Bruce Davison: “Tell a story as cleanly and as purely as you possibly can. Everything else is lettuce on your sandwich”

Stage and screen actor Bruce Davison (b. 1946) has been one of the busiest and most sought-after character actors in America for the past fifty years. So, fortunately, we all had the chance to admire his acting skills during the past half a century, from “The Strawberry Statement” (1970), the original version of “Willard” (1971), and the forgotten art-house film and little masterpiece “Short Eyes” (1977), to the insightful and wrenching AIDS drama “Longtime Companion” (1989), which earned him a Golden Globe and an Academy Award nomination, and the blockbuster “X-Men” (2000) with Mr. Davison playing the character of Senator Kelly.

Switching from leading to supporting and character roles and back, ranging from art-house and independent low-budget features to mainstream films and blockbusters—not to forget his work on stage and for television which includes Randal Kleiser’s award-winning TV movie “The Gathering” (1977), and his comedy episodes on “Seinfeld” (1989)—Mr. Davison has done it all. With over a hundred features and roughly fifty TV movies to his credit, which in truth also includes some films you have never heard of, he worked with the very best, such as Natalie Wood, Maureen Stapleton, Dustin Hoffman, Gene Hackman, Daniel Day-Lewis, Clive Owen, Juliette Binoche, and Emma Stone. And when you always work with the best, you are one of the best.

“Grease” film director Randal Kleiser took the time to introduce me to Mr. Davison—thank you very much—as both of them have known each other forever and worked together on multiple occasions. Mr. Kleiser’s highly acclaimed VR project “Defrost: The Virtual Series” (2016) was their latest project up until now.

So when I had the opportunity for a one-on-one conversation with one of the screen’s most talented and most experienced character actors, I was all ears. And I don’t know how he did it because despite his hectic working schedule, this distinguished actor—a happy and happily married family man and father of two—granted me quite a bit of his time at a restaurant in the suburbs of LA. The food was great, but it was nothing compared to the insightful thoughts he shared over an early dinner.

“The Strawberry Statement” (1970, trailer)

Mr. Davison, after I had seen “The Strawberry Statement,” which was a revelation to me, I was convinced that you were here to stay. And you did.

Well, it was my first Hollywood film; I had done one film in New York. But I guess you’re right: after all those years, I’m still working. The opportunities are different now, but I’m glad to be able to work. The best advice came from director Robert Aldrich when I did “Ulzana’s Raid” [1972] with Burt Lancaster for him. He took me aside one day and said, ‘Listen, you don’t want to be a leading man. If you become a leading man, you will do six pictures and be washed up at thirty, and nobody will ever hear from you again.’ And he went on to name a couple of actors that it happened to, and that he had worked with. ‘Be a supporting actor, play the character parts, like the doctors, the lawyers, the chiefs, the villains, and the victims, and you can live a life and raise a family in this town.’ I guess that was the advice I took to heart eventually, and that’s the reason why I’m still working. And I’ve been able to raise several families in this town [laughs].

What kind of a director was Robert Aldrich? Was he a tough director?

He was not tough at all; he was a graceful man. He was like one of the guys in “The Dirty Dozen” [1967, directed by Aldrich], and he was very gracious with the acting, but the most important thing for him was to tell the story of the film. I would say he was a story director. When I auditioned for the part and walked into his office, I said, ‘Mr. Aldrich, I just wanted to tell you “The Sand Pebbles” is one of my favorite movies of all time.’ And he said, ‘Thank you very much, that’s my friend Robert Wise.’ Years later, he told me, ‘That was the reason why you got the part; you were an idiot!’ [Laughs].

And what about now? After all these years in the business, do you still have to audition?

Oh yes, I did one last week for an HBO show. That never stops; it comes and goes.

Really? That doesn’t make any sense, does it?

Well, that’s the way it is. I once played poker with Michael Lerner, George Segal and Charles Durning, pitching about having to go in front of a nineteen-year-old girl who doesn’t know who any of us are when we’re sitting on a bench to read three lines of dialogue to be taped by a little camera—like you’re getting a mug shot—and so we were complaining about the humiliation of it all. Charles Durning looked up from his cards and said, ‘Now, here’s your chance to act’ [laughs]. And I carry that with me, every humiliation I have to go through, but it doesn’t change after fifty years. That’s the way it goes, and that’s the nature of the business. And at the same time, this is Hollywood: people are successful, and then they’re not successful; people come and go. When I was nominated for an Academy Award, I had six William Morris agents in my trailer telling me about the next five-year plan, and when it turned out I didn’t win, I couldn’t get any of them on the phone the next week. And as I’m older now, it has become more difficult. I used to listen to people like Henry Fonda—he directed me in “The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial” [play]—and he’d say, ‘Well when you get older, they don’t have a lot of parts. Maybe three good ones this year, and they’ll probably go to James Stewart’ [laughs]. Jason Robards once said to me, ‘I’m looking at the pictures on my wall in my house; I’ll probably have to sell one because I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to work again.’

Do you think you could have done more with your Academy Award nomination if you received it now?

Oh yes, if I received a nomination now, I’d have the six agents back in my trailer again [laughs], giving me the best scripts. If people win an Academy Award now, for a certain amount of time, they all get to pick out their scripts. There are a number of great parts every year, and they all get the first crack at all of that, and the rest of us are the lawyers, the doctors, and the chiefs. But that’s how I can survive: I don’t carry a lot of films, I’m in them.

I always thought you were one of those highly accomplished and reliable character actors like George Sanders, Eli Wallach, and Claude Rains.

I have to tell you this story. When I was a little boy—four or five years old—I had a record of Claude Rains doing “David and Goliath” and “Joseph and his Coat of Many Colors.” When my mother would tell me to go to bed, I would come down and stand at the top of the steps and say [imitating Claude Rains], ‘This is the story of David and Goliath, the young shepherd boy who went on to fight the giants.’ And all the adults would fall down and laugh, so I learned as a kid that I was a mimic and that I could mimic voices. That was my first inkling to the power of the word, the cinema and character acting. Claude Rains was my first hero because I got to imitate him.

Claude Rains with Bette Davis in Vincent Sherman’s screen classic “Mr. Skeffington” (1945) | Film Talk Archive

He passed away shortly before you entered films, but did you ever meet him?

No, I never met him, but I got to meet James Mason when I did “The Strawberry Statement.” I was doing interviews for Life Magazine, and I said to him, ‘That scene in “Odd Man Out” [1947, directed by Carol Reed] when you’re on the steps, you’re dying, and your drool is coming out of your mouth, that’s the most incredible moment I’ve ever seen on film.’ And he said [imitating James Mason], ‘Oh, I’ve never seen that, I just can’t bear to watch myself.’ I thought, ‘This guy is nuts!’ But now that’s what is happening to me; I’m also having such a hard time watching myself on film. Katharine Hepburn once said, ‘Who wants to see yourself rot?’ [Laughs].

Do you have a specific working method as an actor? Do you like to improvise, for example?

That depends because every project is different, every job is completely different. I mean, when you do Shakespeare, you can’t change the lines, and you can’t improvise, but for “Harry and the Hendersons” [TV series, 1991-1993], you can do different things and change scenes. But basically, every job is as different as there are people—it’s like any other business. There is great material that you have to have a real reverence for, and there’s stuff that you simply have to make work.

That’s the challenge?

Well, there’s always a new challenge in everything you do. I try to do stories that are of interest to me, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes you have to try to make things work.

When you read a script for the first time, do you focus on the story or on the character you’re about to play?

The first thing I do is to see how many lines I have to memorize [laughs]. Where’s my character? Does he go all the way through? And then I sit down and read the story. But for the most part, I always hope to play a really worthwhile, interesting character, and you can find some of the best parts in little scenes like Beatrice Straight did in “Network” [1976]. She won an Academy Award for a scene of something like two minutes. So you never know if it’s a great part unless you really focus on the story that is being told.

Do you still need a lot of direction when you’re on the set shooting a scene?

[Laughs]. That is a good question to answer. My biggest problem is, can people leave me alone in letting me do what I do. Sometimes directors are like traffic cops, but then there are others that come along that are very specific. I’ve become a little bit paranoid because I’ve been let down the wrong path a number of times, but there are wonderful directors, and I usually like to work with them a few times to really understand them. Some of them are so specific about every moment that I am wiped out by the time I’m done working with them. But at the same time, I look at the work that they have created out of me, and I find it better than anything that I had in mind or could come up with in the first place. So it’s worth it, but those opportunities are not always something you notice immediately or that you are aware of. Sometimes a director can drive you crazy with stuff, and you’ll be let down the wrong path, or he will force you to be overacting in a scene when you know better. But it all varies. Once again, there are great directors, and others are, like Shakespeare said, ‘some of nature’s journeymen.’ I worked with great directors and some that aren’t so great.

Who do you consider some of the great directors you worked with? Robert Altman?

Sure, I loved him because he loved actors, and what was great about him, he was a real improviser and worked with actors on an improvisatory scale. He always knew what he wanted, every shot, but lots of times, the acting would be open to improvisation. I worked with him on a film that had the least improvisation because it was the tightest script—“Short Cuts” [1993]—but in a lot of his films, you can see the improvisation. I also liked Ken Russell a lot [“Crimes of Passion,” 1984]. He was a total madman, and I certainly liked Robert Aldrich. Raoul Coutard was a great cameraman, wonderful to work with [“The Jerusalem File,” 1972]. Steven Spielberg was a great friend, although I never got to work with him, except for playing an extra in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” [1977] because we were friends. I got off the mothership as one of the pilots. Steven was an early friend of mine, and I remember an agent one time telling me that Steven was a genius. I thought that was just agent talk, but over the years, I watched Steven be that genius. He can watch five cameras at the same time and be editing in his head as he’s creating his story. But I’m not in Steven’s league; he sort of left everybody in the dust. But the old Laurel Canyon group… we were all neighbors. We all lived on Laurel Canyon back in the early seventies when he was sneaking into Universal. At that time, there were a lot of folk musicians, too, with Joni Mitchell and Graham Nash living at the top or at the bottom of the hill. Helen Reddy was a friend; David Geffen was just producing music then, putting Crosby Stills & Nash together in those early years. So there was a lot of Laurel Canyon stuff happening. Frank Zappa, Alice Cooper, and Mickey Dolenz were living there too. It was all a hang-out at that time.

Are you nostalgic about that era?

No, I had a miserable time. I was stoned and drugged most of the time. I mean, I had some fun, but I was kind of a wreck too.

Going back to your craft as an actor, what was it like for you to appear in Randal Kleiser’s VR series “Defrost”? Did you have to adjust in any way as an actor?

