Anne Fontaine on “Reinventing Marvin”: “I am always interested in characters that make a difference”

Screenwriter and film director Anne Fontaine (b. 1959 as Anne-Fontaine Sibertin-Blanc), known for her many powerful female characters in films such as “Nathalie” (2003, US remake “Chloe” starring Julianne Moore in 2009), “Coco avant Chanel” (2009, a.k.a. “Coco Before Chanel” with Audrey Tautou), “Perfect Mothers” (2013) starring Naomi Watts and Robin Wright, or “Gemma Bovery” (2014) with Gemma Atherton playing the title character, visited the Arras Film Festival to promote the release of her latest feature, “Marvin” (a.k.a. “Reinventing Marvin”).

The film, a.k.a. “Reinventing Marvin,” among others a coming out and a coming of age story—or the need to reinvent oneself to dissociate from a painful past—the film is the narrative of a young gay man leaving the life he has known to become someone else. It is partly based on Edouard Louis’ 2014 autobiographical bestseller “En finir avec Eddy Bellegueule” [a.k.a. “The End of Eddy”], and the film stars Finnegan Oldfield, nominated for a César for Most Promising Actor for Thomas Bidegain’s “Les cowboys” (2015, a.k.a. “The Cowboys”).

After being shown at La Biennale di Venezia (Venice Film Festival) in September and at the BFI London Film Festival in early October, screenwriter and director Anne Fontaine introduced her latest film in Arras, accompanied by actors Finnegan Oldfield and Jules Porier (the latter playing the character of Marvin as a child). The Biennale website quoted Ms. Fontaine, describing the film as ‘tackling the issue of contemporary society and its flaws, its dead ends and of the broader and timeless moral question: isn’t redemption a kind of self-betrayal? Is it possible to reinvent oneself without having to reinvent everything that surrounds us? Is it possible to love someone who gives us new life without stopping loving the one who gave us our first life when one and the other are radically and mutually exclusive? Marvin’s story is violent and extreme, but I would like the film it inspired to remind us that ashes and diamonds are profoundly linked and that sometimes it is necessary to start a long and hard path before finding the way home again.’ At any rate, “Reinventing Marvin,” with a highly rewarding and long cameo by Isabelle Huppert—one of France’s most appealing screen legends—packs a powerful punch.

Here are excerpts from Ms. Fontaine’s press conference at the Arras Film Festival, including a few phrases and quotes from previous press conferences of hers that I attended, clarifying her working methods.

Finnegan Oldfield, director Anne Fontaine, and Julies Porier at the Arras Film Festival | Leo/Film Talk

Ms. Fontaine, how did this project land on your desk?

In the beginning, Edouard Louis, a very young author, had suggested I adapt “En finir avec Eddy Bellegueule.” What appealed to me in his novel was the character of this young boy who is different, living lower class in France as an outsider. He’s very creative and very artistic, and how he grows into adulthood, which would be my main focus. The author gave me his approval, and then I started working on the complexity of the story. Marvin was bullied when he was a child, and he didn’t feel at home within his own family, and so he tried to find a way to escape, find his own way and be truthful. I just imagined how Marvin, as a young boy, would find a purpose in life when he had begun life so poorly. It was a challenge to focus on his process of growing up, how he connects with his roots even when things get rough. To me, the film is also about society and how it fails you if you are different—if you’re gay, if you’re a woman, if you’re black.

How would you compare the characters in “Marvin” to the characters in your other films because you often tend to portray strong female characters?

I have always been interested in characters that made a difference, like Coco Chanel. She was very creative, and now it’s the character of Marvin that touched me deeply. He fascinated me because I was able to enter into his world, into the intimacy of this vulnerable young man who finally makes in the theater—which is very dear to me. I honestly believe that the film is all about hope: everything is possible if you have faith in yourself and if you’re surrounded by people who have much more faith in you than you do for yourself. You can always change if you really want. So to me, “Marvin” has a message of hope. There’s also the fragility of several other characters, like Marvin’s father and the quality of his sister, for example—they allow you to express their feelings and their emotions just perfectly.

How did you work with your actors before and during shooting?

We do a lot of work, a lot of preparation before we start shooting, and work out every detail before we start rehearsing without a camera. Once we’re on the set and we’re about to shoot, I try to give the actors a sense of freedom. By then, we’re all prepared, we know what to do, we analyzed everything, so we’re all set, and then it’s up to the actors to see what they will do with the characters they’re playing. That doesn’t mean everything goes perfectly because we still make mistakes and need to figure out things constantly. There are scenes that we shoot, and it may have been three weeks, since we rehearsed them. In those three weeks we may have changed things here and there, so consequently, a number of scenes we had planned to do will also need to be reconsidered and adjusted.

Where do you get your inspiration when you’re writing your screenplays?

I dance. When I dance, it gives me tremendous inspiration to write my screenplay. I dance every day. It gives me a sense of freedom, of space, and that helps me to find new ideas or different angles; it helps me to develop my characters and write their dialogues.

Isabelle Huppert, playing herself, with Finnegan Oldfield as Marvin, appearing in a play in Anne Fontaine’s “Marvin”

Why did you cast Isabelle Huppert to play herself?

I don’t know; it just seemed logical to me. I thought it would be a great idea, and besides, she never played herself before. Now she plays herself, an actress, and she loved doing it. Being an autodidact myself—as I didn’t have any formal training to become a filmmaker—I relate to the characters, including hers, because I feel what the characters will be like.

Arras Film Festival, Arras (France)
November 10, 2017

“Marvin” (2017, trailer)


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