Sara Forestier: “When I did the casting for ‘M,’ it was almost like an interview. I asked the actors ten questions”

Sara Forestier (b. 1986), a two-time César-winning actress who has worked with numerous talented directors since her screen debut in 2001, recently made her first feature “M” as screenwriter and director, with Ms. Forestier also appearing in the leading role. Playing a young introverted 18-year-old girl with an extreme speech impediment who prefers to write everything down, she gets romantically involved with an exuberant and talented cook and part-time car racer who has communication problems of his own, as he’s barely able to read or write. This communicational paradox is Ms. Forestier’s basic ingredient to tell her story.

After promoting the release of “M” in Venice and Vienna, Namur was Ms. Forestier’s third stop to introduce the film. The versatile actress, whose many screen credits include the title character in Katell Quillévéré’s “Suzanne” (2012), talked passionately about her latest achievement, which includes another awesome tour-de-force performance of hers.

Ms. Forestier, why did you want to tell this story, write the screenplay, direct the film and play the leading role as well?

There were many reasons for that. I was fascinated by this story, this love story, and the possibilities the two main characters have future-wise. I tried to look inside the privacy of their own lives, find out what their lives and their precious moments were like, and what their intimacy meant to them.

Was it difficult to write the screenplay?

No, because when I wrote the screenplay, I basically wanted to tell a story and not every detail of it. It is based on what happened to me many years ago. When I was about twenty-three, I had a relationship with someone who couldn’t read. So when you start writing about it, you work on the characters, clarify everything, and adapt the characters so that you can portray them on the screen. You always keep in mind what you want to say, make sure that you remain loyal to the story you initially wanted to tell, and stay focused to keep everything in perfect balance.

Your casting is very interesting. It ranges from an unknown actor such as Redouanne Harjane, who plays Mo, the young man, to screen veteran Jean-Pierre Léaud who portrays your father.

I had cast six hundred men for the character of Mo. And when I saw Redouanne Harjane, he had this dark and destructive look in his eyes, the look of someone who had suffered. And that’s what I wanted to show on the screen. He had also lost a lot of weight before we started shooting, something like 45 pounds. At first, he didn’t really look like the character I had in mind—or as you can see him now on the screen—but his looks were perfect for the part, and that convinced me to cast him. When I did my casting—which took me two years—it was almost like an interview. I asked the actors ten questions, I liked that, and it helped me a lot to see what they could bring to their part and to the film. When I cast Jean-Pierre Léaud, that was something else. I first looked at photographs of his, and with his long black hair, I thought he looked like a character who felt lost without the love of his life. We then met in a café; he even asked me if he had to go through casting if he wanted to play this role [laughs]. I liked his approach and his spontaneity right away. His face is very expressive, looking at him is as if you’re looking at a painting, and he doesn’t need any direction at all. He just has to be there.

So during the writing process, you didn’t have any particular actors in mind?

That’s right. I like the characters to be fresh, although you always tend to create certain roles loosely based on people you may have met over the years. But in the end, I think it’s a good idea that the characters have a life of their own.

Do you have a different point of view on acting now after directing your first feature?

I have much more respect for film directors now, even more than I had before. It requires so much to get a film made, to finish it—while you’re directing, you also have to manage an entire crew, you need to make decisions all the time… It’s a very complicated and demanding job.

When you’re acting, how do you prepare for a scene?

That depends on the role, on the character that I play. So I don’t have a specific method, it changes all the time. But there’s one thing that’s always the same: once a film is finished, I only watch it once, and that’s it. I never see it again—I really don’t have the urge to do so.

What about the speech impediment of your character? How did you learn to do that? Did you do any research?

I met several people who stutter, and observing them was very important to me. There was one guy, in particular, I had been talking to; he stuttered, and I also started to stutter while I was talking to him. Then I shot a very important scene right away.

Are there any directors who have inspired you to become a filmmaker yourself?

There are film directors that I have worked with who have been instrumental in my work as an actress. It’s difficult to name a few because it wouldn’t do justice to other important directors that I might overlook now, but I always thought very highly of many directors I have been able to work with up until now.

Sara Forestier at the Arras Film Festival in France to introduce “M” | Leo/Film Talk

You had worked earlier with your cinematographer Guillaume Schiffman who was also nominated for an Academy Award for his work on “The Artist” [2011]. So you were familiar with him, is that why you asked him to shoot “M”?

We had worked on two films, but it wasn’t planned that he would do “M” as well. He was available, and after he had read the screenplay, he was very curious and wanted to know all about it. When we started talking about the project, I just knew he would be the perfect cinematographer. On the set of “M,” I wanted to shoot as much as I could—we had more than two hundred hours of rushes by the time we finished shooting. He wasn’t used to working like that, but he was very flexible. And then, when I started editing the film, the first thing I did was to keep ten hours of footage—this took me a very long time—and those were used to edit the scenes.

How did you manage to do all of that—writing, directing, acting, editing…?

I wasn’t thinking about it too much while I was shooting; I worked pretty instinctively, without being too much aware of it. But once you start editing, everything is so real; it all becomes so concrete. You have your movie, and there you see yourself right in front of you.

Was it easy to finance your film?

Yes. I didn’t have any problems with that. But at one point, I had to put the project on hold because of the casting, which took me much longer than I expected. Just to give you an example, I had cast an actress to play my character, but in the end, she wasn’t available, so then I decided to play her myself. For the part of Mo, I had seen hundreds of actors until Redouanne Harjane showed up during casting, and pretty soon, I realized how right he was for the part. So one day, the original financiers had left the project altogether, but I was fortunate to find other financiers. In all, I worked for four years on this film. That’s also why I didn’t act in too many films in recent years. I usually did three to sometimes four films a year, but because of writing the screenplay and preparing “M,” I had to reschedule my work entirely.

Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur, Namur (Belgium)
October 2, 2017

“M” (2017, trailer)


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