Oh yes, for every camera angle, wide shot or close-up, anything. It’s the same with stage work. Hume Cronyn, a wonderful friend of mine, told me he was always playing old men even when he was a young kid. When he came out to Hollywood to do his first film, “Shadow of a Doubt” [1943], for Alfred Hitchcock, he was playing an older character and he was in a scene at a dinner table with Joseph Cotten and Teresa Wright, and she had to yell at him. Hitchcock then told him, ‘When she yells at you like that, come into her and look at her.’ But he said, ‘That doesn’t feel natural, Mr. Hitchcock, it just doesn’t feel right.’ Then Hitchcock said, ‘Fine. Be a natural actor with your head cut off or have a close-up. What’s it gonna be?’ That was his first lesson in film acting. He came from the stage! I always remembered that because every camera angle requires a different kind of acting. If the camera is right here in your face, or if it’s further away, that makes a huge difference.

When you prepare for a scene, are there certain things you keep in mind—other than what you have to do and what you have to say?

Not really because there’s always something going on on a film set, so the worst part of film acting is the distraction. There’s always an interruption, there are eight hours setting up camera lights, and then hours between each shot, and you have to maintain what you were doing a few seconds ago. If you were in an emotional state of some sort, that’s the most challenging part of acting. You always have to recreate the reality of the truth while at the same time it’s all illusion.

Do you still enjoy acting as much as you did fifty years ago?

If they offer me something that I’m really devoted to, yes. But those opportunities don’t come along very often. They come along occasionally. There are a few opportunities in our lives that we get to do something of great quality, for supporting character actors especially. But yet, I’m working more than most people I know in terms of credits.

“Longtime Companion” [1989] was one of those unique opportunities?

Absolutely. That was very meaningful. So was Randal Kleiser’s “It’s My Party” [1996]. People sometimes ask me, ‘Wasn’t it difficult to do “Longtime Companion”?’ And my answer is always, ‘No. It was difficult doing the sitcom “Harry and the Hendersons” for three years!’ I saw the film again recently; it’s probably one of the very few films to hold up as well today as it did when it was made. The acting, the story, the writing—it’s such a pure story, it really is. Telling this story from one certain group of people’s point of view, a story about a whole group of people living through the AIDS holocaust, the AIDS crisis, was terribly important.

The 1989 Golden Globe nominees for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture were Armand Assante (“Q&A”), Bruce Davison (“Longtime Companion”), Hector Elizondo (“Pretty Woman”), Andy Garcia (“The Godfather, Part III”), Al Pacino (“Dick Tracy”), and Joe Pesci (“Goodfellas”). Presenters were Macaulay Culkin and Mickey Rooney.

Your speech when you received your Golden Globe was very relevant too.

I remember that night very well. Christopher Reeve said to me, ‘That was the only political speech tonight.’ The Golden Globes and the Academy Award nomination certainly catapulted me to a whole other level for some time, and then that time passes. I got to do “Short Cuts” with Robert Altman after that. It was funny because I got invited to go to the right parties for a period of time, so I finally went up to Altman and said, ‘You’ve been scaring me for years. I wanted to introduce myself to you on the street, but you looked like you’d bite my head off, so I stayed away. But now, I just want to say hello.’ The next day I got a call from my agent who said, ‘We’ve been working on this Robert Altman picture for you, and we’ve gotten you an audition and an interview’ [laughs]. So I went in, and there was Robert Altman making bread, and he said, ‘Well, I’m making this picture. Jeff Daniels fell out; you want to do it?’ That was my audition [laughs]. So much of what happens is a result of being in the right place at the right time.

And when you’re working, do you need a lot of takes?

I like to get it right away. I don’t think it helps when you have to do things over and over again, but it depends: sometimes things start to occur to you as you work and see more, and it depends on who’s being shot first. I just played a part with a lot of dialogue, and I was sort of panicking. But the director shot the girl first with all the reactions, so after five hours of doing that, I knew what I was going to do. Also, I had seen what she was doing, so I could play it out, and that worked really well. But any time before that, I would have said to you, ‘I want to get it over with’ [laughs]. I’m learning things every time I work—new stuff, new ways to work—I haven’t fallen into any set pattern. So yes, sometimes twenty takes will work, sometimes just one. Do I like to get it over with, or do I like to wait? I don’t know. But I like to be as spontaneous as possible. One thing some of the greatest actors have taught me, just by watching them, is never ever to underestimate the insecurity of an actor, no matter who it is, Ian McKellen [they made four films together], or Dustin Hoffman and Gene Hackman [“Runaway Jury,” 2003]. You have to support that. You know, William A. Wellman, one of the founders of Hollywood, was a great mentor of mine. I had dated his youngest daughter. He was just a revelation to me, he taught me so much, and one day, I asked him, ‘Why did you stop working?’ And he said, ‘Television! Master shot, over the shoulder, over the shoulder, close-up, close-up, move on, next shot by lunch… it’s like making sandwiches, while it’s all about the bouncing ball’ [moves his forefinger up and down]. The bouncing ball is the essence of a scene, the story, the moment, what’s important. He also said, ‘When I was making “The Ox-Box Incident” [1942], I broke [Darryl F.] Zanuck’s jaw over the fact that he wanted a close-up of Henry Fonda with tears running down his face, reading a letter at the end of the film. All you see is his mouth and a cowboy hat in front of his face when he’s reading the letter. But I wanted the letter because it’s all about the letter. But it’s not about Fonda or the tears or anything else, it’s about telling that story: they hung these guys, they killed these guys, and now they find out how? Through the letter! It’s not about looking in the audience with any emotion or anything.’ He also said that the most important thing in filmmaking, besides acting and directing, is to tell a story as cleanly and as purely as you possibly can. Everything else is lettuce on your sandwich.

Where do you put yourself as an actor in Mr. Wellman’s view?

An actor tells the story through his character and his acting: the actions you make, the choices you make, it’s not all about just emotion, it’s about what you do. Love is a verb. And maybe the character has a journey: it starts here, and it ends up there.

Is it important to know, or at least think about what happened to your character before he first appears on the screen?

Yeah, that’s even important to know when or how he’s going to walk through a door. You do as much preparation as you can, but at the same time, it has to be fluid and it has to be honest in the moment. I teach acting occasionally, about auditioning or just about acting in a scene. I think there are three important rules for an actor in a scene. The first one is, a thing is what it is. Suppose somebody wants you to play King Lear, you walk into a room, and there’s a weak three-cornered stool. That’s your throne? Yes, that’s your throne. A thing is what it is. Number two: you gotta own it. You accept what it is, and you don’t pretend it to be something it’s not. The third one is, then you can create anything out of that. Once you own something, you can go anywhere with it. If you know what you’re doing, you know the place; you can walk into a room, you know the environment that you’re in, then you can create anything because you’re on solid ground within that environment. That’s the most important thing I can teach about acting. I have been astounded by the fact that some of those students can just turn around and suddenly do brilliant work. And I can be moved and shocked that it lives in their souls, that it was in there the whole time. If a person comes to me and he’s acting all over the place, then I’d say, ‘Okay, stop. Where are you now, what are you doing, what’s going on, what are you sitting on—a thing is what it is—why are you looking at me… you own that now? All right, now talk to me, tell me your lines.’ And then—boom!—suddenly there it is.

Like watching those students at work, do you also like to watch actors at work when you’re on the set?

Yes, and I’m always amazed by the work they do. I remember working with Daniel Day-Lewis on “The Crucible” [1996] and Nicholas Hytner was a wonderful director. Daniel was very friendly during rehearsals—we just rehearsed briefly because he didn’t like to rehearse—and when we started to shoot, he wouldn’t talk with me. He didn’t speak to me the whole time, twelve weeks. I talked to [actor] Jeffrey Jones about it and asked him, ‘What’s his problem?’ And he said, ‘We are his enemies!’ And when we got to the end of the shoot—we were all out there, and it started to get dark on the last day and the last moment of shooting—the director said, ‘Well, we lost the light, but I think we got our film, I think we’re done.’ And Daniel turned to me and, I started to cry. And then I got it. To watch his devotion was very remarkable. He always came to the set, and together with the crew, he built the set—the town—with seventeenth-century tools. The nails were like the nails from the 1600s, those square things, hammered in with a rock—that’s the way they built the set. And he built it with the crew! So it was amazing to see him work like that. I could never do it. But that’s why he’s so brilliant in what he does and why it’s so painful for him to continue. So an actor, he pays the ultimate price for his roles. That’s the kind of an actor he is: it’s all about acting, nothing else exists, there’s only the work—no friendships or anything. I just come in and play the lawyer or the doctor and go home [laughs]. In between takes, I’m joking around, so I don’t pay that price. Although I do sometimes, but very rarely. For the most part, you know, it’s a job. He would never do any of the work I do. He would wait for three years and make shoes until the next part comes along. I couldn’t do that. I’d do seventy-two episodes of “Harry and the Hendersons” to pay for my son’s college.

And yet, I think you were always underestimated.

Well, thank you, I also think I’m underestimated, but that’s just me [laughs]. I don’t know; maybe every actor thinks that, but I’m not consumed with my career twenty-four hours a day. I’ve seen that destroy people. I love my family, I got a beautiful daughter, a loving wife, a son who’s now working on his own, and he’s doing great. That’s the essence, and that is what’s important to me—more than the job. If I had a great opportunity to have grabbed that brass ring when it came around, that might have changed things.

Did you ever have any problems with your directors?

No, I don’t think so. I’ve been annoyed sometimes [laughs]. I had a problem when I was younger with being arrogant, thinking I knew everything, so some directors said, ‘Why don’t you just act, and I’ll do the directing.’ Ken Russell was funny—and he could be a bully too. He didn’t bully me too much when we did “Crimes of Passion” [1984], but we had this one scene when I had this horrendously abusive monologue, and he was doing very fancy camera work with it. So when I was doing this monologue, the camera was going all over the place, and I think by the twentieth take, I blew it; I just went up. Then he looked at me, and he started screaming, ‘You are ruining my American career!’ ‘No, I’m not!’ ‘You’re not?!’ And I said, ‘No!’ And that was the end of that [laughs]. I ended up going to his wedding on the Queen Mary with girls dressed up as Rockettes, and he was married by Anthony Perkins. I loved Ken Russell, but sometimes he would scream at people.

You also directed a few films of yours. If you could start all over again, would you still be an actor, or would you rather be a director?

No, I’d rather be an actor, because a director has to be a grown-up and an actor gets to be a child. An actor can say, ‘When is lunch?’ And the director will say, ‘Lunch? I’m three shots behind, don’t bother me with lunch! Why do you have to eat?!’ I mean, I love both, but I don’t know how good a director I’d be. I like directing, I like to have the opportunity, but I am at a point in my life when nobody is going to give me that opportunity at my age. They’d rather hire a kid right out of USC. There are a lot of choices I would have made differently; I’m not one to say I don’t have regrets, none that will kill me, but if I could, I’d like to fix a few things I did wrong over the years—and that I continue to do now [laughs].

