Matthias Schoenaerts: “Whenever I accept a new role, I always have to make sure that I can defend my character”

Belgian-born screen actor Matthias Schoenaerts (1977) has been the perfect ambassador for screen acting ever since he first appeared on the screen. His solid and unforgettable performances keep sneaking up on you in memory. They just don’t go away. That’s how powerful his acting style is—if there’s ever any way to define his incredible acting skills.

After he had made “Rundskop” (2011, a.k.a. “Bullhead,” nominated for an Academy Award as Best-Foreign Language Film), his career was launched internationally. Then came “De rouille et d’os” (2012, a.k.a. “Rust and Bone”) with Marion Cotillard, and he became an instant phenomenon in world cinema, appearing opposite Kate Winslet (“A Little Chaos,” 2014); Michelle Williams and Kristin Scott Thomas (“Suite française,” 2014); Diane Kruger (“Disorder” a.k.a. “Maryland,” 2015); Ralph Fiennes and Tilda Swinton (“A Bigger Splash,” 2015); Jane Fonda and Robert Redford (“Our Souls at Night,” 2017), and Jennifer Lawrence (“Red Sparrow,” 2018). And this is only the beginning.

The son of the first Flemish screen star and acting legend Julien Schoenaerts (1925-2006) has now several new projects—in various stages—coming up, including Terrence Malick’s latest film “Radegund.”

Mr. Schoenaerts attended the Ostend Film Festival in his home country earlier this month to promote his latest French film “Frères ennemis” (a.k.a. “Close Enemies”), a well-acted gritty crime drama about brotherhood in the banlieue of Paris, directed by David Oelhoffen.

It was there that I met this tremendously talented actor for an interview at the Festival, prior to the premiere of “Frères ennemis” later in the evening.

Matthis Schoenaerts and Reda Kateb in “Frères ennemis” |  O’Brother Distribution.

Mr. Schoenaerts, which do you play in “Frères ennemis”: a hero or an antihero?

When I play a character, I never think in terms of heroes. I know that people are capable of doing heroic things, and that makes me very curious. It gives me the energy to know everything about it and know everything about the character I am about to play, no matter what kind of personality he has. But I don’t think in terms of heroes.

You can easily play all kind of different people, a German, a Russian, etc. Is the language important to you in your portrayal?

Absolutely. When it’s a French or an English-language movie, I think in French or in English. The language changes a lot of things.

You have been referred to as a new Marlon Brando. How do you respond to that?

It’s an incredible compliment, of course. I am very honored when people say something like that, and it gives me the impression that I am not overlooked or ignored. But in the end, it doesn’t help me at all [laughs]. You just try to do your work as good as you can. In the U.S., journalists ask me that question from time to time, but I always think it’s pretty difficult to give a good answer because in a way it’s a complicated question.

When you’re on the set shooting a scene, you always know what’s going on. You know your lines, you know the story, the direction, everything, so there are no more surprises for you. How do you manage to make sure the audience will be surprised by what you do?

That’s basically what acting is all about, and that’s really the joy of acting. On the set, we all know what we’re doing, but in the meantime, we’re all supposed to forget it, that is what people expect from an actor when he does his best to bring out the magic between ‘Action!’ and ‘Cut!’ It’s like when a child puts on a cowboy hat, and he is a cowboy for the next hour or so. Your imagination and the joy of acting are very crucial when you need to stay focused and make sure you’ll surprise the audience. An actor needs to do a lot of work, or there’s a lot to prepare if he wants to get everything right—not only the right movements and behave like the character is supposed to, but also the wardrobe and everything. The audience isn’t aware of that; they don’t see everything that has been done to get that one perfect magic camera angle.

Matthias Schoenaerts in Antwerp at an event for Flemish television, 2015 | Leo/Film Talk

Do you analyze your character in any way before you start shooting?

Not really; it goes in all different directions—physically or psychologically—it depends on the character that you’re playing. And there are times when you don’t know everything, so you need to understand him socially, culturally, historically, which means you need to look at it from an objective point of view. The bottom line is that whenever I accept a new role, I always have to make sure that I can defend my character. Each individual is unique, no matter what character you’re playing, and that is what an actor needs to show up there on the screen. You can never generalize a human being. Because, for example, a journalist… what is a journalist? An office clerk, what is an office clerk? So you have to look for a unique way to portray that particular person. It’s not always easy to find the perfect balance when you’re figuring out all the tiny details about him, especially since most roles you play are people you’ve never met.

You are a much sought-after star, and most of the time you work abroad. Does it make a difference to you where exactly you are working?

I live in Belgium; I love it, and I love working in Belgium, but at one point you will always run into the same people, and that’s dangerous for your creativity. It’s always good to have new challenges and meet new people. So when you have the opportunity to work in France, England, and in America, the door to your own creativity remains wide open. Everything is always new and fresh, and I love that, because you work with new and creative people all the time, people you’ve never met before, and you can start all over again.

Film Festival Oostende, Ostend (Belgium)
September 14, 2018

“Frères ennemis” (2018, trailer)


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