


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