Do you also have any regrets about roles that you eventually turned down over the years?

I got to meet Dalton Trumbo, and he wanted me to do “Johnny Got His Gun” [1971], but I had to turn it down because I was doing “Willard” [1971]. Trumbo was a great man. I would also have liked to play Billy the Kid in Sam Peckinpah’s “Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid” [1973]. I wish I could have gone in there and give him a better audition. I also auditioned for David Fincher for “Seven” [1995], and I didn’t give as good of an audition as I wanted to beat Kevin Spacey out of that part. If I could, I would go back and fix that.

Did you ever pursue any roles?

No, I never really chased after anything, which is probably another reason I never had that great opportunity. I’m not driven; I wish I were, I wish I had more of a drive than I have, but I enjoy my life and my family. Acting isn’t the only or the main priority in my existence. For some people, it is, and that’s fine.

“Longtime Companion” (1989, trailer)

Is there anything in particular that you learned after fifty years of acting in front of a camera?

Yes, and it’s a quote by William Goldman, ‘Nobody knows anything in this business.’ They may tell you that they do, but they don’t know anything. Everybody has ideas about what will be successful, or what’s not… but nobody knows. Here’s a story that will sum it up for you. When “Longtime Companion” was being made, we were on Riverside Drive in New York, shooting in a building in people’s apartments, and if they found out that it was a movie about AIDS, we might lose our location. In the middle of the night, I looked out the window, and there were twenty trucks all over Riverside Drive; the street was covered with artificial snow that had been pumped in, there were hundreds of extras walking in 1940s costumes, and I walked down to watch this enormous production. There were two friends of mine, [actor] Ron Silver and [director] Paul Mazursky, sitting on their chairs in the middle of all of this, holding their cigars, and I walked up to them, ‘Hey! I am in this little independent film, but if I could just get one good break like this with a film that paid, your own dressing room and everything—being in a great film, boy, that would be wonderful!’ Cut to one year later. I am at the Academy Awards, nominated for “Longtime Companion,” and Ron Silver is sitting behind me. He taps me on the shoulder and says, ‘Our movie was called “Enemies: A Love Story” [1989], and it lasted one weekend. Be careful what you wish for.’ So nobody knows anything. You never know if you’ll be on that merry-go-round and spin around at thirty-three miles an hour, and the brass ring will drop down at the perfect instant for you to grab it.

Los Angeles, California
March 23, 2019


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CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND (1977) DIR Steven Spielberg PROD Julia Phillips, Michael Phillips SCR Steven Spielberg, Jerry Belson CAM Vilmos Zsigmond ED Michael Kahn MUS John Williams CAST Richard Dreyfuss, François Truffaut, Teri Garr, Melinda Dillon, Bob Balaban, J. Patrick McMamara, Cary Guffey, Lance Henriksen, Josef Sommer, Carl Weathers, Bruce Davison (Pilot Leaving the Mothership [uncredited])

SHORT EYES (1977) DIR Robert M. Young PROD Robert M. Young, Lewis Harris SCR (play by Miguel Pinero) CAM Peter Sova ED Edward Beyer MUS Curtis Mayfield CAST Bruce Davison (Clark Davis), José Pérez, Nathan George, Don Blakely, Tony DiBenedetto, Shawn Elliott, Tito Goya, Luis Guzmán, Curtis Mayfield, Joe Pesci

FRENCH QUARTER (1978) DIR – PROD Dennis Kane SCR Dennis Kane, Barney Cohen CAM Jerry Kalogeratos ED George T. Norris MUS Dick Hyman CAST Virginia Mayo, Bruce Davison (Kid Ross / Inspector Sordik), Alisha Fontaine, Ann Michelle, Lindsay Bloom, Vernel Bagneris

BRASS TARGET (1978) DIR John Hough PROD Arthur Lewis SCR Alvin Boretz (novel by Frederick Nolan) CAM Tony Imi ED David Lane MUS Laurence Rosenthal CAST Sophia Loren, John Cassavetes, George Kennedy, Peter Vaughn, Patrick McGoohan, Bruce Davison (Col. Robert Dawson), Edward Herrmann, Max von Sydow, Ed Bishop

HIGH RISK (1981) DIR Stewart Raffill PROD Joseph Raffill, Gerald Green, Anuar Badin SCR Stewart Raffill, Fernando Celis CAM Álex Phillips Jr. ED Tom Walls MUS Mark Snow CAST James Brolin, Anthony Quinn, Lindsay Wagner, Bruce Davison (Dan), Cleavon Little, Chick Vennera, James Coburn, Ernest Borgnine

KISS MY GRITS (1982) DIR Jack Starrett PROD Gary Mehlman SCR David Neuman, Richard Graddis CAM Daniel Lacambre ED Jean-Marc Vasseur CAST Bruce Davison (Dolin T. Pike), Susan George, Bruno Kirby, Anthony Franciosa, Robin O’Connor, Pat Corley, Van Proyen, Sunshine Parker

LIES (1983) DIR – SCR Jim Wheat, Ken Wheat PROD Jim Wheat, Ken Wheat, Shelley Hermann CAM Robert Ebinger ED Michael D. Ornstein, Dennis M. Hill MUS Marc Donahue CAST Ann Dusenberry, Gail Strickland, Bruce Davison (Stuart Russell), Clu Gulager, Terence Knox, Bert Remsen, Stacy Keach Sr.

CRIMES OF PASSION (1984) DIR Ken Russell PROD Barry Sandler SCR Barry Sandler CAM Dick Bush ED Brian Tagg MUS Rick Wakeman CAST Kathleen Turner, Anthony Perkins, Bruce Davison (Donny Hopper), John Laughlin, Annie Potts, John G. Scanlon

SPIES LIKE US (1985) DIR John Landis PROD George Folsey Jr., Brian Glazer SCR Dan Aykroyd, Babaloo Mandel, Lowell Ganz (story by Dan Aykroyd, Dave Thomas) CAM Robert Paynter ED Malcolm Campbell MUS Elmer Bernstein CAST Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Steve Forrest, Donna Dixon, Bruce Davison (Mr. Ruby), Bernie Casey, William Prince, Tom Hatten, Frank Oz, Terry Gilliam, Costa-Gavras, Ray Harryhausen, Bob Hope, Joel Coen, Sam Raimi, Michael Apted, Martin Brest, Bob Swaim

THE LADIES CLUB (1986) DIR Janet Greek [A. K. Allen] PROD Paul Mason, Nick J. Mileti SCR Fran Lewis Ebeling, Paul Mason (novel by Casey Bishop, Betty Black) CAM Adam Greenberg ED Marion Segal, Randall Torno MUS Lalo Schifrin CAST Karen Austin, Diane Scarwid, Christine Belford, Bruce Davison (Richard Harrison), Shera Danese, Beverly Todd, Marilyn Kagan, Kit McDonough

THE MISFIT BRIGADE (1987) DIR Gordon Hessler PROD Benni Korzen, Just Betzer SCR Nelson Gidding (novel by Sven Hassel) CAM Djordje Nikolic ED Robert Gordon, Ron Kalish MUS Ole Høyer CAST Bruce Davison (Corporal Joseph Porta), David Patrick Kelly, D. W. Moffett, Jay O. Sanders, Keith Szarabajka, Oliver reed, David Carradine

LONGTIME COMPANION (1989) DIR Norman René PROD Stan Wlodkowski SCR Craig Lucas CAM Tony C. Jannelli ED Katherine Wenning MUS Greg De Belles CAST Stephen Caffrey, Patrick Cassidy, Brian Cousins, Bruce Davison (David), John Dossett, Mark Lamos, Dermot Mulroney, Mary-Louise Parker, Campbell Scott

STEEL AND LACE (1991) DIR Ernest Farino PROD David DeCoteau, John Schouweiler SCR Joseph Dougherty, Dave Edison CAM Thomas L. Callaway ED Christopher Roth MUS John Massari CAST Clare Wren, Bruce Davison (Albert Morton), Stacy Haiduk, David Naughton, Michael Cerveris, Scott Burkholder

SHORT CUTS (1993) DIR Robert Altman PROD Cary Brokaw SCR Robert Altman, Frank Barhydt CAM Walt Lloyd ED Suzy Elmiger, Geraldine Peroni MUS Mark Isham CAST Andie MacDowell, Bruce Davison (Howard Finnigan), Jack Lemmon, Julianne Moore, Matthew Modine, Anne Archer, Fred Ward, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Chris Penn, Joseph C. Hopkins, Robert Downey Jr., Madeliene Stowe, Tim Robbins, Lily Tomlin, Tom Waits, Frances McDermond, Peter Gallagher, Lori Singer, Buck Henry, Huey Lewis

AN AMBUSH OF GHOSTS (1993) DIR Everett Lewis PROD Robert Shulevitz, Lauren Graybow SCR Quinton Peeples CAM Judy Irola ED Claudia Hoover MUS In the Nursery [Klive Humberstone, Nigel Humberstone] CAST David Arquette, Alan Boyce, Geneviève Bujold, Bruce Davison (Bill Betts), Stephen Dorff, James Duval, Anne Heche

SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION (1993) DIR Fred Schepisi PROD Fred Schepisi, Arnon Milchan SCR John Guare (also play) CAM Ian Baker ED Peter Honess MUS Jerry Goldsmith CAST Will Smith, Stockard Channing, Donald Sutherland, Ian McKellan, Mary Beth Hurt, Bruce Davison (Larkin), Richard Masur, Anthony Michael Hall, Heather Graham, Oz Perkins

THE SKATEBOARD KID PART II (1994) DIR – PROD Andrew Stevens SCR Karen Kelly CAM Adam Kane ED Tony Mark MUS Claude Gaudette CAST Dee Wallace, Bruce Davison (Burt Squires), Andrew Stevens, Trenton Knight, Turhan Bey, Andrea Barber, Brooke Stanley, Andrew Keegan

HOMAGE (1995) DIR Ross Kagan Marks PROD Mark Medoff, Elan Sassoon SCR Mark Medoff (also play) CAM Tom Richmond ED Kevin Tent MUS W. G. Snuffy Walden CAST Blythe Danner, Frank Whaley, Sheryl Lee, Danny Nucci, Bruce Davison (Joseph Smith), Bob Goen, Raymond Mesa, Arlene Belkin

THE CURE (1995) DIR Peter Horton PROD Eric Eisner, Mark Burg SCR Robert Kuhn CAM Andrew Dintenfass ED Anthony Sherin MUS Dave Grusin CAST Brad Renfo, Aerek Egan, Annabella Sciorra, Diane Scarwid, Delphine French, Bruce Davison (Doctor Stevens)

THE BABY-SITTERS CLUB (1995) DIR Melanie Mayron PROD Peter O. Almond, Jane Startz SCR Darlene Young (book series by Ann M. Martin) CAM Willy Kurant ED Christopher Greenbury MUS David Michael Frank CAST Schuyler Fisk, Bre Blair, Rachael Leigh Cook, Larisa Oleynik, Tricia Joe, Bruce Davison (Watson Brewer), Ellen Burstyn, Peter Horton, Colleen Camp, Robin Swid

FAR FROM HOME: THE ADVENTURES OF YELLOW DOG (1995) DIR – SCR Phillip Boros PROD Peter O’Brian CAM James Gardner ED Sidney Wolinski MUS John Scott CAST Mimi Rogers, Bruce Davison (John McCormick), Jesse Bradford, Tom Bower, Joel Palmer, Josh Wanamaker, Margot Finley

THE CRUCIBLE (1996) DIR Nicholas Hytner PROD Robert A. Miller, David V. Picker SCR Arthur Miller (also play) CAM Andrew Dunn ED Tariq Anwar MUS George Fenton CAST Daniel Day-Lewis, Winona Ryder, Paul Scofield, Joan Allen, Bruce Davison (Reverend Parris), Rob Campbell, Jeffrey Jones, Peter Vaughan, Karron Graves, Charlayne Woodard, Frances Conroy

IT’S MY PARTY (1996) DIR – SCR Randal Kleiser PROD Randal Kleiser, Joel Thurm CAM Bernd Heinl ED Ila von Hasperg MUS Basel Poledouris CAST Margaret Cho, Bruce Davison (Rodney Bingham), Lee Grant, Gregory Harrison, Marlee Matlin, Rody McDowall, Olivia Newton-John, Bronson Pinchot, Paul Regina, Eric Roberts, George Segal, Christopher Atkins, Dennis Christopher, Sally Kellerman, Nina Foch

GRACE OF MY HEART (1996) DIR – SCR Allison Anders PROD Ruth Charny CAM Jean-Yves Escoffier ED Thelma Schoonmaker, James Y. Kwei, Harvey Rosenstock MUS Larry Klein CAST Illeana Douglas, Matt Dillon, Eric Stoltz, John Torturro, Bruce Davison (John Murray), Bridget Fonda, Jennifer Leigh Warren, Kathy Barbour

LOVELIFE (1997) DIR – SCR John Harmon Feldman PROD Todd Hoffman, Fuller French CAM Tony C. Jannelli ED Samuel Craven MUS Adam Fields CAST Sherilyn Fenn, Jon Tenney, Carla Gugino, Bruce Davison (Bruce), Peter Krause, Matt Letscher, Saffron Burrows

PAULIE (1998) DIR John Roberts PROD Allison Lyon Segan, Mark Gordon, Gary Levinsohn SCR Laurie Craig CAM Tony Pierce-Roberts ED Bruce Cannon MUS John Debney CAST Gena Rowlands, Tony Shalhoub, Cheech Marin, Bruce Davison (Dr. Reingold), Jay Mohr, Trini Alvarado, Buddy Hackett, Matt Craven

APT PUPIL (1998) DIR Bryan Singer PROD Bryan Singer, Don Murphy, Jane Hamsher SCR Brandon Boyce (novel by Stephen King) CAM Newton Thomas Sigel ED – MUS John Ottman CAST Ian McKellan, Brad Renfo, Joshua Jackson, Ann Dowd, Bruce Davison (Richard Bowden), James Karen, David Schwimmer

AT FIRST SIGHT (1999) DIR Irwin Winkler PROD Irwin Winkler, Rob Cowan SCR Steve Levitt (story by Oliver Sacks) CAM John Seale ED Julie Monroe MUS Mark Isham CAST Val Kilmer, Mira Sorvino, Kelly McGillis, Steven Weber, Bruce Davison (Dr. Charles Aaron), Nathan Lane, Ken Howard, Drena De Niro, Oliver Sacks

THE KING IS ALIVE (2000) DIR Kristian Levring PROD Vibeke Windeløv, Patricia Kruijer, Svend Abrahamsen SCR Kristian Levring, Anders Thomas Jensen (inspired by the play ‘King Lear’ by William Shakespeare) CAM Jens Schlosser ED Nicholas Wayman-Harris MUS Derek Thompson CAST Miles Anderson, Romane Bohringer, David Bradley, David Calder, Bruce Davison (Ray), Brion James, Peter Kubheka, Vusi Kunene, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Janet McTeer, Chris Walker, Lia Williams

X-MEN (2000) DIR Bryan Singer PROD Lauren Schuler Donner, Ralph Winter SCR David Hayter (story by Bryan Singer, Tom DeSanto) CAM Newton Thomas Sigel ED Steven Rosenblum, Kevin Stitt, John Wright MUS Michael Kamen CAST Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Femke Janssen, James Marsden, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, Tyler Mane, Ray Park, Bruce Davison (Senator Kelly), David Hayter

CRAZY / BEAUTIFUL (2001) DIR John Stockwell PROD Mary Jane Ufland, Harry J. Ufland, Rachel Dallago SCR Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi CAM Shane Hurlbut ED Melissa Kent MUS Paul Haslinger CAST Kirsten Dunst, Jay Hernandez, Bruce Davison (Tom Oakley), Lucinda Jenney, Taryn Manning, Marion Moseley

SUMMER CATCH (2001) DIR Michael Tollin PROD Michael Tollin, Sam Weisman, Brian Robbins SCR Kevin Falls, John Gatins (story by Kevin Falls) CAM Tim Suhrstedt ED Harvey Rosenstock MUS George Fenton, Tarsha Vega CAST Freddie Prinze Jr., Jessica Biel, Fred Ward, Matthew Lillard, Brian Dennehy, Brittany Murphy, Bruce Davison (Rand Parrish), Marc Blucas

HIGH CRIMES (2002) DIR Carl Franklin PROD Arnon Milchan, Janet Yang SCR Yuri Zeltser, Grace Cary Bickley (novel by Joseph Finder) CAM Theo van de Sande ED Carole Kravetz Aykanian MUS Graeme Revell CAST Ashley Judd, Morgan Freeman, Jim Caviezel, Adam Scott, Amanda Peet, Bruce Davison (Brig. Gen. Bill Marks), Tom Bower, Juan Carlos Hernández

DAHMER (2002) DIR – SCR David Jacobson PROD Larry Rattner CAM Chris Manley ED Bipasha Shom MUS Christina Agamanolis, Mariana Bernoski, Willow Williamson CAST Jeremy Renner, Bruce Davison (Lionel Dahmer), Artel Great [Artel Kayaru], Matt Newton, Dion Basco, Kate Williamson, Christina Payano

X2: X-MEN UNITED (2003) DIR Bryan Singer PROD Lauren Shuler Donner, Ralph Winter SCR Bryan Singer, David Hayter, Michael Dougherty, Dan Harris (story by David Hayter, Zak Penn) CAM Newton Thomas Sigel ED John Ottman, Elliot Graham MUS John Ottman CAST Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry, Femke Janssen, James Marsden, Anna Paquin, Rebecca Romijn, Brian Cox, Bruce Davison (Senator Kelly), Aaron Stanford

RUNAWAY JURY (2003) DIR Gary Fleder PROD Gary Fleder, Christopher Mankiewicz, Arnon Milchan SCR Brian Koppelman, David Levien, Rick Cleveland, Matthew Chapman (novel ‘The Runaway Jury’ by John Grisham) CAM Robert Elswitt ED William Steinkamp MUS Christopher Young CAST John Cusack, Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman, Rachel Weisz, Bruce Davison (Durwood Cable), Bruce McGill, Jeremy Pïven, Nick Searcy, Leland Orser

EVERGREEN (2004) DIR – SCR Enid Zentelis PROD Enid Zentelis, Norma Jean Straw, Eva Kolodner, Yael Melamede CAM Matthew Clark ED Julie Carr, Meg Reticker MUS John Stirratt, Patrick Sansone CAST Mary Kay Place, Cara Seymour, Gary Farmer, Bruce Davison (Frank), Addie Land, Gary Farmer, Lynn Cohen, Noah Fleiss

HATE CRIME (2005) DIR – SCR Tommy Stovall PROD Tommy Stovall, P. Dirk Higdon, Ebony Tay CAM Ian Ellis ED Darrin Navarro MUS Ebony Tay CAST Seth Peterson, Bruce Davison (Pastor Boyd), Chad Donella, Lin Shaye, Susan Blakely, Cindy Pickett, Brian J. Smith, Farah White

8MM 2 (2005) DIR J.S. Cardone PROD Scott Einbinder, Carol Kottenbrook SCR Robert Sullivan (story by Dylan Tarason) CAM Darko Suvak ED Elena Maganini MUS Tim Jones CAST Johnathon Scheach, Lori Heuring, Bruce Davison (Ambassador Harrington), Julie Benz, Valentine Pelka, Zita Görög

CONFESSION (2005) DIR Jonathan Meyers PROD Craig Anderson, Alex P. Yanew SCR Jonathan Meyers, Daniel Wright CAM Nelson Cragg ED Chad Galster MUS Ryan Shore CAST Chris Pinze, Cameron Dabbo, Bruce Davison (Father Thomas Parker), Tom Bosley, Peter Greene, Lukas Behnken

GOING SHOPPING (2005) DIR Henry Janglom PROD Judith Ryan SCR Henry Janglom, Victoria Foyt CAM Hanania Baer MUS Harriet Schock CAST Victoria Foyt, Rob Morrow, Lee Grant, Bruce Davison (Adam), Mae Whitman, Jennifer Grant, Juliet Landau, Sabrina Janglom, Katharine Kramer, Charles Matthau

TOUCHED (2005) DIR – SCR Timothy Scott Bogart PROD Marvin V. Acuna, Grazka Taylor CAM Irv Goodnoff ED Martin Apelbaum MUS Trevor Howard CAST Jenna Elfman, Randall Batinkoff, Samantha Mathis, Bruce Davison (Robert Davis), Diane Venora, Mina Badie, Sam Anderson, Kimberly Scott

SPECIAL OPS: DELTA FORCE (2006) DIR Cole S. McKay PROD Scott Pearlman, Mark Burman SCR Daniel Benton (story by Cole S. McKay, Daniel Benton) CAM Brandon Trost ED Christopher Roth MUS James Barth CAST Mueen Jahan Ahmad, Gloria Balding, Eric Clarke, Randy Colton, Bruce Davison (General Preston Rossdale), Liz Iacuzzi, Kahill Joseph

THE DEAD GIRL (2006) DIR – SCR Karen Moncrieff PROD Eric Karten, Gary Lucchesi, Tom Rosenberg, Kevin Turen, Henry Winterstern CAM Michael Grady ED Toby Yates MUS Adam Gorgoni CAST Josh Brolin, Rose Byrne, Toni Collette, Bruce Davison (Rose’s Father), James Franco, Marcia Gay Harden, Mary Beth Hurt, Piper Laurie, Brittany Murphy, Giovanni Ribisi, Mary Steenburgen, Kerry Washington

BREACH (2007) DIR Billy Ray PROD Scott Kroopf, Robert F. Newmyer, Scott Strauss SCR Billy Ray, Adam Mazer, William L. Rotko (story by Adam Mazer, William L. Rotko) CAM Tak Fujimoto ED Jeffrey Ford MUS Mychael Danna CAST Chris Cooper, Ryan Philippe, Laura Linney, Caroline Dhavernas, Gary Cole, Dennis Haysbert, Kathleen Quinlan, Bruce Davison (John O’Neill), Jonathan Watton

LA LINEA, a.k.a. THE LINE (2009) DIR James Cotten PROD R. Ellis Frazier, Geoffrey Ross, Marlon Parry SCR R. Ellis Frazier (story by Art Camacho) CAM Miguel Bunster ED Miklos Wright MUS David Torn CAST Andy Garcia, Ray Liotta, Esai Morales, Armand Assante, Valerie Cruz, Bruce Davison (Anthony), Joe Morton, Danny Trejo

PASSENGERS (2009) DIR – SCR Michael Bond PROD Michael Bond, Cameron Daddo, John Rogers CAM László Baranyai ED Drew Thompson MUS Gerald Brunskill CAST Cameron Daddo, Angie Milliken, Bruce Davison (Roger), Patty Yuniverse, Martie Ashworth, Lotus Daddo

CHRISTMAS ANGEL (2009) DIR Brian Brough PROD Brian Brough, Brittany Wiscombe SCR Brian Brough, Scott Champion (story by Brian Brough, Scott Champion) CAM John Lyde ED Alex Bryant MUS Michael Shumway CAST KC Clyde, Kari Hawker-Diaz, Bruce Davison (Nick Anderson), Maureen Eastwood, Loy Ray Clemons, Gregory K. Brough, Jennifer Klekas

ARCTIC BLAST (2010) DIR Brian Trenchard-Smith PROD Gina Black, Stefan Wodoslawsky SCR Jason Bourque CAM Marc Windon ED Robert E. Newton MUS Mario Sévigny CAST Michael Shanks, Alexandra Davies, Bruce Davison (Walter Winslaw), Saskia Ampele, Indiana Evans, Judith Baribeau, Nick Falk

TITANIC II (2010) DIR – SCR Shane Van Dyke PROD David Michael Latt CAM Alexander Yellen ED Mark Atkins, Austin Harvey Stock MUS Chris Ridenhour, Christopher Cano CAST Bruce Davison (James Maine), Brooke Burns, Marie Westbrook, Michelle Glavan, Carey Van Dyke, D. C. Douglas, Dylan Vox

JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS (2010, animated) DIR Lauren Montgomery, Sam Liu PROD Bobbie Page SCR Dwayne McDuffie ED Margaret Hou MUS James L. Venable CAST (voice only) William Baldwin, Mark Harmon, Chris Noth, Gina Torres, James Woods, Jonathan Adams, Bruce Davison (President Wilson), Brian Bloom

CAMP HELL, a.k.a. CAMP HOPE (2010) DIR – SCR George VanBuskirk PROD George VanBuskirk, Laylee Olfat, David Newman CAM Michael McDonough ED Manya Williams, Misako Shimizu MUS Gary DeMichele CAST Dana Delany, Andrew McCarthy, Caroline London, Will Denton, Bruce Davison (Phineas McAllister), Jesse Eisenberg

A SCHIZOPHRENIC LOVE STORY (2011) DIR Dylan Thomas Ellis, Glenn D. Levy PROD Derek Lee Nixon, Philip Marlatt SCR Andrew Pozza [Johnny Story] CAM Michael Cano ED Jordan Harris MUS Nate Rendon CAST Andrew Pozza, Jamie Teer, Derek Lee Nixon, Richard Lukens, Jennifer Joseph, Bruce Davison (Dr. Bob), Donny Boaz

MUNGER ROAD (2011) DIR – SCR Nicholas Smith PROD Kyle Heller CAM Westley Gathright ED Robert Cauble MUS Wojciech Golczewski CAST Bruce Davison (Chief Kirkhoven), Randall Batinkoff, Trevor Morgan, Brooke Peoples, Hallock Beals, Lauren Storm, Art Fox, Maggie Gwin

COFFIN (2011) DIR Kipp Tribble, Derik Wingo PROD Kipp Tribble, Derik Wingo, David Stever, George Maranville, David Lanham SCR Kipp Tribble CAM Keiko Nakahari ED George Maranville MUS Roger Ryan, Jason Gaines CAST Kevin Sorbo, Bruce Davison (Garrison), Johnny Alonso, Sunny Doench, Patrick Barnitt, David Banks, Luke Barnett

GOD DON’T MAKE THE LAWS (2011) DIR – SCR – ED David Sabbath PROD Alex Esber CAM Adam N. White MUS Carmen Rizzo CAST Paul Sorvino, Ella Rae Peck, Lucas Salvagno, Bruce Davison (Bud Kelly), Robert Prescott, Peter Vack, Jason Jay Crabtree

THE MILLIONAIRE TOUR (2012) DIR Inon Shampanier PROD Jamie Burke SCR Inon Shampanier, Natalie Shampanier CAM Michael Fimognari ED Greg Arata, Byron Wong MUS Alex Wurman, H. Scott Salinas CAST Dominic Monaghan, Rick Gomez, Jordan Belfi, Agnes Bruckner, Bruce Davison (The Roman), Marisa Petroro, Dave Vescio, Jeff Scott

THE LORDS OF SALEM (2012) DIR – SCR Rob Zombie PROD Rob Zombie, Jason Blum, Andy Gould, Oren Peli CAM Brandon Trost ED Glenn Garland MUS Griffin Boice, John 5 CAST Sheri Moon Zombie, Bruce Davison (Franis Matthias), Jeff Daniel Phillips, Judy Geeson, Meg Foster, Patricia Quinn, Ken Foree, Dee Wallace

STEALING ROSES (2012) DIR – SCR Megan Clare Johnson PROD Megan Clare Johnson, Alexia Melocchi CAM Armand Gazarian ED Darlene Haussmann CAST John Heard, Cindy Williams, Mark Famiglietti, Josie Davis, Bruce Davison (Mr. Lowell), Jude Ciccolella, James Gleason

RETURN OF THE KILLER SHREWS (2013) DIR Steve Latshaw PROD Patrick Moran, Pat Moran, Dorothy Best SCR Patrick Moran, Pat Moran, Steve Latshaw, James Best CAM Ben Demaree ED Randy Carter MUS Jeffrey Walton CAST John Schneider, Bruce Davison (Jerry Farrell), James Best, Rick Hurst, Jennifer Lyons, Sean Flynn, Jason-Shane Scott

BROTHER WHITE (2012) DIR Brian Herzlinger PROD David A. R. White, Michael Scott, Elizabeth Hatcher-Travis, Anna Zielinski, Russell Wolfe SCR Tommy Blaze, Sean Paul Murphy, Matt Richards (created by Sean Paul Murphy, Timothy Ratajczak, Matt Richards) CAM Kevin Moss ED John M. Palacio, Vance Null MUS Will Musser CAST David A. R. White, Jackée Harry, Bruce Davison (Howard), Ray Wise, Reginald Veljohnson, Andrea Logan White, Ray Wise, Anna Zielinski

SAVING LINCOLN (2013) DIR Salvador Litvak PROD Reuben Lim SCR Salvador Litvak, Nina Davidovich CAM Alexandre Naufel ED Josh Noyes MUS Mark Adler CAST Tom Anandes, Lea Coco, Penelope Ann Miller, Bruce Davison (William H. Seward), Creed Bratton

WORDS AND PICTURES (2013) DIR Fred Schepisi PROD Fred Schepisi, Curtis Burch SCR Gerald Di Pego CAM Ian Baker ED Peter Honess MUS Paul Grabowsky CAST Clive Owen, Juliette Binoche, Bruce Davison (Walt), Navid Negahban, Amy Brenneman, Valerie Tian, Adam DiMarco, Josh Ssettuba

BEYOND THE HEAVENS (2013) DIR – SCR Corbin Bernsen PROD Corbin Bernsen, Chris Aronoff CAM Eric Gustavo Petersen ED Jason Shabatoski MUS Brenton Costa CAST Nathan Gamble, Corbin Bernsen, Dendrie Taylor, Bruce Davison (Old Oliver), Lawrence Pressman, Bert Roach

PERSECUTED (2014) DIR – SCR Daniel Lusko PROD Daniel Lusko, James R. Higgins CAM Richard J. Vialet ED Brian Brinkman MUS Chris Ridenhour CAST James Remar, Bruce Davison (Sen. Donald Harrison), Dean Stockwell, Fred Thompson, Brad Stine, Natalie Grant, Raoul Max Trujillo

37, a.k.a. 37 A FINAL PROMISE (2014) DIR Randall Batinkoff PROD Randall Batinkoff, Guy Blews SCR Randall Batinkoff, Jesse Stratton CAM Wes Cardino ED Chris W. Hill MUS Cathleen Flynn CAST Tricia Helfer, Scottie Thompson, Scott Wolf, Bruce Davison (Psychic), Kate Nauta, Randall Batinkoff, Leon, Marcos A. Ferraez

108 STITCHES (2014) DIR David Rountree PROD David Rountree, Jake Katofsky, J. P. Pierce SCR David Rountree, Jake Katofsky, Jeff Katofsky, Josh Blue ED David Rountree, Jake Katofsky MUS Walter Afanasieff CAST Josh Blue, Dat Phan, Larry Thomas, Bruce Davison (Coach Scott Deshields), Erin Cahill, Kate Vernon, Ryan Carlberg, Roger Clemens

BLACK BEAUTY (2015) DIR Daniel Zirilli PROD Daniel Zirilli, David S. Bellino SCR Daniel Zirilli, Amy Zirilli CAM Luc G. Nicknair ED Brian Rodriguez MUS Nick Rivera CAST Luke Perry, Bruce Davison (Grandpa), Sarah Ann Schlutz, Anthony Del Negro, Jennifer Mckenzie, Jude S. Walko, Philip Schaefer

GET A JOB (2016) DIR Dylan Kidd PROD Michael Shamberg, Stacey Sher SCR Scott Turpel, Kyle Pennekamp CAM David Hennings ED Jeff Betancourt MUS Jonathan Sadoff CAST Miles Teller, Anna Kendrick, Alison Brie, Marcia Gay Harden, Bryan Cranston, Bruce Davison (Lawrence Wilheimer), Nicholas Braun

THE CURSE OF SLEEPING BEAUTY (2016) DIR Pearry Reginald Teo PROD Pearry Reginald Teo, Ehud Bleiberg SCR Pearry Reginald Teo, Josh Nadler (screen story by Pearry Reginald Teo; comic book by Everette Hartsoe) CAM Christopher C. Pearson ED Damian Drago MUS Scott Glasgow CAST Ethan Peck, India Eisley, Natalie Hall, Bruce Davison (Richard), James Adam Lim, Scott Alan Smith, Zack Ward, Cyd Strittmatter

THE BRONX BULL (2016) DIR Martin Guigui PROD Dahlia Waingort, Ron Singer, Scott Reed SCR Martin Guigui, Rustam Branaman (book by Jake LaMotta, Chris Anderson, Sharon McGehee) CAM Massimo Zeri ED Eric Potter MUS Ched Tolliver CAST William Forsythe, Paul Sorvino, Tom Sizemore, Joe Mantegna, Natasha Henstridge, Penelope Ann Miller, Cloris Leachman, Bruce Davison (D. A. Bonomi)

LA LA LAND (2016) DIR – SCR Damien Chazelle PROD Marc Platt, Fred Berger, Gary Gilbert, Jordan Horowitz CAM Linus Sandgren ED Tom Cross MUS Justin Hurwitz CAST Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Rosemarie DeWitt, J. K. Simmons, Callie Hernandez, Jessica Rothe, Sonoya Mizuno, Bruce Davison (Mia’s Father [uncredited])

FISHES ’N LOAVES: HEAVEN SENT (2016) DIR Nancy Kriss PROD Nancy Criss, Kenneth Lemm, Sage Scroope, Sherri Ettore, William Barrantes Jr. SCR Kenneth Lemm (also treatment) CAM Chris Bond ED Brandon Cano-Errecart MUS Dean Andre CAST Bruce Davison (Pastor Ezekiel), Dominique Swain, Patrick Muldoon, Dina Meyer, William McNamara, Blanca Slanco, Sage Kirkpatrick

DISPLACEMENT (2016) DIR – ED Kenneth Mader PROD Zander Villayne SCR Kenneth Mader, Chelsey Crisp CAM Bill McClelland MUS Bruce Chianese CAST Courtney Hope, Sarah Douglas, Christopher Backus, Susan Blakely, Bruce Davison (Dr. Peter Deckard), Kristin Brock

BENDER (2016) DIR – ED John Alexander PROD JC Guest SCR John Alexander, JC Guest CAM Hannah Getz MUS Edouard Korvin CAST Bruce Davison (Mayor Prentiss), Linda Purl, James Karen, Buck Taylor, Jon Monastero, Nicole Jellen, Reylynn Caster

TAO OF SURFING (2016) DIR Lou Diamond Phillips PROD – SCR Michael A. Allen, Alex T. Carig CAM Philip C. Pfeiffer, Chuck Davis ED Tineka Becker MUS Larry Groupé CAST Sherman Allen, Eric Balfour, Arija Bareikis, Bruce Davison (Mr. Pearson), Lou Diamond Phillips, Lee Purcell

STAR TREK: CAPTAIN PIKE (2016) DIR Todd Shawn CO-PROD Walter Koenig SCR Todd Shawn, Walter Doty (created by Gene Roddenberry) ED Horatio Flores MUS Chris DuBrock CAST Ray Wise, Walter Koenig, Todd Shawn, Linda Park, Walter Jones, Jasmine Hester, Jorge Pallo, Bruce Davison (Captain Robert April), Chase Masterson, Eric Roberts

LOVE KILLS (2017) DIR Felix Limardo PROD Felix Limardo, Huchi Lora SCR Huchi Lora, Terrell Tannen ED Juan Pablo Cadaveira MUS Anthony Marinelli CAST Laura Harring, Octavio Pizano, Bruce Davison (Max), Natasha Domínguez, Madison McKinley, Enrique Castillo, David Thornton

9/11 (2017) DIR Martin Guigui PROD Dahlia Waingort, Martin Sprock SCR Martin Guigui, Steven James Golebiowski (play ‘Elevator’ by Patrick James Carson) CAM Massimo Zeri ED Eric Potter MUS Jeff Toyne CAST Charlie Sheen, Gina Gershon, Whoopi Goldberg, Luis Guzmán, Wood Harris, Olga Fonda, Jacqueline Bisset, Billy Malone, Bruce Davison (Monohan), Faune Chambers Watkins

YAMASONG: MARCH OF THE HOLLOWS (2017) DIR Sam Koji Hale PROD Adamo P. Cultraro, Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki, Mallory O’Meara SCR Sam Koji Hale, Ekaterina Sedia CAM Alex U. Griffin ED Jack Bennett MUS Shoji Kameda CAST Abigail Breslin, Nathan Fillion, Malcolm McDowell, Whoopi Goldberg, Peter Weller, Edward Asner, Freida Pinto, George Takei, Bruce Davison (P’Torr The Exile)

A VIOLENT MAN (2017) DIR Matthew Berkowitz PROD Justin Steele, John Lewis SCR – ED Matthew Berkowitz, Justin Steele CAM Luke Hanlein MUS Peter G. Adams CAST Thomas Q. Jones, Isaach De Bankolé, Chuck Liddell, Bruce Davison (Benjamin Green), Khalilah Joi, Denise Richards, Felisha Terrell

LAST RAMPAGE: THE ESCAPE OF GARY TISON (2017) DIR Dwight H. Little PROD Eric M. Breiman SCR Álvaro Rodríguez, Jason Rosenblatt (book by James W. Clarke) CAM Rafael Leyva ED Bill Lynch MUS Richard Patrick, Tobias Enhus CAST Robert Patrick, Heather Graham, Bruce Davison (Cooper), Alex MacNicoll, Molly C. Quinn, Skyy Moore, Casey Thomas Brown, John Heard

THE SLIDER (2017) DIR Carlo Fusco PROD Ilena Grigoras, Giuseppe Picone, Franco Vella SCR Carlo Fusco, Filippo Santaniello CAM Ovidiu Marginean ED Alexandra Radu MUS Monobjo Valerio Silvestri CAST Bruce Davison (Inspector Wiesel), Ieva Lykos, Tom Sizemore, Darryl Hannah, Maia Morgenstern, Vin Bejleri

INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY (2018) DIR Adam Robitel PROD Leigh Whannell, Oren Peli, Jason Blum SCR Leigh Whannell (also characters) CAM Toby Oliver ED Timothy Alverson MUS Joseph Bishara CAST Lin Shaye, Leigh Whannell, Angus Samspon, Kirk Acevedo, Caitlin Gerard, Spencer Locke, Bruce Davison (Christian Rainer), Patrick Wilson, Barbara Hershey

ABNORMAL ATTRACTION (2018) DIR Michael Leavy PROD – SCR Michael Leavy, Jason Leavy, Steven Della Salla CAM Steven Della Salla ED Briana Calcagno MUS Gene Micofsky CAST Bruce Davison (Dr. Stanley Cole), Malcolm McDowell, Gilbert Gottfried, Tyler Mane, Leslie Easterbrook, Melanie Iglesias, Jim Hanks, Bethany Watson, Steven Della Salla

ALONG CAME THE DEVIL, a.k.a. TELL ME YOUR NAME (2018) DIR Jason DeVan PROD Jason DeVan, Heather DeVan, Dylan Matlock SCR Jason DeVan, Heather DeVan, Dylan Matlock (story by Jason DeVan) CAM Justin Duval ED Evan Ahlgren CAST Jessica Barth, Matt Dallas, Bruce Davison (Reverend Michael), Sydney Sweeney, Madison Lintz, Heather DeVan, Austin Filson

CORBIN NASH (2018) DIR Ben Jagger PROD Matthew Berkowitz, Todd Matthew Grossman, Ben Jagger, Dean S. Jagger, Justin Steele, Christopher P. Taylor SCR Ben Jagger, Dean S. Jagger, Christopher P. Taylor CAM Luke Hanlein ED Matt Michael, Kevin Armstrong MUS Ross Irwin CAST Corey Feldman, Dean S. Jagger, Fernanda Romero, Richard Wagner, Bruce Davison (Jack), Rutger Hauer, Malcolm McDowell

A FAIRY’S GAME (2018) DIR Shawn Philip Nelson CO-PROD Shawn Philip Nelson, Mary Jon Nelson, Jonathan Nelson SCR Shawn Philip Nelson, Elijah Nelson, Mary Jon Nelson (story by Shawn Philip Nelson) CAM Christopher Alley ED Jonathan Nelson MUS Gerardo Garcia Jr. CAST Jerry Bell Jr., Bruce Davison (Spindley, voice only), Angela DiMarco, Zamira Dotson, Bryce Earhart, Dennis Fitzpatrick, Amir Kamali

ANY BULLET WILL DO (2018) DIR – SCR Justin Lee PROD Justin Lee, Jenny Curtis, Kevin Makely CAM Will Turner ED Michael Tang MUS Jared Forman CAST Kevin Makely, Jenny Curtis, Bruce Davison (Jonathan Carrington), Meg Foster, Todd A. Robinson, Mark Ryan, Bob Olin

THE GREAT ALASKAN RACE (19) DIR – SCR Brian Presley PROD Brian Presley, Will Wallace, Mark David, Timothy Patrick Cavanaugh CAM Mark David ED Brian Presley, Mark David, Gabriel Ordonez MUS John Koutselinis CAST Brian Presley, Treat Williams, Brad Leland, Henry Thomas, Bruce Davison (Governor Bone), Will Wallace, Brea Bee

WISH MAN (2019) DIR – SCR Theo Davies PROD Theo Davies, Marc Gold, Greg S. Reid CAM Doug Potts ED Anita Brandt Burgoyne MUS Tony Morales CAST Andrew Steel, Kirby Bliss Blanton, Bruce Davison (Frank Shankwitz Sr.), Danny Trejo, Tom Sizemore, Frank Whaley, Julian Curtis, Robert Pine

MORE BEAUTIFUL FOR HAVING BEEN BROKEN (2019) DIR – SCR – ED Nicole Conn PROD Nicole Conn, Lissa Forehan CAM Seth Wessel-Estes MUS Nami Malumad CAST Harley Jane Kozak, French Stewart, Kay Lenz, Lesley Nicol, Felissa Rose, Bruce Davison (Colin), Brooke Elliott

WE WILL SAY GRACE (2019) DIR – SCR Brad Helmink, John Rauschelbach PROD Mark Sonoda CAM Douglas Quill MUS Mel Elias CAST Holly Taylor, Bruce Davison (Harold), Rita Volk, Arianne Zucker, Dallas Hart, Frankie Wolf, Xavier J. Watson

ALONE (2019) DIR James Cullen Bressack PROD James Cullen Bressack, Micah E. Brandt SCR Philip Daay CAM David Newbert ED Christopher Roth MUS Cece Wen CAST Yulia Klass, Bruce Davison (Silas Visler), Josh Kelly, Michelle Burke, Michael Paré, Mark Rolston, Ken Garito, James Cullen Bressack

ITSY BITSY (2019) DIR Micah Gallo CO-PROD Jesse Curl, Ricardo Delgado SCR Micah Gallo, Jason Alvino, Bryan Dick (story by Micah Gallo) CAM Marcos Durian ED Matt Latham MUS Frederik Wiedmann, Garry Schyman CAST Bruce Davison (Walter Clark), Elizabeth Roberts, Denise Crosby, Arman Darbo, Chloe Perrin, Treva Etienne, Matty Cardarople

MY TRUE FAIRYTALE (2019) DIR – SCR D. Mitry PROD D. Mitry, Citlalli A. Ruiz, Vincent van Hinte, Tim Gagliardo CAM Pablo Diez ED Antonio Gómez-Pan CAST Joanna Cassidy, Taylor Cole, Corin Nemec, Bruce Davison (Martin Goodwin), Kristin Carey, Morgan Lindholm

AWAIT THE DAWN (2019) DIR – PROD – SCR – MUS – ED Pablo Macho Maysonet IV CAM Gerry Lively CAST Josh Server, Caitlyn Fletcher, Gregg Christie, Gabrielle Stone, Dee Wallace, Courtney Gains, Bruce Davison (David)

ALONG CAME THE DEVIL 2 (2019) DIR Jason DeVan PROD Jason DeVan, Heather DeVan SCR Jason DeVan (also story) CAM Jay Ruggieri ED Evan Ahlgren MUS Chad Lanier, Kevin Coughlin CAST Bruce Davison (Reverend Michael), Laura Wiggins, Mark Ashworth, Cassius DeVan, Tiffany Fallon, Heather DeVan


COPS (1973) DIR Jerry Belson PROD Alan Mandel, Charles Shyer TELEPLAY (created by Jerry Belson) MUS Stuart Margolin, Jerry Riopelle, Murray MacLeod CAST Vincent Gardenia, Bruce Davison (Detective Dennis Till), Scoey Mitchell, Britt Leach, Pat Morita, Ruth Roman, Stuart Margolin, Vic Tayback

THE AFFAIR (1973) DIR Gilbert Gates TELEPLAY Barbara Turner CAM Gerald Hirschfeld ED Folmar Blangsted MUS George Aliceson Tipton CAST Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner, Bruce Davison (Jamie Patterson), Jamie Smith-Jackson, Kent Smith, Paul Ryan

MA AND PA (1974) DIR Jerry London PROD Jeff Harris, Bernie Kukoff TELEPLAY (play by George Furth) MUS Marvin Hamlisch CAST Mary Wickes, Arthur Space, Dorothy Loudon, Bruce Davison, Barbara Sharma, Marian Hailey

THE WHIRLWIND (1974) DIR Glenn Jordan PROD George Lefferts TELEPLAY Loring Mandel CAST Edward Michael Bell, Sorrell Brooke, Beau Bridges, Lloyd Bridges, Bruce Davison (William Franklin), Will Geer, Sheree North, Susan Sarandon

THE LAST SURVIVORS (1975) DIR Lee H. Katzin PROD Tom Egan TELEPLAY Douglas Day Stewart CAM Michael Hugo ED Melvin Shapiro, George Watters MUS Michael Melvoin CAST Martin Sheen, Dianre Baker, Tom Bosley, Bruce Davison (Michael Larsen), Anne Francis, Christopher George, Bethel Leslie, Beulah Quo, Eugene Roche, Percy Rodriguez, Andrew Stevens

THE GATHERING (1977) DIR Randal Kleiser PROD Harry R. Sherman SCR James Poe CAM Dennis Dalzell ED Allan Jacobs MUS John Barry CAST Edward Asner, Maureen Stapleton, Rebecca Balding, Sarah Cunningham, Bruce Davison (George), Veronica Hamel, Gregory Harrison, James Karen

DEADMAN’S CURVE (1978) DIR Richard Compton PROD Pat Rooney TELEPLAY Dalene Young (story by Paul Morantz) CAM William Cronjager ED Aaron Stell MUS Fred Karlin CAST Richard Hatch, Bruce Davison (Dean Torrence), Pamela Bellwood, Dick Clark, Wolfman Jack, Floy Dean, Denise DuBarry

SUMMER OF MY GERMAN SOLDIER (1978) DIR Michael Tuchner PROD Linda Gottlieb TELEPLAY Bette Greene, Jane-Howard Hammerstein (novel by Bette Greene) CAM Peter Sova ED Mike Taylor MUS Stanley Myers CAST Kristy McNichol, Bruce Davison (Anton Reiker), Esther Rolle, Michael Constantine, Barbara Barrie, James Noble

MIND OVER MURDER (1979) DIR Ivan Nagy PROD Jay Benson TELEPLAY Robert Carrington CAM Dennis Dalzell ED Gerard Wilson MUS Paul Chihara CAST Bruce Davison (Jason), Deborah Raffin, David Ackroyd, Andrew Pine, Christopher Cary, Robert Englund, Penelope Wills

THE GATHERING, PART II (1979) DIR Charles S. Dubin PROD Joel Rogosin TELEPLAY Renee Longstreet, Harry Longstreet CAM Robert E. Collins ED Scott C. Eyler, Gregory Prange MUS Robert Prince CAST Maureen Stapleton, Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Rebecca Balding, Patricia Conwell, Bruce Davison (George), Lawrence Pressman

THE LATHE OF HEAVEN (1980) DIR Fred Barzyk, David R. Loxton PROD Fred Barzyk TELEPLAY Diane English, Roger Swaybill (novel by Ursula K. Le Guin) CAM Robbie Greenberg ED Dick Bartlett MUS Michael Small CAST Bruce Davison (George Orr), Peyton E. Park, Niki Flacks, Kevin Conway, Vandi Clark, Bernedette Whitehead, Margaret Avery

INCIDENT AT CRESTRIDGE (1981) DIR Jud Taylor PROD Ervin Zavada TELEPLAY Jim Byrnes CAM William Gereghty ED Aaron Stell MUS Arthur B. Rubinstein CAST Pernell Roberts, Eileen Brennan, Bruce Davison (Clint Larsen), Sandy McPeak, Cliff Osmond, Maria Richwine

TOMORROW’S CHILD (1982) DIR Joseph Sargent PROD Donald A. Baer TELEPLAY Jerry McNeely CAM Héctor R. Figueroa ED George Jay Nicholson MUS Patrick Williams CAST Stephanie Zimbalist, William Atherton, Bruce Davison (Cliff Bender), Ed Flanders, Salome Jens, Susan Oliver, Arthur Hill

GHOST DANCING (1983) DIR David Greene, Don Taylor PROD Thomas De Wolfe TELEPLAY Phil Penningroth CAM Brian West ED Robert M. Reitano MUS John Morris CAST John Bellah, Scott Byerley, Robert Clotworthy, Bruce Davison (Calvin Oberst), Richard Farnsworth, Bo Hopkins, Dorothy McGuire

POOR LITTLE RICH GIRL: THE BARBARA HUTTON STORY (1987) DIR Charles Jarrot PROD Nick Gillot TELEPLAY Dennis Turner (book by C. David Heymann) CAM Alan Hume, John Lindley ED Bill Blunden MUS Richard Rodney Bennett CAST Farrah Fawcett, David Akroyd, Stéphane Audran, Amadeus August, Nicholas Clay, Bruce Davison (Jimmy Donahue), Anne Francis, Kevin McCarthy,

LADY IN THE CORNER (1989) DIR Peter Levin PROD Stuart Millar TELEPLAY Allan Leicht CAM Reginald H. Morris ED Robert Harbin, Beth Hymson, Lindsay Chag MUS David Raskin CAST Loretta Young, Brian Keith, Roscoe Lee Browne, Lindsay Frost, Christopher Neame, Bruce Davison (Bill Guthrie), Lois Maxwell

STOLEN: ONE HUSBAND (1990) DIR Catlin Adams PROD Carroll Newman SCR Anna Sandor, William Gough CAM Chuy Elizondo MUS James Di Pasquale ED Bob Bring, Michael J. Sheridan CAST Valerie Harper, Elliott Gould, Brenda Vaccaro, Brenda Bakke, Bruce Davison (Doctor Peter Foley), Julie Warner, Valentina Quinn, Sandy Bull, Paul Joseph McKenna

LIVE! FROM DEATH ROW (1992) DIR – TELEPLAY Patrick Sheane Duncan PROD Julie Ahlberg CAM Rohn Schmidt ED Rick Blue MUS Tully Winfield, Don Schiff CAST Joanna Cassidy, Bruce Davison (Laurence Dvorak), Art LaFleur, Calvin Levels, Julio Oscar Mecheso

DESPERATE CHOICES: TO SAVE MY CHILD (1992) DIR Andy Tennant TELEPLAY Sandra Jennings, Maggie Kleinman (story by Sandra Jennings) CAM Peter Stein ED Debra Neil-Fisher MUS John M. Keane CAST Joanna Kerns, Bruce Davison (Richard Robbins), Joseph Mazzello, Jeremy Sisto, Bruce McGill, Steven Gilborn, Reese Witherspoon

A MOTHER’S REVENGE (1993) DIR Armand Mastroianni PROD Joan Carson TELEPLAY John Bensink (book ‘Desperate Justice’ by Richard Speight) CAM Paul Onorato ED Philip Sgriccia MUS Laura Karpman CAST Lesley Ann Warren, Bruce Davison (Bill Sanders), Shirley Knight, Missy Crider, Allison Mack, David Byron, Annette O’Toole

SOMEONE ELSE’S CHILD (1994) DIR John Power PROD Laura Davis, George W. Perkins TELEPLAY Cindy Myers ED Sabrina Plisco MUS Billy Goldenberg CAST Lisa Hartman, Bruce Davison (Nick Callahan), Whip Hubley, Ken Pogue, Glynn Turman, Scott McNeil, Don S. Davis

DOWN, OUT & DANGEROUS (1995) DIR Noel Nosseck PROD Jack Roe TELEPLAY Chad Hayes, Carey W. Hayes CAM Paul Maibaum ED Cari Coughlin MUS Mark Snow CAST Richard Thomas, Bruce Davison (Brad Harrington), Cynthia Ettinger, Steve Hytner, Christine Cavanaugh, Melinda Culea, Stuart Pankin

WIDOW’S KISS (1996) DIR Peter Foldy PROD Bruce Cohn Curtis TELEPLAY Peter Foldy, Mark Donnelly (story by Peter Foldy) CAM Doyle Smith ED David H. Lloyd MUS Robert Sprayberry CAST Beverly D’Angelo, Mackenzie Astin, Dennis Haysbert, Bruce Davison (Justin / Father), Anna Maria Horsford, Barbara Rush, Michael Woolson

AFTER JIMMY (1996) DIR – PROD Glenn Jordan TELEPLAY Judith Fein, Cynthia Saunders (story by Judith Fein) CAM Neil Roach ED David A. Simmons MUS Patrick Williams CAST Bruce Davison (Sam Stapp), Meredith Baxter, Peter Facinelli, Mae Whitman, Ryan Slater, Natalija Nogulich, Eva Marie Saint

HIDDEN IN AMERICA (1996) DIR Martin Bell PROD David R. Ginsburg, Fred Berner TELEPLAY Peter Silverman, Michael De Guzman CAM James R. Bagdonas ED Nancy Baker MUS Mason Dang CAST Beau Bridges, Bruce Davison (Dr. Michael Millerton), Shelton Dane, Jena Malone, Alice Krige, Josef Sommer, Frances McDormand, Jeff Bridges

COLOR OF JUSTICE (1997) DIR Jeremy Kagan PROD – TELEPLAY Lionel Chetwynd CAM Steven Poster ED Michael Economou MUS Michel Colombier CAST F. Murray Abraham, Dayo Ade, Philip Akin, Bruce Davison (Frank Gainer), Judd Hirsch

LITTLE GIRL FLY AWAY (1998) DIR Peter Levin PROD William Shippey TELEPLAY Eric Bergren (book by Gene Stone) CAM Edward J. Pei ED John A. Martinelli MUS David Michael Frank CAST Mare Winningham, Bruce Davison (Frank), Clayton Rohner, James Pickens Jr., Dann Florek, Anne Haney, CCH Pounder

A MEMORY IN MY HEART (1999) DIR Harry Winer PROD John Liberti, Joseph E. Miller TELEPLAY Renee Longstreet, Lindsay Harrison CAM Donald M. Morgan ED Andrew London MUS Mark Snow CAST Jane Seymour, Bruce Davison (Chase Stewart), David Keith, Amanda Barfield, Colton James, Mika Boorem, Cathy Lee Crosby

VENDETTA (1999) DIR Nicholas Meyer PROD Sue Jett, Tony Mark TELEPLAY Timothy Prager (book by Richard Gambino) CAM David Franco ED Ronald Roose MUS John Altman CAST Christopher Walken, Luke Askew, Clancy Brown, Alessandro Colla, Andrew Connolly, Bruce Davison (Thomas Semmes), Joaquim de Almeida, Edward Herrmann

ON THE EDGE (2001) DIR – MUS John Carney PROD Ed Guiney, Arthur Lappin TELEPLAY John Carney, Daniel James CAM Eric Alan Edwards ED Dermot Diskin, Thomas Wise CAST Cilliam Murphy, Tricia Vessey, Martin Carney, Paul Hickey, Camille O’Sullivan, Bruce Davison ([only segment ‘The Other Side’])

OFF SEASON (2001) DIR Bruce Davison PROD Rose Lam TELEPLAY Glenn Gers CAM Tony Westman ED Tatiana S. Riegel MUS Daniel Licht CAST Sherilyn Fenn, Hume Cronyn, Bruce Davison (Dr. Zimmer), Tom McBeath, Stephen E. Miller, Adam Arkin, Rory Culkin

L.A. LAW: THE MOVIE (2002) DIR Michael Schultz PROD Philip M. Goldfarb TELEPLAY William M. Finkelstein (TV series by Steven Bochco, Terry Louise Fisher) CAM Robert Seaman ED Lori Jane Coleman MUS David Williams CAST Corbin Bernsen, Susan Dey, Larry Drake, Richard Dysart, Jill Eikenberry, Harry Hamlin, Bruce Davison (Lawrence Diebenkorn)

TOO YOUNG TO BE A DAD (2002) DIR Éva Gárdos PROD Michael Mahoney TELEPLAY Edithe Swensen CAM Ron Orieux ED Susan Shipton MUS Jonathan Goldsmith CAST Kathy Baker, Paul Dano, Katie Stuart, Bruce Davison (Dan Freeman), Terra Vnesa, Nigel Bennett, Sherry Miller

OUT OF THE ASHES (2003) DIR Joseph Sargent PROD Lee Levinson, Robertas Urbonas TELEPLAY Anne Meredith (book by Gisella Perl) CAM Donald M. Morgan ED Michael Brown MUS Charles Bernstein CAST Christine Lahti, Bruce Davison (Peter Schuman), Jonathan Cake, Jolyon Baker, Jessica Beitchman, Oliver Cotton, Richard Crenna, Beau Bridges

THE CLINIC (2004) DIR Neill Fearnley PROD Irene Litinsky TELEPLAY Charles Martin Smith CAM Robert Seaman ED Bridget Durnford MUS Stephen McKeon, James Gelfand CAST Jonathan Scarfe, Bruce Davison (Martin Landrum), Ione Skye, Mike Farrell, Sebastian Sepence, Reamonn Joshee

UNTITLED BRAD COPELAND PROJECT (2006) DIR Roger Kumble PROD Morgan Sackett TELEPLAY Brad Copeland ED Richard Candib CAST Bruce Davison, Lee Garlington, Gill Gayle, Shawn Hatosy, Avery Kidd Waddell

THE LIBRARIAN: THE CURSE OF THE JUDAS CHALICE (2008) DIR Jonathan Frakes PROD Noah Wyle, Phillip M. Goldfarb TELEPLAY Marco Schnabel (characters created by David N. Titcher) CAM David Connell ED David Siegel MUS Joseph LoDuca CAST Noah Wyle, Bruce Davison (Professor Lazlo / Vlad), Stana Katic, Bob Newhart, Jane Curtin, Dikran Tulaine, Jason Douglas

MEGAFAULT (2009) DIR David Michael Latt PROD David M. Garber, Thomas P. Vitale, David Michael Latt TELEPLAY Paul Bales CAM Adam Silver ED David Michael Latt MUS Adam Knapp, Ralph Riekermann CAST Brittany Murphy, Eriq La Salle, Bruce Davison (Dr. Mark Rhodes), Justin Hartley, Paul Logan, Jack P. Downing, Jack Goldenberg

A GOLDEN CHRISTMAS (2009) DIR – CAM John Murlowski PROD John Murlowski, Tom Shell TELEPLAY Jay Cipriani ED Drake Silliman MUS Lawrence Shragge CAST Andrea Roth, Nicholas Brendon, Elisa Donovan, Bruce Davison (Rod), Alley Mills, Jason London

3 HOLIDAY TAILS (2011) DIR Joe Menendez PROD Cassidy Lunnen TELEPLAY Jay Cipriani CAM Brian Crane ED Terry Blythe MUS Dave Volpe CAST Julie Gonzalo, Kelly Stables, K.C. Clyde, Alley Mills, Bruce Davison (Rod Wright), Alexandra Peters, Gattlin Griffith

EARTH’S FINAL HOURS (2011) DIR W. D. Hogan PROD John Prince TELEPLAY Rachelle S. Howie, David Ray, Robert Ozn CAM Anthony C. Metchie ED Christopher A. Smith MUS Michael Neilson CAST Robert Knepper, Julia Benson, Cameron Bright, Julia Maxwell, Michael Kopsa, Bruce Davison (Rothman)

BIGFOOT (2012) DIR Bruce Davison PROD David Michael Latt TELEPLAY Brian Brinkman, Micho Rutare CAM Alexander Yellen ED Rob Pallatina MUS Chris Ridenhour CAST Danny Bonaduce, Barry Williams, Bruce Davison (Sheriff Walt Henderson), Sherilyn Fenn, Howard Hesseman, Andre Royo, Alice Cooper

THE LEISURE CLASS (2015) DIR Jason Mann PROD Marc Joubert, Effie Brown TELEPLAY Jason Mann, Pete Jones CAM Trevor Forrest ED Craig Hayes MUS Brian Byrne CAST Ed Weeks, Tom Bell, Bridget Regan, Scottie Thompson, Bruce Davison (Edward), Brenda Strong

LOVE LOCKS (2017) DIR Martin Wood PROD Gilles Perrault TELEPLAY John Tinker, Neal H. Dobrofsky, Tippi Dobrofsky (story by John Tinker, Teena Booth) CAM Richard Ciupka ED Brad Rines MUS Hamish Thomson CAST Rebecca Romijn, Jerry O’Connell, Bruce Davison (Hugo Blanchet), Jocelyn Hudon, Benjamin Sutherland


THE LIVES OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (1974-1975) DIR Glenn Jordan PROD Glenn Jordan, George Lefferts TELEPLAY Edward Adler, Howard Fast, Loring Mandel, David Shaw MUS Billy Goldenberg CAST Beau Bridges, Honor Blackman, Bruce Davison, Will Geer, Ian Holm, Perry King, Anthony Quale, Richard Widmark, Eddie Albert, Melvyn Douglas, Rene Auberjonois, Lloyd Bridges, Frank Langella, Patricia Morison, Alexis Smith, Gig Young

MOURNING BECOMES ELECTRA (1978) DIR Nick Havinga PROD Ann Blumenthal, Jac Venza TELEPLAY Kenneth Cavander (play by Eugene O’Neill) ED John J. Godfrey MUS Maurice Jarre CAST Roberts Blossom, Bruce Davison (Orin Mannon), Joan Hackett, Thomas Hill, Josef Sommer, Peter Weller

THE TRIANGLE (2005) DIR Craig R. Baxley PROD Volker Engel, Kelly Van Horn, Marc Weigert TELEPLAY Bryan Singer, Rockne S. O’Bannon, Dean Devlin CAM David Connell ED Sonny Baskin MUS Joseph LoDuca CAST Eric Stoltz, Catherine Bell, Lou Diamond Phillips, Bruce Davison (Stan Lathem), Sam Neill, Charles Martin Smith


DEFROST: THE VIRTUAL SERIES (2016) DIR – SCR Randal Kleiser PROD Randal Kleiser, Tanna Frederick CAM Christopher C. Pearson ED Matt LaCorte, Kevin Joseph Barrett, Alicia Cota MUS Greg O’Connor CAST Harry Hamlin, Bruce Davison (Michael Garrison), Carl Weathers, Veronica Cartwright, Christopher Atkins, Kai Oz, Ethan Rains, Clinton Valencia, Tanna Frederick